“Square Reviews for Small Businesses”

Reminds me of the days when Ebay when they started competing with Amazon. EBay wanted to make selling fun but Amazon wanted to makes online sales a serious business fro customers. See where ebay is compared to Amazon today. Selling online or offline is not fun bu it is hard work. So take the fun out of credit card processing and see it as a serious business.
When it’s all said and done, the average cost of processing payments for U.S. businesses that do between $10,000 and $250,000 in annual payments volume is between 2.87 percent and 4.35 percent per transaction.
i hve used Square for several months and have had no problems. In Florida we have seasonal sales from November thru April. With the old companies we had to pay fees each month we were not doing business that amounted to about $70 per month for a wireless terminal. By the time paid wireless access fees, batch fees, non-qualified card rates, high rates for American Express, etc; we were paying much more than the quoted rate of 1.69%. The 2.75% across the board rate for swiped transactions from Square computes as a better deal and since we sell at Craft Shows it is much more convienient than carrying a bulky wireless machine. Also, since the customer is right in front of us swiping a card is not a problem. We also get our money deposited so it is normally available the next buisiness day for transactions done before 3 pm est.
I requested a square account over 6 months ago. I had to submit documents to verify my business and received a card reader in the mail. I did a transaction to test out the machine and everything was fine. I then used the machine February 11, 2014 and the transaction of $550.00 went through. The funds were supposed to be funding on my account the second business day being that the tranaction took place after 5PM. I received an email on the 12th stating that my account was now permanently deactivated and the funds will be held for 90 days. They stated that I have the option to refund the transaction back to my clients account but when I enter the site to reverse the transaction, they lock me out. There is no contact number where you can directly speak with someone and I keep getting responses that someone will contact me shortly. This is an embarassment to my business and has caused me irreparable damages. Thank God my business is not high risk because I am able to contact all my clients to dispute the charges on their account and submit proof and evidence in support of their disputes. This is deceptive business practices on part of square. This is a nightmare.
Meanwhile I cleared it up with my client and they told AMEX that the transactions ARE in fact legitimate. So AMEX returned the funds to Square. Well, Square is now holding the funds and instead of releasing it back to me, they just unceremoniously deactivated my account and holding the funds for NO reason!!! Again, no email communication or reason whatsoever given for deactivating my account.
While the buyer of the truck was still in premises i called square to follow up and make sure no further steps needed to be taken in order for the money to be transferred into my account, which i was told i did not and by the next evening the money would be in my bank account. So away the buyer drover with the truck.
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SQUARE IS HOLDING MY DEPOSIT HOSTAGE! I have been trying to get Square to RELEASE MY LARGE DEPOSIT THAT THEY HAVE HELD ONTO FOR 8 BUSINESS DAYS! I have complied with their requests for information about my company. Interesting, as I have been using Square for about six months, now they need additional information. What? I already gave them my information!!!
I have never done business with any company that does not have customer support. I emailed them and received a response that doesn’t have anything to do with my question. I have never heard of a company where no matter what you do, you can not SPEAK to ANYONE, that is ridiculous. Money was taken out of my account for no reason, the customer did not dispute the charge. Her credit card company has told her a few times that the money was returned to my account but The Square has not put it back in. It is a lot of aggravation for me and my customer. I will be looking for another company.
The fact that they will let someone not even associated with the checking account linked to the processor open an account and list themselves as the account manager is absurd. All of the sales we have processed for this year have been recorded to the incorrect business tax ID and they have absolutely no way of fixing it. Obviously mistakes were made on our end, but as a paying customer we expect our vendors to be able to provide solutions. Instead of solutions, we received no help whatsoever. the second rep even acknowledged that we were not the first people to run into this issue, yet Square refuses to adapt its procedures to appropriately accommodate their customers.
“Wouldn’t it be great,” I mused, “if Square added a way to accept credit cards online, so I could use them for e-commerce, too.” And, sure enough, they did. It was easy to use, and I eagerly set up their service as the way to process all orders on my store’s web site. This was in July of 2013, and for a few months everything was good. Then the trouble began.
Square provides a free card swipe reader and the mobile EMV card reader costs $29 and plugs into the headphone jack of any smartphone or tablet device and will allow you to accept credit card payments anywhere. This works with both iOS and Android. Credit card information is encrypted at the moment of swipe and none of the data relating to this is stored on your device.
Hello Tom, wondering if you can point me in the right direction as I start my search. We’re a event business that does 99% sign ups via the web, so we have a merchant account. At the event however we do retail sales of souvenir and what not. I’m looking for a solid app along with ipad hardware to create a mobile POS. We currently have two aging wireless credit card machines and it would be great stay high tech. Looking for any alternative solutions using authorize.net. Or have you seen anyone use the square-register hardware with a different app?
Now I use the Square, and it takes one day!! that’s a big difference when I have to pay out commissions. And WHY should I have to go through another step to move my money from PayPal to my account, only to have take 3 days!!
I went to their website and there is not even a phone number to call. I just want to find why should i switch to Square from my merchantaccount with intuit. Square will go down the drain like ETSY or other ‘ nothing special to offer’ companies. Square will not succeed as a company.
Maybe someone can answer this question. If I buy there stand, reader,cash draw and a get a Ipad and somewhere down the road they stop my credit card swiping will the pos software still work on the Ipad. I know I wont be able to swip cards but could I still use the Ipad and get end of day report?
I am a new user and sole proprietor of my business. Set up was a nightmare linking with my bank because Square requires a tax ID and Sole proprietorships do not need one. NOW my Square will not swipe credit cards and they have to be hand entered, which, if I read correctly above, cost more? There is virtually NO AVAILABLE CUSTOMER SERVICE! I am NOT impressed and believe that I will be switching to the INTUIT card reader that my colleagues are telling me is much more reliable with better service. Long story short? NOT IMPRESSED!!
Square gives a lot considering there is no monthly fee for either the POS or the processing service (unless you purchase add-ons or integrations). The processing rate of 2.75% is high, especially for debit transactions, but small transactions are actually very inexpensive to process with Square since no per-transaction fee (authorization fee) is charged (often $0.20 per transaction with other processors, which is an added 1% on a $20 transaction).
Inexpensive: I know I just said some merchants are wishing the fees were lower. That’s true, but plenty of other merchants like the costs. Because Square does not charge a per-transaction fee on swiped transactions, low-ticket businesses stand to save a significant percentage. This is because a $0.10 transaction fee on a $5 ticket is actually 2% added on. When you look at it that way, the 2.75% flat rate starts to look really good. Also, many American Express transactions are actually processed below cost by Square, which might not be sustainable long-term but is great for businesses that process a lot of Amex cards. Even add-on services that cost a monthly fee are comparable to third-party options. Not only that, but Square’s EMV readers are the most inexpensive options available — $29 for an EMV-only reader, and $49 for an EMV/NFC-enabled device. You pay nothing extra for a full-fledged virtual terminal, recurring billing, or a customer database and PCI compliant card vault to store card numbers.
Whenever you make sales over 100 DOLLARS, make sure to immediately deposit your earning into your bank and then transfer to another bank, they are know for stealing money. LOOK THEM UP There are over 4000 merchants that had their accounts frozen and no one did anything about it; this horror is continuing today to happen, and they even had a class action law suit in 2016 for “Limiting merchants accounts” and never appealing them, back to normal standing. Their profits for business and all their money, laid FROZEN in a virtual abyss that you could not even touch! You know how terrible that feels? Don’t trust this company and go any other route, if you are already using PayPal, take the time, for the sake of your business, because they are the single most WORST Card processor in existence, that is why they make it the first and only choice for every business. They are the sandbox option, you deserve better! Be careful, because many others are losing so much money due to these companies that they are forced to shut down. IT really sucks, when you have a dream and you are hard working and ethical; these bullies control everything and don’t have to. Get a good Report with your customers and get a money order sent to your customers. There are too many corporate level people that are always going to do fine with this company, but as for the small business, they are usually paid off by other Corporate Giants, to seek out and DESTROY your business efforts! You think you can step on these toes, even when you think you are just small potatoes to fry? They are very greedy people that work in these establishments, and they cannot stand if one penny doesn’t go in their hands; over the other small businesses.
Square Up has limited phone support. That means the busy professional can’t speak to a real human being on demand…A human with real feelings who can be empathetic with the fact that they’re trying to run a real business, collect actual payment and are experiencing a serious roadblock.
Thanks for your advice. As of right now the majority of our customers likely still pay cash or check, so the likelihood of going over or even coming close to $10,000 is small. We would like to be able to just swipe the card, get a signature and give them a receipt. This being the case which system would you recommend?

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