“Square Processing for Restaurants”

This company facilitates fraud. I received a 450 dollar fraudulent charge from a cab through the Square payment gateway. I am investigating this with the police because I have a name from the card payment that matches up with a taxi driver. Square gives me no information so I just have the name to go off of. The bank sided with him because he has a receipt after he manipulated the device to have a different number than the taxi meter. It is illegal to use Square in Boston said the police officer I spoke to. Square should be help more accountable for this. You should not be allowed to have a merchant account with no information… I bet a lot of their merchants commit fraud regularly.They literally gave me no information on this transaction after I emailed them a bunch of times.
Make sure you’re processing an accepted card and that you’re swiping the card smoothly through the reader track. You can also try troubleshooting the reader for Contactless and Chip. Keep in mind transactions must be at least $1.00.
With either plan, you’ll still have to run some numbers to understand what you’re signing up for. But the numbers are all there and available for you to examine, compared to the mystery abyss that is tiered pricing.
I sit back and I read all the complaints that people are having and I’m saying B.S.!!!! I have been using Square now for a year and a few months and have had zero problems. I have not experienced a non-swipe $1000.00 Plus transaction so If for someone reason people are having problems with that area than just make sure you swipe the card! I can honestly say that my biggest swipe was $12,300 with no problems. I swiped on a Monday and had funds in account before Tuesday 6am!!!! I first receive an option to send an instant receipt. It records my destination where the swipe took place. I can take a picture and match it up along with the transactions. It tells you right away that square has charged their account. Just so you people all know that it really depends on your bank and how long they get to their deposits!! FYI Bank of America works like this. If All of my square swiped transactions are done before 8:00pm than All of my money will be their the.next morning usually around 6 am.. It works.. The people who have problems I wish you better luck and you also might want to check you local and state banking laws because that could be a Reason as well. Some banks without you even knowing it will have security limits on purchases and withdraws. So when they see a big transaction they accept the purchase but wait for the funds to be verified. Any questions send to email.
For a physical store front, you will likely want to go with a traditional merchant account, since Square imposes limitations on your transactions that wouldn’t be imposed if you had a traditional merchant account.
I received a call from a customer, that her CC was tapped 5 times the one transaction, amounting to $2500 total. I was appalled….since I received none of the $$$$$. Square will not answer my question as to why they continued to charge even one amount, when it did not show up on mine and why they put through any amount to a customer bank. It may be terminology–lack of direct phone support—whatever it is, I would like to know if ALL “Declined” cards transactions are still forwarded to the bank as though they are BonaFide charges. Square is telling me that one of more of the “numbers” was keyed in wrong……If so , why was my customer charged 5 times????? I will print all of the correspondence I have had with Square, and forward it on to my customer…..to clear my name of trying to commit fraud. Bottom Line: as of this date, I have not received any money and my customer needed to DC her CC account and create a new CC account, causing great inconvenience.
While Dharma Merchant Services does the bulk of its work in the retail and commercial sector, it has a strong niche in nonprofit transactions — which are booming especially via online donations. Dharma, a B Corporation with subscriptions for $15 a month, offers reduced nonprofit rates. Like Payment Depot, Dharma doesn’t offer one lump rate for all transactions, so your ultimate costs would depend on each credit card’s interchange rate, which can vary upward of 2 percentage points depending on the card. For nonprofits, Dharma charges 0.20 percent + 10 cents + interchange for storefront operations; online it’s 0.30 percent + 15 cents + interchange. PayPal, by contrast, has a flat nonprofit fee of 2.2 percent + 30 cents that’s constant despite interchange fees.
The question comes down to costs. An EMV-compliant chip reader from Square will cost you just $30; you can get NFC capabilities and EMV for $49. That doesn’t include a receipt printer (an additional $200-300 expense) a tablet stand (the cost varies), or a cash drawer (cost varies). For reference, Square’s ready-made retail kits will run you anywhere from $400 to $600+, not counting a tablet. However, the list of supported equipment is quite small, especially when compared with the options a merchant account offers. (Check out the lists for Android devices, iPads, and iPhones, respectively.)
Horrible experience. I am a small business owner who makes handmade scarves. I only sell at these big sustainable events. I was at the Green Festival event in New York. A customer, named Maria came in when it was shutting down, negotiated hard with me and brought a bunch of scarves, The amount came to $250.41. She disputed the charge. I have a SIGNED RECEIPT. Square is supposed to cover me for $250. The didn’t. They said because the transaction went over by .41 cents, they cannot cover part payment. The customer planned this of course. I have a signature and she disputed it. What kind of a bank does refuse a signature receipt??? Please stay away from Square. Pretty pathetic customer service too.
This is a free feature in Square POS, which allows you to open a private feedback and two-way communication channel with your customers. It’s activated via digital receipts to make it easy for customers to leave private feedback any time.
Traditional processors must be scared to death as their con is finally coming to an end. Square and its’ current competitors will be joined by many similar processors. All will have to become less expensive and more efficient to survive.
DO NOT use this company! I used the card to sell my puppies and suddenly they decided in order for me to get my $850 (actually $820 after fees) I had to send them my government issued ID, last 3 bank statements, and an invoice of the sale. I was hesitant but they said they will not release my funds if didn’t comply, so I did. They then wrote my an email and said I was deemed “high risk” so they terminated my account and they was going to hold my $820 for sixty days and then I could have it or I could choose to refund the money to the buyer of my puppy, which I did. Now have have to depend on the buyers honesty, or I am out $850. I called and asked to speak to a supervisor and the person on the line said that there was no supervisor availble to talk to me.
The majority of the complaints are yes, charge backs it seems but there is also the oops I forgot to validate my bank account, and the $1000 rolling 7 day immediate deposit limit for card not present transactions. But everything and all the instructions are there. I have not had any issues with charge backs but I strictly I follow the steps I outlined for Trinity on how to avoid charge backs – my results – 2 year / 0 Charge backs (crosses fingers).
My account was placed in a “Review Status” after I completed a 26K single CC transaction. Square requested that I submit various financial data on two occasions this past week. I complied on the dates of the request. I have received NO follow-up emails or any communication from Square. I have sent ten emails to Square (non)Support of which not one has been answered. This is bordering on criminal.
I’m not litigious, but even if I was, they broke no laws. They’re allowed to cancel any account they want and they aren’t *obligated* to fight chargebacks. It’s just a really poor way to run a business.
Thanks for the article. Great discussion. I do small craft shows and I was looking for a review of both products. I think I will get PayPal because of the phone support it gives as well as other features. Talking to a real person is important to me when something goes wrong, especially when I first start to use it. Also, I don’t mind the 2-3 day wait, however, the debit card does sound attractive.

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