“Square Stand Review for Farmers Markets”

Someone ordered $1600 in print material for his company. Charged it on amex he approved the sale over the phone. Got the products no complaints. 3 months later charges everything back I get hit for the $1600. I send all paperwork to square. They wait 2 months for an answer. Then asked for the paperwork three more times. Still issue is not resolved. I’m starting a campaign against square as of now. I can’t believe how they don’t protect my business from scumbags like the client I had. I’ve called amex about this supposed thief even amex said this costumer charges back everything. Doesn’t square speak to amex? Or is this a robot ? I’m going at square hard if anyone want to join in a lawsuit please contact me. My lawyers are ready
We stop fraud via live monitoring programs that analyze transactions as they’re happening. This is known as risk visualization. The approach helps us detect and investigate suspicious activity before a fraudulent charge takes place. This method is not only a pioneering way for us to protect merchants, but it’s also a better way to build an automated system to detect criminals that will scale as our business grows.
2. The buyer signs a printed receipt acknowledging the item has been personally inspected and is in the condition described in my advertisement. The receipt states that no returns or refunds are available for the item and the buyer agrees to abide by my policy. (I already do this for cash sales.)
I’m not a customer of Square US but a victim. Square US allow the fraudulent use of my credit card by one of their business customers that was located from across the country from where I live. Luckily, I get notifications immediately when any of my credit cards are used. When I contacted my credit union they immediately cancelled my card and reissued another. I looking into Square US and based on my card number, date and amount I was able to get what they call a receipt that only provided a basic business name and the amount. When I contacted them directly about this issue they cited confidentiality but would work with my financial institution or law enforcement if I chose to pursue those avenue. Luckily my credit union will investigate and prosecute if possible.
I would not recommend square to anyone else at this point. Even small transactions. No company has the luxury of shielding themselves from very basic customer service. No matter how large or small, specially dealing with money, they have a responsibility to provide very basic lines of support and reachability.
I have 30 years experience running a retail point of sale and dealing with banks and merchants. I have never seen a company that takes in 100’s of millions in revenue and has no phone support or decent client customer service. After using Square for 1 year without any issues, no charge-backs and no complaints, they suddenly shut down my account. When trying to obtain the reason for closing the account, they sent an email that reads:
Yeah, I’m in the same place as you. I just signed up and was hoping to get a lot more info in the mail, like pricing info and a copy of the terms, and contact info for customer service, maybe some set up instructions would have been nice. I navigated it all on own. Now I’m trying to set up my account so people can find me (and so a certain customer can pay me from Canada using Pay with Square so I don’t have to pay the higher fees). I can’t upload a photo as a logo and my business is mobile so I check that box. It keeps saying I need to update my logo and provide an address. Neither 415 number will get me to a person or let me leave a voice mail.
I certainly hope that people read all comments on this board, realize that they are filtered to the extreme (Willie has made a comment that has been removed as have a few others-I still get the emails.)
My suggestion is to thoroughly check out Square’s reviews, especially the BBB. There are hundreds of complaints scattered about, and these are initially masked by their own search engine positioning, by likely employing good reputation management experts skilled at burying negative reviews on deeper in the search engines. Do check out BBB.
First, my experience with Square has been great. Instant deposit is fantastic and functions exactly how they said it would; if the payment was more than $50, I can click “instant deposit” and it’s in my bank account immediately. Secondly, allow me to address negative reviews since I’ve been processing credits card for many years. Square is “non-underwritten” when you first sign up. That means they allow you to process cards without any type of check. That works well for low volume and low sales-point items or services. As soon as you start processing high volume or high ticket priced items (items/services that cost thousands for a single transaction) you now have to be underwritten. That means bank statements, business documentation, licenses, credit check, etc…Fully underwritten is the system you’re going to need to process high volume with any credit card processor, so if you’re a high volume or high ticket sales business, you’re better off to get fully underwritten from the beginning – so prepare the last 3 months of bank statements from your business checking and prepare for a credit check.
Square’s services were what stood out with several of the merchants we spoke with. Aside from having a clean, informative website with plenty of customer support, the Square smartphone app enables point-of-sale and inventory-management features, as well as payroll functions. “It’s extremely important to be able to integrate with software,” says Danita Harris, principal at Rated M Wine Infused Foods. “I keep inventory on Square, and can bill direct from Square or QuickBooks (converted from Xero). It makes my life much easier and more efficient.”
WOW at the comments. I thought the Square was a solution to the; annual fees, monthly fees, annual compliance forms and delay in deposits. Our single sales range from $65 to $2000. We settled a batch last Wednesday and it was just deposited today(six days, weekend and holiday), however it should have been there in two.
AMEX says my client’s card was charged twice for $5500. I did not see the screen for the client to sign and was unable to offer a receipt. In fact I kept getting a “Sorry cannot process” message. Anyone experienced this problem? I never heard about Square holding money. Nothing shows up under transactions. thanks
Could not be more displeased with Square. Do NOT purchase! The hardware goes out as often as you have to replace a car charger. When your whole business is down because you cannot process sales, they make you purchase new equipment from a 3rd party vendor. Once you’ve spent another $400 they send you a warranty claim so that you can send your stuff back, before sending new hardware. All the while you’re left with nothing.
How many users have issues? Well the Square profile at the Better Business Bureau currently shows over 1,100 formal complaints within the last three years alone, and there’s no sign of that number shrinking any time soon. The vast majority of these disputes – and we’ve read more of them than anyone should – are from business owners complaining about account stability issues. Of course, we have to recognize that 1,100 users is a small number when you consider that Square has hundreds of thousands of registered users (the exact number is not publically available information), but then not every user who experiences issues goes to the BBB, and not every active user processes regularly.
The company was a darling of the VC/tech industry given it’s founder pedigree and the novel solution they developed (note: Intuit already had something before). Investors poured money into the company and boosted its valuation, but ultimately, Square grew but is still a company looking for a business model.
Square is a scam! Everything looks good at first… the money goes to your bank account pretty fast, they can send unlimited readers what makes easy to work with, since every salesperson can hold one, the app in your smartphone works just fine, etc etc etc….
Out of so many hold funds they are keeping, I believe they are plundering using their policies to appear it is legitimate for them to hold our money. I think there should be a recourse we can take to hold them criminal liable for using our sales proceed as their own funds. I think they should have civil liability to us for disrupting our business flow, they should not only return of our sales proceed but also for pay damages for cost our money there are using.
I have recently used the square card reader for conducting business with venders that aren’t close to where we are located, fyi they pay over the phone. It seemed to me very difficult to understand their website, it felt I was going in circles not really gaining new information anytime I clicked the help button. I couldn’t believe how easy it was to key in a card or swipe a card, yet to my surprise square withheld my funds from my company for 4 weeks and counting. Claiming I must sign up for an extended yadda yadda to receive more money. When it clearly states on the sign up or sign in page to their website, “money in account next day”. I am still lacking two thousand dollars plus change owed and its been 2 weeks since I got half of my deposit I was suppose to. With no way to have contact besides emailing which takes longer then converting a nun into a housewife. I cant wait to be paid in full to wipe my hands clean of using the square ever again for my business.
I can understand how you might have initial concerns about my site. Most other sites that cover this industry are heavily biased by advertisers or run by providers themselves. My goal with CPO is to add a level of unbiased transparency that currently doesn’t exist with this industry. In order to cover costs I do accept advertising, but only from providers that have already scored well in a review. I never let advertising or bribes of any kind influence my reviews or ratings.
Do not use this company if you have half a brain. Square has one of the worst web sites I have ever seen. It is anything but user friendly. You can’t find anything you want and trying to get a customer service phone number is totally out of the question. All I want to do is bill one of my customers by inputting their card number manually and I have now spent over 45 minutes trying to find the link to do that. I have tried signing in several times to see if I could get to the page I need but NO all I get is useless reports, and a bunch of junk. This is RIDICULOUS!!! I am going to find another company that does this but has a clue when it comes to designing a web site. This place SUCKS!!!
Couldn’t be further from the truth. I would only be processing a few charges a month in the $1000 to $5000 range and only with clients I have done business with for 15+ years. There was no risk to them.
If i had not sent them a email asking where my money was, I would have never know where it was or when I would get it. This scam of a company are obviously investing the funds they hold and make interest on OUR money, do we get any of that?
Hi Melissa I like your review of Square. I own a small art gallery. Two-ish years ago we adopted Square as a POS system. We operate basically, like a co-op. We do not have a recorded inventory. It’s basically just POS. With respect to Square I know it records more data than I access. I would like to be able to isolate and print the data/sales specific to each artist for each payment period. Their personal sales data could then accompany their check. I am not a techie but I’m guessing this is probably very simple but I don’t know what to “call” it! Any thoughts? Thanks, Julie http://www.localcolorchatham.com
They have done major damage to me and I’m now going through an investigation with the Attorney General and the local sheriffs department for fraud because my clients funds were involved. I’m looking at jail time over this and I’m a single mother of a 7 year old daughter. My life has been turned upside down because I’ve tried everything known to get Square to give my money back. It’s a no win situation for me unless I want to go into a class action, which I would but I’ve only had 3 people interested. This is the worse thing I have ever been through in my life. No one, AGs office, BBB or the police believe this is happening to us.
Event Rentals: Square has become a very popular choice for event ticket sales (and for on-site vending at those events) — but at the same time there’s still a lot of competition in this field, particularly from EventBrite. Square’s event support isn’t strictly new, but now it’s better advertising all of its services, including equipment rentals, training, and deployment assistance. Plus, Square makes it easy to sell tickets and admission to events through its online store and integrates with other solutions.
Just a few short blocks from Centurylink Field, an excellent place to have some beers and great food on your way to the game! Was able to have two Budlight tall cans, fish and fries, and a cheeseburger and fries for  $20! The workers or owners were very friendly and easy going. We plan to go back everytime we get to go to the game! Go Hawks!
I recently signed up for the Square but have yet to use it for business transactions. I wish I would have read these reviews prior to signing up. I can’t believe they do not have a customer service number.
GET YOUR BANK INVOLVED. Dispute it. Do not let these losers play with your c v v number and take what doesn’t belong to them. they will not give you your money back, get your bank involved. Square is a fraud. It’s imperative to me that Apple and other retailers need to get Square readers out of their stores. Innocent people don’t deserve to go through this and have to pay them for it.
DON”T EVER USE SQUARE – USE ANY OTHER SERVICE OUT THERE BUT THEM. THEY ARE A RIP OFF. Been in Business 21 years and now that I need to use them because Comcast hasn’t transferred by services yet to use my regular card reader. Square has been holding my money for 23 days and because I’m complaining – Can’t reach any customer service person on the phone – they have deactivated my account and are holding my funds for 90days!!!! BEWARE!!!!!
My wife and I own a natural skin products business called Pectolite Inc. Our Brand, Oh Honey, specifically works with handmade all natural soaps made with all natural oils and lye. We started using Square as our merchant solution. In the summer, we sale our soaps, lotion bars, and natural lip balms at farmers markets and festival events. Square has been great. We are able to accept credit cards with nothing more than our telephones. The cost of using square is close to any other merchant account provider and is their fees are more simple. We have more customers, because we can accept credit card and debit cards, when many of our competitors cannot. We sell more natural soap at the farmers markets, than on our website at http://www.soapguildstores.com/pectolite. The receipt can be emailed or texted to the customer and you are able to and should always put in a description of the purchase. This will let the customer know exactly what what they purchased. I would recommend Square to any small business. It has helped our natural soaps and lip balms company, Pectolite Inc, grow faster.

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