“Square Up Review for Small Businesses”

Square seems to be unreliable in processing cards and a person could potentially loose sales by using square. I am thinking of going back to the wireless remote terminal (Hpercom) that Ihad used previously to Square.
We are using PayPal for donation buttons and purchases on our web site but are considering going to Square for swipes because PayPal doesn’t memorize customer emails and it’s fiddly to enter them on a phone.
The basic free reader from both companies only accepts magnetic strip credit and debit cards. Both offer a chip card reader, but it comes at an additional cost. Readers that also accept contactless payment methods are avaiable for a cost as well. 
Don’t do it. My square worked before they went to point of sale and now it’s literally a POS. Now it is not compatible with my phone. So completely useless. I have a new phone so that is not an issue their new update makes it not compatible now. Spent 60.00 for this POS.
Customer service was very slow to respond, and when they did, they did not answer our questions, only had some scripted answer that did respond to our email, but did Nothing to help resolve problems. The critical problem we had with Square was their hanging onto payments for undo lengths of time, well beyond any reasonable time frame.
Another popular Square device is the Square Stand (pictured below), which holds an iPad that uses the Square app. The Square Stand doesn’t include an iPad and costs $169 for the model that includes options to take EMV chip cards and NFC (contactless) payments.
BUT, customer service is totally non-existent. There is no one, repeat no one you can get on the phone. If/when there is an issue, all their responses essentially say – read the website, that’s more convenient than talking to us.
I had a contractor do some work for me on my house. He billed me by sending me an invoice through square. I paid the bill in full (my mistake), and i don’t have a square account. I just paid the invoice. he did half the job, and hasn’t showed up in 2 weeks. I have called and emailed him, but he doesn’t respond. Is there a way to get a refund through square for this, or am i screwed because i don’t have a square account. reading reviews tells me they are terrible at customer support, so it sounds like im screwed
10 stars for this amazing product. I have a small quilt shop and occasionally participate in quilt shows and sell fabric. I ordered the Square chip reader just prior to a show. The instructions are simple and I used it immediately after taking it out of the box. It was already charged. I had no problems and couldn’t have been happier. I highly recommend this product.
Please do your research before using this credit card processing company . They should not be used for large transactions . Their policy seems to be to tie up for money . When you have had it with them and simply want to refund the customer the money and collect from another source , their answer is we will try to refund the money . The money is taken from the card holder and not put into your account and they will “try to refund the money .” Please learn from others misfortunes and stay from from this company .
After a payment dispute by a disgruntled customer, square debited my bank account for the entire amount disputed. Because I didn’t not have the opportunity to gather necessary paperwork in time (Less than a week) square didn’t stand by me. I’ll be looking for another processor ASAP.
I did not know you could take pre-paid cards, what about those visa, MasterCard, etc gift cards that people purchase? Tried to take one and it wouldn’t go through so entered the card numbers and it still would not work.
Note: If you are using an iPad in your Square Stand, ensure your device software is updated iOS 11.2. We are aware of an issue that disrupts the connection between Square Stand on earlier versions of iOS 11 and worked with Apple to resolve this.
Krista Fabregas is a staff writer at Fit Small Business and editor of the Ecommerce Section. Krista launched her first ecommerce site in 2001, and soon grew to operate two niche B2B and B2C sites, a 10K square foot warehouse, and staff of nine. Combined, her sites sold more than $1.5M annually for several years. Krista now shares her hand-on experience with others looking to expand into online sales. When not helping small business owners launch and grow efficient ecommerce operations, Krista enjoys writing fiction and nonfiction, and riding horses and motorcycles in her hometown of Houston.
Perhaps it’s an error on Square’s part that they direct their customers to a dead end loop that does not provide a way to actually contact them. From the customer’s point of view, I can tell you that this is a bad thing. Imagine if the bank stopped providing a way for account holders to contact them directly. They are a bank. They would lose all their accounts. The FDIC would inquire. It would be a completely unacceptable situation. They would either start answering the phone, or they would go out of business.
I thought square was a great tool for my small business as well, until things went wrong. They will Process your payments and hold onto your money for as long as they want. They will give you excuses as to why they are holding your money for up to 120 days! There are fake reviews on here, obviously written by Square employees claiming that Square is a great company and others that say they would give Square five stars. If you say you give Square five stars it’s not because you haven’t been screwed by Square. It’s because you haven’t been screwed by Square yet. it will happen eventually and when it does you will wish you had listened to the many reviews and warnings. I myself learned the hard way not to process my credit card payments with a illegitimate companys like Square.
Among other gift cards you can get are: iTunes, Starbucks, Tango and all of its retailers, Walmart, Kmart, Home Depot, movie vouchers and restaurant gift cards. Moreover, you can also win cash in the sweepstakes entries, donate all your points to charity, or even get cash via check that arrives to your house. Finally, you can also get merchandise like home appliances and even fitness or sports equipment.
Take stock of your transactions. The first step in getting the right rate for your business is knowing how much your transactions are and how many of them you have in a month. Take a look at your average cost per transaction, but also look at the types of transaction. The process can be frustrating. “It’s pretty much impossible to figure out the cost for any given credit card transaction,” says Steven Silberberg, owner of Fitpacking, a weight-loss backpacking business. “If I do a card-not-present transaction, the fee is greater than a card-present transaction. If I don’t provide the CVV, the fees increase yet again. Foreign transactions also have a different rate, and Visa is different than MasterCard is different than Discover. A lot of times you just have to rely on the average rate over a billing period.”
Square’s recent filing for its initial public offering paints an interesting picture of its relationship with the small to medium-sized business community. Since 2011, Square’s main customers have been businesses with annualized gross payment volume of less than $125,000. “Most of the sellers that use our services are small businesses, many of which are in the early stages of their development…,” the company wrote in its S-1 filing.
I was using the Square and I was happy but I get charge back dispute and Square didn’t help me and takes so much time over 2 month I gave the Fedex tracking number and CUSTUMER email Messages and phone number invoice shipping billing address I give all the information I lost my items and money ! Disputes services A To Z 1 star !!!
I’m a hairstylist that rents a chair in a salon. I accept payment directly from the customer. I basically am running my own business. I just accept payment for the services that I provide. I don’t sell anything. I opened a merchant services account with Bank of America a little over a year ago. I wanted to know if I should stick with that or if it would be better for me to switch to Square? Thanks in advance!
Fab.com has also done a ton of direct mail. I think direct mail works when you have very hard-to-reach targets online, have lots of cash to test many channels, and can laser target and track your direct mail efforts via unique URLs, sign-up codes, etc.
To paraphrase Rousseau, man is born free, yet everywhere he is caged. Barbed-wire, concrete walls, and gun-toting guards confine people to the nation-state of their birth. But why? The argument for open borders is both economic and moral. All people should be free to move about the earth, uncaged by the arbitrary lines known as borders.
Square’s is making unauthorized use of my email address. Unknowingly I recently made a purchase at a “square” customer’s retail business. I was asked if I want a receipt, I said, “Yes” and was handed a paper receipt. Much to my surprise, within a couple of hours I received an email receipt for the same transaction. I did not ask for an email receipt. I did not authorize anyone to use my email address to send me a receipt. My credit card company tells me that they do not release this information to Square. Where do they get it? More importantly, How do I stop this unauthorized use of my email address? Square appears to have customer service for the customers of their retail clients. This is an unauthorized use of my private information.
Square INITIATES the transfer in 12-36 hours from sales – sometimes it takes 48 hours – never in my experience longer than that once your account is set up properly – and as far as I know they don’t initiate transfers on Sunday and I don’t remember seeing one go on a Sat either.
“Hello Albert, Thanks for using Square. The safety of your Square account is very important to us. Due to unusual activity, we have temporarily suspended deposits to your bank account until we confirm some information about your account. During this period, you can still accept payments using Square. We realize the difficulty this may cause and we want to resume deposits to your bank account as soon as possible. With your co-operation, we hope to resolve this situation by the next business day. In order to resume deposits to your account, please log into your Square account on our website and click the “Verify account” button in the banner at the top of the page in order to confirm some details about your account. We appreciate your help resolving this issue. For questions about this process visit our Help Center. Sincerely, Sunny”.

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