“Square Up Reviews Summary”

Square is very easy to get up-and-running thanks to their integrated credit processing service. Once you have your hardware, all you need to do is sign up online and you can immediately start swiping credit cards. While ShopKeep also has an integrated card processing service, you’ll need to negotiate rates before you can get started.
Used them and HATE THE RESULT!!!! BE VERY VERY CAREFUL! If you decide you are stupid enough to chose this company then please have fun losing money. 1 transaction cost me hundreds. In the FAQ for Deposits it clearly states that Square will not hold funds for any reason. They deactivated my account without notice and now are holding my funds for 90 days. I called them earlier today to see where my account stood after sending them information. I was told my account looked great and all my paperwork was in order. I was also told that my money WILL (not probably, not no) WILL be deposited this evening. Not 15 minutes after the phone call my account was deactivated. Now no one is answering the phone and I am not getting responses. DO NOT USE THIS COMPANY. If anyone is filing a Civil Suit I want to be a part of it. Thanks
We have had multiple instances of credit cards being declined by the new chip reader, but are processed without a problem using the old swipe reader. Funds have not been delayed using the swipe and there are no known fraud issues that I can see. Additionally, we just get the regular Declined message so we don’t know if it’s a funding issue or a reader issue unless we go to the trouble of swiping which is a hassle when we’ve got a line of people.
Sqaure sucks. Period. After doing several transactions Square held my funds claiming that they needed to do an account verification. After checking the reviews, they have done the same thing to numerous people. So basically, they are stealing peoples money. I don’t know how they can legally get away with this, but avoid this service like the plague.
Yes Create Account with a Corporate Email Use your corporate email when creating your account to keep your business and personal info organized. Important alerts and updates are sent to this email address.
Was hoping to use this to sell my stuff at a few festivals. I purchased a square then tried to sign up only to be rejected! I double checked my info, then triple checked it, they even asked for my SSN! After several attempts I was locked out. I tried to find a number to call for help but apparently you can only get access to a number IF you are signed up, which they wouldn’t allow me to do. Emailed them for help and received this: Unfortunately we can’t approve your application to accept credit cards with Square. We wish we could provide you with another chance to apply, but we’re unable to do so since Square can only provide a set number of application attempts.
I’m curious also. Did you? I turned in tons of paperwork proof and still waiting on my money. Wondering if they are needing all of our funds to stay afloat because this is a lot of complaints! Especially when I saw the one they did to a law firm. If they can hold their money, we are all screwed.
2.File a complaint on line with the Federal Trade Commission. Holding Funds without notification of a non-client is Bad Faith Breach of Contract and it is my contention that they are using these funds for their own profit/interest…etc. When you are a publicly held company, this is a big no-no as it could affect their year end earnings report.
The credit card issuer earns money from fees and interest on the charges the customer makes, the bank processor makes money of the “float” on your money while they “process” it for submission to your bank account, in addition to whatever discount fees they may charge you. The payment processor makes money on you each month you pay for their services (Authorize.net for example), but in the event of a chargeback, despite you being out that money already, you are still left “holding the bag” when you have to pay chargeback fees on TOP of already having lost money (and product in most cases or having provided services in most cases).
Very glad to have found your website. I have had all the positives and the negitives stated in your article on Square. It works until it doesn’t. So the solution is to find another resource for a small growing business that goes from retail to wholesale. Larger volume sales. Your website is such a wealth of information, just in time for the next step. Thank you.
The big hope for the payment processing industry is taking shape with NFC (near field communication) where you could have your limited information on the owner’s intent to pay over a short distance be communicated wirelessly. VeriFone is heavily investing into this technology even though it has yet to be seen in real life use. If an iOS device, let’s call it iPhone 5, would have an NFC chip, it could receive the payment and provide this info to the Square app instead of the reader.

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