“Square Stand Reviews 2018”

This company has me extremely frustrated. There is NO support. It had me reset my password by supposedly sending me a reset password within 24 hours. I’ve now asked 3x via email to do this and it’s a week later and I still can’t use my merchant account! The phone number I found via google is just a voicemail that doesn’t even let u leave a message. It cuts u off referring you back to email support which as described above isn’t answered either. What a fiasco.
Please share the phone number that you use to contact them as every number that I find I a black hole. I am so frustrated with this company right now. I am planning to tell people that I’ve invited to use them to cancel because of it’s non-existent customer service.!
On a lighter note, they did offer to continue allowing me to accept charges/deposits from my clients while they are “resolving” my issue. My only issue is I want my money. Yes, my money. Money I earned and they won’t even communicate with me about. Ugh
I hope your complaint gets resolved with the BBB’s help. It saddens me that Square was unable to resolve it for you and it also surprises me that this happened as they have always been able to help me immediately with any question or issue that I have had.
We have had multiple instances of credit cards being declined by the new chip reader, but are processed without a problem using the old swipe reader. Funds have not been delayed using the swipe and there are no known fraud issues that I can see. Additionally, we just get the regular Declined message so we don’t know if it’s a funding issue or a reader unless we go to the trouble of swiping which is a hassle when we’ve got a line of people.
I have been using Square for appx two months. I’ve had no problems what so ever. My transactions are small amounts usually 25.00 or less, I have a small store. I never key in cards. I think these are the two many problems that I’m reading from other comments. The transactions are each sent to my email with a running total for the day and then the next day the money is deposited. I never had them take more than the 2.75%. So people with small transactions like flee markets, cabbies, small stores this will work for. This has saved me 1.25 percent over what I was paying and for a small business that can add up to a lot.
I see that Kelly had her issue resolved by calling, I have talked to them with no problem, looks like Jason has been able to contact them, Eric Gillette seems to like them… 99% of the people who I know who use Square give the same high praise that I do… I see a few complaints here but I also see resolutions, I see positive comments here as well – and the word of mouth I’ve heard on Square is a much higher percentage towards the positive.
I used Square in 2012 when I started a small business. Using it to process payments while traveling was very useful and I was satisfied with the service. Where the company really falls down is if you have anything go wrong and need to fix it. The customer service the company provides is horrible. Were you to have an issue with your Square account and wanted to try and resolve it or get help from the company, things will quickly go poorly. All support is offered by email. Don’t believe me? Try and find a phone number or someone to talk with, you won’t be able to find anyone. All of your customer service will be provided over email and with a new person almost every time. This was my experience anyway. To make a long story short, I left my company to my business partner and went my separate way. There was a mix up and my social security number was not replace with the business tax ID by my partner. Three years later, I get a note from the IRS saying I owe back taxes for a 1099 generated by Square to me that was never sent to me. It was taxes owed by my old company. At this point I have tried for about three months, over email, to fix the issue and Square has been terrible. I have provided all manner of business and bank records and they have still not issued a corrected 1099. I am going to have to end up going to tax court. I had to get a tax attorney to help me. I will never do business with them again and if you think you will ever need support or help by using a payment processing product, I would look somewhere else.
It’s interesting to see that Apple can be more aggressive about Apple Pay with partnerships such as today’s program with Square. While it’s hard to change habits, I hope I’ll be able to leave my wallet at home at some point.
Square was a great idea. There are a few things that have become so onerous, it may well be worth finding another payment option. When it is available, support is atrocious and of very little to no support.
We’re confident that our top picks will serve the needs of most merchants. But there’s always the chance that your needs are more specific, so we’ve listed a few runners-up below. These credit card processors performed well in all our key areas, offering with transparent pricing, helpful customer support, and a range of equipment options. Nothing about them stood out, versus the features offered by our top picks, but if you’re interested in exploring more options, the list below is the best place to start.
I own a furniture store and Square deactivated my merchant account in October 2015 because a customer’s card failed to process a few times. They sent me an abrupt email saying that the decision to deactivate the account was final and that they are holding my funds (from the same customer that actually successfully processed the payment finally) for 90 days until releasing it to my bank account. In addition, I was left with no way to process credit card payments from my retail customers for a week until I got a replacement solution (Shopify). Today, I found that that not only are they still holding on to my money, they continued to charge for the Customer Engagement Pro tool on my DEACTIVATED account for the past two months. This was the last draw and I had to write this review to warn others of this inconsiderate company.I would be lying if I said I didn’t enjoy the great design of the product, but Square falls way short of actually understanding a customer’s true needs and they left me stranding at a crucial time of my business, with no real support available. I am staying far away from this company and will advise all of my business owning friends to be ware of them as well.
I have been using square since May of 2012, mostly small sales but somewhere along the way my money stopped being deposited in my account. It turns out it was being sent to another person’s account at the same bank (Chase). Now they say they can’t get the money back because the other person does not have the money in it to reverse the charges. My business had been increasing with several large orders, but now I am out over $2,000. How it was verified and worked and now is going into someone elses bank account (who spent it) has not been answered. I was able to get in contact via e-mail with someone who did forward it to the engineers but they still can’t fix it. Well, I am going back to my bank to sign up for their more expensive yet secure Merchant account. I can’t risk not getting paid for merchandise; it will put me out of business quickly! Sign me up for the class action lawsut if I can’t get my money back!
Thank you for bringing this to my attention. It does appear that they made a change to the policy on 8/31that states that the hold is only for card-not-present sales. I will dig into it this week to confirm the details and respond to this post. With that said, you can request for the limit to be raised here even if it still applies to swiped transactions.
This comment was true at the time it was written, but is no longer accurate. Square now allows you to capture transactions while disconnected and process them when the network is back. Of course, if you’ve already handed over the goods and a transaction is declined, too bad for you, but that’s unavoidable when disconnected.
If you do not want to wait 30 days to receive funds, you can still refund the payments back to the original cards (if you are unsure of how to refund a payment, please see: https://help.squareup.com/customer/portal/articles/163698 )
The 61 negative reviews complain of the same type of things that others say about Square: accounts were frozen or closed without warning, Square held funds, refused transactions, and was impossible to contact to correct problems. Some reviewers complained of rude customer service reps or even being hung up on when they did reach Square for assistance, and of hidden costs despite Square’s claim of flat rate pricing.
This is highly alarming to me, that Square has my purchase information including my electronic signature, my name, my credit card number, and the amount and name of the vendor (which I had never bought from before).
In 30+ years of business experience, Square is the most horrible service experience I have ever had. Upon first transaction and verification process, they decided to deactivate me and hold large funds for 90 days! worse yet is you can’t reach anyone to discuss reasons or release of funds. All I get is automated email messages and I’m helpless. I don’t wish that for any business. Beware!!
Amad Ebrahimi runs a website called Merchant Maverick, which reviews mobile payment companies. He’s had hundreds of complaints about Square on his site. He doesn’t see a good reason for the lack of communication.
Square is holing more than $26,000 of our funds (after we proved our claim, the merchant company agreed with us and was validated by Square). They initially told us it was a 90 day hold, the 90 days is on 12/15/15 and two weeks ago they cancelled our account and told us they were going to hold the funds for an ADDITIONAL 90 days.
PayPal Here has a lower rate than Square, and it uses a traditional underwriting process that helps to avoid the holds and reserves that are common with Square. PayPal also provides customer service that is far superior to Square’s non-existent customer service.
I am in the middle of a huge mess with this company. It involves a chargeback that was made against me by mistake. The customer who make the chargeback has voluntarily reversed it. Square says it still is going to take up to 60 business days to get my money back!

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