“Square Register Reviews for Restaurants”

Today I received an email from Square about a client requesting a refund. The problem is, I stopped using Square more than a month ago. This client has enjoyed the services I provided and now is wanting money back. I would like to know who was not satisfied and what the true problem was. Square emailed me from an email I cannot reply to and the customer support number will not put me through to a representative because I deactivated my account. Lesson learned, Square doesn’t protect the business that have invested in their services. And because of this, I will spread the word to other business owners to never trust Square.
This company has the absolute worst customer service….terrible…..my credit card was hacked on their website when the “training” asked me to key-in my full cc number to charge $1.00….then key-in again to request a refund of the $1.00…..within a few hours, our bank called asking about some huge purchases (i never left the house). We had to go through all the bank questions and cancel the card. In the meantime, I immediately tried to call Square (ooops, my bad…after hours you will reach nobody no matter how urgent), so sent an email…..then called the next morning and waited all day for a ‘call back’…sent another email…….finally received a call back but the person could do nothing and there was no “supervisor” to speak with me….and have not yet received a call from anybody “important” nor a reply to my, now, three emails…..this company doesn’t give a ##&*$) about you…it’s laughing all the way to the bank. It may be convenient in the short run but I wouldn’t’ trust Square at all to do right by you.
It takes time to get the money to your bank sometimes up to 2 business days, especially on weekend sales. It’s Monday. Have patience. I got my email this morning for my Sat sales. I expect to see the money on Wed as usual.
Thought this product would be a very convenient way to process transactions wirelessly as well as a great back up payment method should there be an issue with our main merchant account.On August 29th in the greater Vancouver area we had major windstorms knocking out the power in our area. I thought it was great that I could still process transactions for my business although the power was out and our interact machine was not working and had clients in the business that received services and were required to pay prior to leaving.I processed about $3000 in transactions which is not a lot for our store but enough to be an issue if we do not receive those funds.I received an email from square saying they were not going to send me the funds and I would have to send them a photo ID (which I did), 3 bank statements (which I did), website, Linkedin profile etc etcDid everything they asked for and then just received a letter saying they are deactivating my account as they suspect that the transactions or activity is fraudulent? Which is weird as no transactions were manually keyed in, all were with a card. Some of the people we processed are square users as well and square had their previous info on file. I also supplied a detailed letter as to why I had to use my square reader in the first place. They are holding all funds hostage for 90 days without interest and deactivated my account?I would definitely try another payment reader before using square. The cherry on top is I got a letter with a note on the bottom saying. “Oh and all decisions are finale!” lol
As far as deposited funds, like clock-work I receive my money without issue. For the 16 yrs that i’ve been accepting CCs, i know that the sales from the weekend are in my account on Tuesday morning (most times, even with a Monday holiday).
We have been using square since it’s inception – first on a trial basis now as our primary CC acceptance units (I own 2 computer/cell phone stores, and have techs who travel the midwest with onsite work) We were using Chase bank, but they (like most CC companies) hold high dollar transactions as well, and we had to run a min. of $3,000/month through to meet the min fees, plus a service and gateway fee, with square it is cheaper since half our transactions are in the field, and half are at the stores – We initially did have to wait a couple of weeks for some $$$ when we took over $1000 in within 7days, but that was clearly state in the ToS from DAY 1! so no surprise (READ, READ, READ), no issues yet, we can get new card readers whenever we need them (right on their site in your account), we run about 10,000 through a month regularly, most transactions are about $400. All money is in the next day – we do run refunds as well – most are done within 3 days, out of over 50 refunds in the last 6months only 2 took more than 4days to go back to the customers account.
I have had this same issue with Square, and more recently they rejected a refund (without any notice to me) that I issued for my 85 year old customer making it look like I am trying to take advantage of her. She is telling me to refund payment but I have not received payment from square they are just holding it and not responding to anything I do. So now I am stuck paying my customer for work that was performed and completed, that she was originally happy with, but Square has single-handedly ruined my business and my relationship with my customer with no explanation as to why. I am furious and will NEVER use them again and I will make every effort to let people know how shady their business practices are. Apparently the founder and investors have no ethics whatsoever. They are ruining lives all to hold money in their account that they did not earn.
leaving square. had no problem and referred clients, family and friends, and then, bam — deactivated already sent invoices. Clients called and said they were getting error pages. Thank you Square. I’m a web developer—way to make me look like I know what I’m doing.
I sign up with them in october of 2013, than i have 3 transaction with them with no problems.On february of 2014 i have two more transactions with them that is when the problem begin. They acepeted the the transaction and they do not deposit the money but they did send me a email asking me now for verification of my account.I did send them all the information that they ask me for and then they decided to close my account because I was a high risk to them, wich is fine with me. What I did not liked was for them to not advised this before the transaction. Now I have create more problems in my company plus they are charge me close to $300,00 for refund fees.Make sure you read every thing before you sing up with them.
Fraud charges are a hassle any way you look at it. The difference between a reliable company and Square is that most processors inform you of a disputed charge or questionable charge and let you know which specific transaction is at issue. Square gives no information, NONE. You may never know where the issue lies, by the time you get your other funds deposited (at least 3 months), it is often too late to find the customer and go back and resolve an issue. Square is NOT a reputable company to do business with.
I can understand the simplicity for which square is banking on, literally, but I don’t understand why anyone would pay such high rates. Especially since as of Sat Oct. 1st 65% of debit cards dropped to .05% due to the Frank.Dodd bill. At 2,50% which Square is now, that’s an incredible amount of money a merchant would be throwing away to square.
I, too, am in a small non-profit organization. We’ve used Square for over 2 years and it’s been very easy and inexpensive for us. We find that for some of our higher-priced items, people would prefer to charge it. We’ve never had any problems with Square. I am proceeding cautiously with implementing the new Square device that takes the credit cards with the chip in it. I’m waiting for others to “experience” it and see what problems they have before I jump in. Bottom line: I highly recommend Square.
I love square. I do sales at the back of the room and it’s wonderful to have the convenience. i have kept my merchant account and authorize.net account for my online purchases. But I do love the additional support of square. No problems with deposits, receipts, or customer service. And I love that I get an email telling me when they deposited the sales. Would like a few more bells and whistles, but so far, so good.
I don’t even have a Square account and they claim they are going to take money out of my account. You can’t even call the company and resolve the matter. I have tried to e-mail them also. I guess if money comes out of my account, I will be talking to a lawyer.
I am considering getting Square for a one-time art show and it would be nice to accept credit cards. I’m expecting a few thousand dollars in sales in one night. Each sale will definitely be a ‘swiped’ or ‘card present’ transaction.
I thought Id share this with you, so you can try another card swiper company, and know another Square victim found something better. I hope you like them. Their gig is the same as Square as far as sign up. Just sing up, get your free reader, download the APP, and your ready.
Issue with location of one of my cafe’s on square app. It thinks my address is down the street so sometimes people cant open a tab because it says “to far from location” when in reality they are in my cafe.
Don’t get me wrong. I’d love to see these harmful protocols done away with. But unless the entire user agreement is to be dismissed we also have to consider that users have waived their rights to class-action suits by agreeing to use the service, as outlined in section 51.
Unbelievably horrible custoemr service! Not only did they place a hold on the funds, but the hertofore mentioned 2.75% transaction fee jumped to 3.5% because we had to manually key in the card number. Even when the funds are deposited there is yet another ‘Transaction’ fee to do so. Despite emailing for the removal of the hold [which they ask you to do] no one has gotten back to us. When you call their phone number you are asked to stay on the line for assistance or dial the extension of the party you are trying to reach. Don’t bother becuase you are then transferred to a voice recording telling you to go on line and submit your question. Don’t try pressing “0” for the operator either! I tried that and pressed 1, 2, 3, and so on but it kept going back to the recording. I doubt we will continue to use Square unless someone calls and “Squares” away these issues.
Shopkeep: ShopKeep POS software costs $69/month per register. This means that every time you add a new register to your store, or open a new location, you will have to pay an additional $69/month. On the plus side, email marketing and employee management (for an unlimited number of users) are included in the base price. So if you need these features, ShopKeep’s price tag is more justified.
Square’s POS and back-office features are unmatched by any other free mobile processing system. They’re not quite up to snuff when compared to more advanced (and expensive) systems, but with no monthly fee, it’s quite tough to beat the value. Here are the major features worth noting.
Have you applied for an increase? My products are high priced items and range from $2,000 to $20,000. So I immediately applied for the increase. I received up to $10,001 in a 7 day period. I have had 3 purchases in the last 6 months and in all cases by funds were received the next business day. I have not have an over $10,000 situation. But I would suggest you apply for the increase if you are going to go over that $2000 limit on a 7 day period.
A chargeback like this happened to our little bike shop in CO recently. Here’s the thing: Product has gone out the door and no one has paid for it. That’s called theft, not fraud. Contact your insurance company and file a claim. We did, and it took a couple of months, but a check is in the mail.
As of this update, the Better Business Bureau is reporting an “A+” rating for Square despite 1,584 complaints filed in the last 36 months. This complaint total is slightly up from the company’s total at the time of our last update (1,464), which may indicate that Square’s BBB complaint total could increase further. For perspective, the total is up from 812 complaints as of our January 2014 update and 603 complaints as of our July 2013 update, and has skyrocketed from just a few dozen complaints since we first published this review in April of 2011. Surprisingly, the BBB has also raised Square’s grade from a “B+” in July of 2013 to an “A+” despite the rising complaint volume.
My question is does anyone know how Square would deal with a non-profit fundraiser on one single night for $40,000.00 to $60.000.00? Should we use Square or another merchant account for this fundraiser?
This company blows. They offer no protection for it’s sellers, despite the fact, that it’s the sellers that pay their bills. I had a customer who used his mothers credit card to make a purchase. Mother claims fraud. Kid got to keep the product and mommy got her money back.
Cheese Burger special was really good, fries were good too. great deal for a complete meal. I also tried the cod and it was great really good breading. The location is right near the Amtrak station. The man and woman there both provided really good customer service, and good deals. I’m from Portland, but next time I’m in town ill eat there again.
This is a warning to anyone and everyone that is using square or considering using square for merchant services. Please be advised that square is holding $12,000 for transactions that were done in the normal course of our daily business. We processed a transaction for $12,000, the client picked up their merchandise and signed for the merchandise. Square has decided to hold this money even though there are no disputes. After numerous calls and emails, all representatives of square state that they can do whatever they want. According to Ellwood, the last representative I have spoken to, they dont consider this stealing, really ?!? I am seriously considering a class action suit against square. Please advise if any other companies have run into this situation.
Additionally, you can choose to implement a cancellation or no-show fee. Called “no-show protection,” enabling the service will generate a cancellation policy that customers must agree to when booking their appointment.
IF YOU are a MERCHANT STAY AWAY all is good until you have an issue and if you take CC you will have an issue someday and you probably will never see those funds again. Square has NO customer service with knowledge or even care about the merchant who pay their bills! NO way to speak to a person. STAY AWAY once you have a issue you will never see your money again, Try and call them is all i suggest BEFORE you sign up that will tell you right there to stay away from this company, it is a big massive scam. We had a customer charge back that was found in the merchants favor, 2 months now still have not seen OUR money which Square has. Square has NO clue on how to respond to a chargeback on the merchants behalf and they could care less if you ever see your money
I promise you I am not employed by square and you can easily contact me, to prove it or do your research. I am a veteran of 13 years whom started a business and use square. I honestly would NEVER lie to anyone about something for a gain of any kind. I know there are those who would but I am NOT ONE OF THEM. I think it has to do with amounts of transactions, and types of businesses(as I assume most any merchant account would scrutinize). I do not do large transactions, I am a retail store so my transactions are average 60 dollars each and I have done refunds through them and ALL have worked. I was skeptical doing a refund after reading so many comments but the 3 I have done worked very well. I just wanted to give an honest opinion of my experience. I am working with square now to set up my second location and YES, there are bugs and YES I am a little frustrated but I have worked with financial industries in changing systems and square is handling their changes quite well compared to the fortune 500 company I worked for.
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I liked using Square at first, but it turned out to be a disaster. I was happy with the way they deducted their portion from each day’s deposit, instead of being hit with a huge withdrawal for fees on the first of the month, as with our other processor. Square had cool features I was considering trying, like employee timekeeping and payroll. Then I had a couple of chargebacks and Square immediately closed my account, would not let me log onto the dashboard to dispute the chargebacks (which were bogus) and would not go to bat for me about the chargebacks. There is no way to contact them by phone if you are not a customer with an open account. I had some funds due from credit cards run the day they closed the account, and they never deposited that money in my account. A month after they closed my account, they sent me an email saying I had won a chargeback dispute, but they are holding the money in my account, and it will never be accessible to me. If I win on the other chargeback dispute, the same thing is going to happen, and they will be holding about $3,000 of my money. They claimed that they would hold any money for 120 days, but it has been longer than that already. I would strongly recommend any business from using Square. There are other convenient apps available. Also, I did not realize that the high cost of our bank-based card processing company provided a much-needed level of fund security that apps like Square don’t provide.

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