“Square Payment Processing Summary”

I hope that these issues are growth related but after thinking about it I started to think about the demographic that square must appeal to. Me…..business owner with bad credit and they don’t care?!! and I was desperate to accept credit cards at any rate. It seems like I’m the perfect target to be taken advantage of in this area.
Has anyone told their clients/customers to dispute the charge with their credit card, and that way, they get there money back? That way the credit card company disputes with the merchant, square. I was suppose to get our money today, and no luck from it being deposited by Square. I can’t believe I didn’t read enough information.
I was sold on Square by their very smooth sales tactics. What i was not informed about was how they HOLD YOUR MONEY FOR 30 DAYS!!!! This is absolutely ridiculous. No word on anything like this when your signing up. Plus it says they will deposit the first $1000.00 within 36 hours TOTALLY FALSE INFORMATION!!! IT HAS BEEN 20 DAYS AND STILL NO DEPOSIT.
Not sure why, but they have sold or just gave out my email address. This is my finnancial email, I don’t give it out to ANYONE, but since I signed with Square, I get almost 100 junk/spam/phishing emails A DAY! What a waste of my time.
What company in this day and age does not have a customer service number!!!!! I needed to contact Squareup regarding an issue. I searched their website for a phone number. There is nothing on their site to indicate how to contact them via phone or email. I spent 10 wasted minutes on their site searching for customer service and contact info. You can search for a topic which gives you a list of various scenarios to choose from. When you click on a scenario, the site takes you to a faq sheet, none of which tells you how to get live assistance. I then had to search Google for a phone number. I found a phone not from any Squareup publications, but from word of mouth…such as Yahoo answers. The number I called was 415-375-3176. The phone number was for Squareup. I get this recording giving help options, one of which was to hold the line for assistance. After a minute or so, I get this recording for help…email help[email protected] to receive an answer in 24 hours. For such a large company, their service stinks!!!! Worse than any I have seen and believe me, I have had a lot of BAD service in the last few years. Good service for many companies is a thing of the past…but this one takes the cake. You may not encounter rudeness or ineptness, just NO service. I will be contacting an alternate vendor for future service. To the executives of Squareup, I do not know how you have grown and stayed in business…Keep it up and one day you may not be in business. There always comes a company out there ready and willing to take your customers by providing superior service.
I’ve been using Square for almost a year now. I am the owner of a small airport Transportation Company. Square has worked perfectly for my business. My customers all love it Very easy to use and the app is straight forward. Square is always giving me ideas to grow my business. On a scale 1 to 10 I give Square a 10
I found my bank offers the same service at the same rate. I would pay $10 a month plus a one time $25 devise fee and 24hr live customer help. Considering what I went through, it is an option I am most likely going to do.
This is the worst company out there, I don’t know how they are still operating. I will do everything in my power to share how a horrible company they are. I have been waiting for weeks to get W2 for employees and Taxes are due in just two weeks! I have been e-mailing them everyday hoping to get a response from them and nothing so far.
In order to help evaluate this POS system, we checked customer satisfaction ratings from a few different websites. One is called Finances Online, which evaluates financial solutions. According to the website, it draws these ratings from “reviews, comments, and opinions across a wide range of social media sites.” Finances Online gave Square a user satisfaction rating of 97 percent and a score of 9.0 for its capabilities as a POS platform.
After i googled searched for their number, i called it and the prompt service says you need a “customer code” and tells you to simply sign into Square for code. The prompt voice does not explain how to get a code so i did a google search “how to get customer code with square” and got instructions that way.
Maybe I should have elaborated on my comment. I am a freelance graphic designer. i have a very small company just starting out. I started using square three months ago. I have ran large transactions through and had no issues. All the sudden my account is deactivated as high risk and now im waiting for 5400 dollars. You may be angry with my post but seriously thats what Square is doing. I have found several lawsuits against Square and have shared my experience with the law firm. I personally dont care what the people have to say on here. I am just expressing my opinion of the company. Thank God we live in a country where i can do that!
i was also flaged a high risk after many transactions my account was all in line and in good standing and they are holding $3,000 from me i received a e mail stateing they would be released in 30 days then 1 hour later i received another e mail stateing they would be held 180 days they said i could seek other optiuons to receive my funds to go about doing a refund i did the first one and informed the customer why i received a check from my customer. i tried to do the other refunds to seek other payment options then square blocked me from doing that . i shouold of been a more educated consumer a read the hundreds and hundreds of negative reveiws one reveiw said they are holding $19,000 im temepted to show up at there door!!! to get there full attention in addition it says this is your case number and you will receive a return reply!! i have several case numbers and no returns they completly shut me out!!
Details of the rumored prototype came to light during reporting for Fast Company‘s profile of Square, published this week. As Square seeks to unearth new sources of revenue beyond its core business of payments processing, the company has launched a slew of new products, including Square Market, Cash, Feedback, Invoices, Capital, Dashboard, and on Monday, August 11, Appointments. Some insiders expected the Square credit card would be a promising addition to the mix, potentially opening the company up to a swath of lucrative consumer loyalty and rewards services. But after pressing the company multiple times about the project, Square finally confirmed that it’s not launching a credit card. Or, should we say, the company is no longer launching one. And the reason why highlights the difficulties Square faces in the immensely complex financial space.
I had a retail store and used Square. I went out of business on March 31, 2014. I informed Square. The new owner of the store started April 1, 2014. Evidently the new owner used Square for only one half of April and then switched over to another merchandising card. GET THIS. I receive a 1099 Form that shows for January, February, March and one half of April. BUT GET THIS. My business was completely terminated with my bank, the state, and federal, and I DID NOT RECEIVE THE MONEY FOR FIRST HALF OF APRIL in my bank account. The new owner received the money in a completely new business, with a new bank account, with a new FEIN number and with notification to Square of the change. Evidently if the business is in the same location with the same name, they just consider it the same business … DUH … Trying to reach them is hell. Many emails … finally reach an employee who says the problem will be ESCALATED to someone higher because I requested it, but then only get the same employee again who says SQUARE CANNOT CORRECT FORM 1099’s. WHAT? … They tell me my tax accountant has to fix the problem. WHAT? I tell them there is a box on the Form 1099 for a corrected copy … they just need to send out two forms to the appropriate owners. I would not recommend using Square and going through the ropes like I have been going through. I THINK IT IS A SCHLUCKY TYPE OF BUSINESS WHO IS JUST TOO LAZY TO DO WHAT IS RIGHT OR PERHAPS EVEN TOO DUMB TO KNOW WHAT IS RIGHT … You decide …
As per Square’s requirements I connected my business checking account at BoA to my Square acct. It was verified by Square in early November, before I did my first transaction with a client using Square.
If you run the kind of business that sometimes works out in the field. For instance, a food stall serving customers at festivals and events, then you need to be able to complete credit card transactions on occasions when there is no Internet available.
It might be annoying, but I would open two business accounts at two different banks, use one for ONLY e-com, and xfer out $$$ as often as possible into the other account. If you get hit with these chargebacks, at least there isn’t any money for them to take…make sure you have the bank mark the accounts as “no overdrafting allowed”, ie only let $ go out if it’s in there. So if some CC company screws you again…
Unlike Square, ShopKeep includes email marketing and employee management in their base price. With employee management, you give each employee a login at the register. This allows you to track their hours/commission for payroll, and maintain a level of oversight on who’s working the register at any given time. Because Square offers this feature at a price of $5/employee/month, ShopKeep becomes more economical the larger your staff.
I loved square for 6 months. Then out of the blue they want me to verify my account so they can release my money. They have held it hostage for over a week because as much as you verify and even try to call you don’t get answers. When calling they want you to type in a customer code that doesn’t exist. Very frustrating, I hope I can find a more reliable company.
Purchased the Square device last week. Set up account. Took first payment from a customer on Saturday. Checked account Monday morning March 21, 2016 only to see no deposit. Checked Square account. Had a notification that they needed more information (government ID, receipts, invoice etc). Sent what I had. Called them at 12:00PM my time which is 9AM their time. Said they received the information. Got an email a few hours later that they needed bank statements. Sent them VIA fax. Called them back 45 minutes later. The guy (very rude) said once I hung up with him he would process the information. Here is the swift kick to the butt, they sent me an email saying they had cancelled my account due to suspicious activity. How the heck is their suspicious activity if I only made one transaction? I had done one Saturday but cancelled it because the device wasn’t working. Got it to finally work so their was only one transaction showing. Contacted the customer and let them know that I was issuing a refund. Then find out it takes 2-5 days to do that. So all in all, I have to wait over a week to get paid for work that has been done which was a residential repaint. So as far as I am concerned, if you want to waste your money on a Square device and only be able to contact someone IF you have a customer code, go for it. THIS WAS A BIG WASTE OF TIME AND $10 +TAX FOR A PIECE OF PLASTIC TO PLUG INTO MY PHONE. “SQUARE” CAN SHOVE IT AS FAR UP ITS BUTT AS IT WILL GO. WILL NEVER WASTE MY TIME OR MONEY ON THEIR CRAP AGAIN!!
I am considering using Square in during art fairs that I participate in during the summer. When I asked another vendor about the service they were using she said I should choose one that PCI compliant, not sure what all that entails but from what I gathered it has to do with certain security measures that have to be met. That does concern me. Are the transactions encrypted, how safe are the transactions from interception? Thanks
I am looking to even take them to small claims court, as they are still holding money from both companies we work with that have all our assets, and again we followed all their user agreements ENTIRELY!

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