“Square Pos Reviews 2018”

As far as eCommerce goes, Square’s offering sounds great. There’s just one little niggling detail: it’s not your own website or domain — your shop is hosted on Square’s domain, which makes it more akin to selling on Etsy or eBay. If you prefer, you can build your own site with your own domain using one of Square’s two partners: Weebly or Bigcommerce.
Paypal has NOT paid for accreditation. That is illegal and NOT how you gain accreditation. You may want to watch what you write.. Remember when you write something it is defamation of character, speaking it is slander.
Both Square and ShopKeep let you build a database of your customers, including their purchase history, shopping preferences, and preferred contact email. You can use this to send coupons and other marketing emails. Square offers email marketing as an add-on ($15/month) while ShopKeep integrates with Mailchimp.
Square held my funds the first time I used the service and that was enough for me. I dumped Square over a year ago and my bank had me complete some paperwork actually blocking Square from accessing my account. I switched to Intuit GoPayment and they are great. They have real life customer service that actually knows what they are doing. I have since added PayPal Here as well. I already had a regular merchant account so I can use the Authorize.net virtual terminal but they are a little high with all their fees. In fact, yesterday I signed up with PNC to switch the processing to them and lowered my fees significantly.
I ask my customers if they would like a receipt. Most say no, so I skip the receipt. But when someone wants a receipt. I just email it to myself. As soon as I switch to from square to Safari ( with my email already open) it is there. I open it and print from my iPad. This takes less than 10 seconds to do. 🙂 All this is done with wifi ( I use the airport extreme from Apple for my router and I also have an Hp pro 8500a which supports AirPrint.
Square users beware! The Square contract allows Square to access your bank account even after you stop using Square because of the terrible service. I had to go to my bank and sign a document barring Square from accessing my bank account. Laurel Redd has long been a proponent of Square and I am happy that she has had good luck but there are far too many complaints about Square’s customer service (or lack there of) to dismiss. Square notified me that I would have to wait 90 days for funds and I was unable to reach anyone at Square for an explanation. Inexplicably, the funds were released prior to the 90 day limit but I never heard from Square even though I called 23 times, left a message each time and sent numerous of emails. Needless to say, I dropped Square like a bad habit and switched to GoPayment by Intuit, which is a real company with real customer service. Since then PayPal has also introduced a service similar to Square except that they actually have customer service, too. There is no reason to settle for a questionable service like Square when there are other reputable options with superior company values.
Very unhappy with support, can’t get anyone on the phone. I’ve emailed and cannot get the anwsers i need, I ordered their chip reader and opened an account with them. Used the chip reader once for a test to make sure that it worked. When i go to use it again, it wont work, I go online to find out that my account has been deactibvated. I seem to be unable to get anyone on the phone to solve the problem.
I just saw that SquareUp in NOT accredited with the Better Business Bureau but complaints have been filed through them. So would I be correct in assuming filing a complaint through the BBB is the best & quickest way to get a resolution to our problem? Since it is glaringly obvious that the actual company has no regard for their customers & clients.
PayPal Here boasts the immediate availability of funds, and while this is faster than Square’s next day funding, Here doesn’t deposit funds directly into a user’s checking account. Instead, Here makes funds immediately available in a user’s PayPal account where they can access purchases or withdraw via an ATM using a PayPal debit card.
Square decided to deactivating our account for no reason…I got an email saying. “Our Account Services team reviewed your account and found a pattern of transactions associated with high-risk activity.” ?????
UPDATE…. I must be fair about this. I still have not heard from Square. But found out today.. the posting to my account did take place on the monday after the sale (a Saturday). In my case MY bank did not post it where I could see it on my online bank account. After I called the Bank this morning … surprise… within minutes the monday posting showed up.. Was it Square NO… my BANK… Now you have to wonder when they actually do what they say the are going to do… and then dont followup to let me know… Check with your Bank… well.. they are not even defending themselves if they are right?????
I have been using this company for months only to find out within the last few they have withdrawn $4627.93 from my account in a single month. We are a company specializing in customizing car parts for customers all over the country. It seems that these people will not answer the phone at all! Where are the customer service reps? I have called the only two numbers that I could find. One 415-375-3176 just is an automated voice message telling me to email [email protected] to get prompt answers. I have emailed them and no response at all. The other number I got from their bank thru mine (JP Morgan Chase) 877-417-4551 and still the same crap as the 415-375-3176. Their company ID is 9424300002 and leads to no where. I am fed up with this company and want my money that I earned legitimately. This company spends all their money in advertising instead of hiring CSR’s to help with issues like this one! DONT USE SQUARE!
Same thing is happening to me. Jan.2012 a customer did a chargeback after a misunderstanding . The customer contacted the issuer and did a reversal. I recieved the chargeback notice after the reversal date.Sent all documention to Square (signed reciept from customer and reference number for issuer). Still 4 months later still no money. The customer has been charge and my account still show the balance owed. Square will not answer my e-mail and have left many voice mail. Not sure why they would want to treat me this way, just make no sense. You can have the Examiner contact me. If there is a lawyer out there looking to make a few bucks this woukd be a good class action .
Square delivers on the initial promise of solving small business credit card challenges and then goes on to wow customers with an integrated solution that includes beautiful reporting; much of the system solves needs the customer didn’t even know they had (after nailing the obvious problem). Square’s applications for small businesses make it easy to setup and configure point of sale systems on an iPad, can provide rich insights to help business owners make the most of business opportunities, and help build loyalty through two-way communication between the business app and consumers using Square. This integrated approach to payments goes far beyond just taking payments. Take business intelligence: Square gives small business owners access to data they never had before. What’s the most popular drink on the menu? The busiest day? And other data that lets small business act more like big business. Customer loyalty is another facet of the system. Square’s Wallet allows users to buy from merchants who accept Square without having to physically take anything out of their pockets to pay (the app has all of the customer’s credit card information saved). A customer can simply walk into the store, say his or her name, and the merchant can pull up his or her account profile and picture through geo-fencing technology. This technology detects when a customer is nearby a merchant-enabled store. The app also features the ability to find location nearby that accepts Square and provides customers with information such as contact info, menus, coupons, photos, and reviews of said merchants. All innovations around payments to remove friction and delight their customers—business owners and shoppers.  
Secondky, Merchant service providers are losing business at such an alarming rate that SCARING consumers with allegations of security issues is the only recourse they have. Square has it right, it’s a matter of fairness to vendors that do huge amounts of small transactions. Think of what the CC industry has done. They have forced a society, and soon the globe, into using them indispensably, create a quasi monopoli, and double dip both on the consumer AND vendor side. It is CRIMINAL, albeit genius.
This was honestly the most frustrating situation and the Square only made things worse. Before this whole situation the Square was ok. The card ready didn’t work all the time and it charges more when you have to manually enter in the card information. All in all I will not be using the Square any longer and I have left my review for all those who are considering this nightmare of a company.
SQUARE deactivated my account and hold $1200 sales proceed last April 26 2017. I did so many follow-ups with them, asking why and how in the last 6 months. I waited patiently for zero answer until now.
I have started getting emailed receipts from SquareUp. I didn’t give anyone permission to share my information with anyone including SquareUp so I would like to know who shared my information with them. The only vendor that I can remember giving an email address to is Home Depot so I suspect that they are the one that gave my information to SquareUp.

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