“Square Point Of Sale Reviews Summary”

To begin, we have been using Square for almost 4 years. Over that time we have integrated square more and more into our business. We are happy to report that this has been a great decision. The app is always being updated and keeps getting the features that we ask for. All you have to do is email or call and tell their customer service department what features you really want to see in the future. Then sure enough in a month or two the very thing you asked for is added in or has some beginning resemblance of what you had asked for. Do not be deterred by the negative reviews. Most of them are people who have decided that the review section for the app is the best wY to ask a question to the support staff. Or they may be engaged in some kind of shady business that is prohibited by square.
I give up all my private business information. DO NOT USE THESE GUYS!!!!! Who does business with no customer service number. Now I do not get money from them. I plan so suing the hell out of these people. My customer is being charged $250.00 per unit due to no fuel that was stopped because square will not release funds. I plan on calling the FBI on this crazy business they call e-mail customer service and they respond within 24 hours. I do not know of any company in America that you can’t discuss your money that they are keeping from you unless they get what they want. SEND MY CUSTOMER A REFUND THEN!!!!
What does that mean? No reasons, no bases, no facts, no findings and no phone call from Square customer service. That’s because they don’t offer a true customer service (no phone numbers, no one to talk to in which to ask questions). They hide behind their e-mail’s and market their product to the public under marketing that makes you believe that they are a up front credit card processor. Check the number of complaints with the BBB. I wish this firm would have taken the time to investigate Square before we invested this firms time and funds.
Since there is no ‘box’ you see until after you sign up for service, I assume you are using that figuratively to mean their website. Actually, it does specify that manually typed charges are 3.5% + 15c on their charges page https://squareup.com/help/en-us/article/5068-costs-and-fees#standard-pricing
The four themes might work – but it would help to be able to explore actual stores to see how others have used them…IS there a main page that shows a selection of stores? Every time I try to find one I get my logon page…
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We have used PayPal for selling things on E bay and for our small business websites, but have been leery of the company since we had our $11,000 account limited (frozen) years ago. It was very hard to get hold of anyone at PayPal, and we never did find out why they froze the account.
By the way, you should not assume that people will understand your intention to retain funds, or refusal to return funds for the reason of being unable to. It is an unprofessional response, not to mention your failure to provide a viable solution to resolve a problem that’s a direct result of your dysfunction.
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We have tried for months to get somebody from Square to contact us or to see what needs to be done, to no avail. They have NO CUSTOMER SERVICE at all. It’s worth the little extra fees to use a reputable processing company.
When you issue a refund, we temporarily hold the amount of that refund in your Square balance. It typically takes Square two business days to process a refund, but can take up to seven business days. Once that process is complete, the refund is applied to your customer’s bank account within seven business days. In total, your customer should see the funds in their account within 9-14 business days.
While this provision seems reasonable to us, I feel that the inordinate amount of complaints about Square holding funds means that Square is overly paranoid about their users’ activities. As we mention above in the fine print section, it’s best to be up front about your activities and be visible to Square for your own track record and safety.
Maybe I should have elaborated on my comment. I am a freelance graphic designer. i have a very small company just starting out. I started using square three months ago. I have ran large transactions through and had no issues. All the sudden my account is deactivated as high risk and now im waiting for 5400 dollars. You may be angry with my post but seriously thats what Square is doing. I have found several lawsuits against Square and have shared my experience with the law firm. I personally dont care what the people have to say on here. I am just expressing my opinion of the company. Thank God we live in a country where i can do that!
wish I had seen this site prior to joining. like many others square fails to tell you that they review your company. then they give you a bogus reason to cancel you and hold your money for up to 6 months. what a sham!!!!
While it is clear I have no rights and while I think I understand why they debited the funds what really makes me mad is the fact that I have been with them for more than a year consistently running credit cards with no claims, and I don’t have a voice, and further, there is no way to talk to anyone. I have sent three emails with 0 responses. I followed their process to include sending the requested documentation as quickly as anyone could, provided detail and did follow up, but nothing. It will be interesting to so just how quickly this mistake is corrected and they refund “my money” back. I’m not going to hold my breath.
Meaning the small businesses, they are out to get, as if there wasn’t enough money to go around. I am not a conspiracy theorist, but a REALIST. Get your customers familiar with you and build a good report with them, get them to send you MONEY ORDERS. This way they don’t have their hand in your pocket, and you aren’t reliant on Criminals. I have talked to high up supervisors of some of these companies, I have an article on how you can sue them, if you ever need it, because there are thousands who are getting scammed, but you don’t hear it much. PayPal was just taken to class action lawsuit recently and it will happen again, these companies often are getting caught up for their scams, but have so much of other peoples money in the game, as they are Subsidiary to one another. Meaning they are part with the banks, mini banks that like to gain power and control, by allowing everyone to use their services, but again, if you aren’t connected to the giant Leviathan called CORPORATION, you will never make it in this game. They are the beast system.
I have been using square since May of 2012, mostly small sales but somewhere along the way my money stopped being deposited in my account. It turns out it was being sent to another person’s account at the same bank (Chase). Now they say they can’t get the money back because the other person does not have the money in it to reverse the charges. My business had been increasing with several large orders, but now I am out over $2,000. How it was verified and worked and now is going into someone elses bank account (who spent it) has not been answered. I was able to get in contact via e-mail with someone who did forward it to the engineers but they still can’t fix it. Well, I am going back to my bank to sign up for their more expensive yet secure Merchant account. I can’t risk not getting paid for merchandise; it will put me out of business quickly! Sign me up for the class action lawsut if I can’t get my money back!
your business is a piece of shit, I am tired of having my business be declined with your company, I have had a business working fine for over a year, with customers here in MD, what the hell is your problem alll I want to do is charge my customers. I hope noone ever uses such a terrible company such as you.

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