“Squareup Com Review for Restaurants”

For years, PayPal didn’t have a phone number for people to contact them at, and eventually their hand was forced as well, because in this day and age, especially when people need answers immediately, sometimes an e-mail or “support ticket” just won’t do — just imagine if your bank did business that way, and told you that each month they won’t charge you a fee for using ATMS outside their network since they don’t have a phone number. Saving on the occasional fee wouldn’t replace being able to call them to get your balance, or even talk to them when you have a problem with your account right?? Imagine if you had to e-mail them to do something like a wire-transfer. That would be totally unacceptable right? The same is true in this case.
They didn’t pull this trick on us until we had already processed three transactions totaling ~$12,000 and unless you are able to function without an entire day’s number of transactions, plus the time to find another processor, I would strongly recommend anyone who sees all these frustrated people take a warning.
UNBELIEVABLE…! This company put me at high risk and deactivated my account after I had GOOD transactions with GOOD customers doing GOOD legitimate business. I travelled from Ca to AZ and took a card by key in over the phone for $1615.00 Yesterday I shipped the product at my local FedEx store to a Missionary Reverend in NJ. I have done transactions through Paypal with the reverend in the past and there were NO PROBLEMS. The Rev is now in Nigeria for 6 weeks on a Missions Trip and it is very difficult to contact him. The square company asked me for some “quick” verification which included my receipt, my articles of incorporation as well as my tax return…! All of these items are legitimate on my part and in order and I provided them within a few hours. after all….I wanted my $1615.00. This company deactivated my account with NO explanation other than “high risk” WTH…? !!!! High Risk….? I have been doing legitimate business for over 25 years and 8 years in this existing business. Now they either want me to refund the money to the Reverend who is in Nigeria for the next 6 weeks. Who has NO OTHER WAY TO PAY ME FOR A PRODUCT THAT HAS ALREADY BEEN SHIPPED. or they want me to WAIT 90 DAYS FOR THE RISK TO BE LIFTED SO I CAN COLLECT MY MONEY. This company has thrown a wrench into my existing business and THEY DO NOT LET YOU CONTACT THEM. THIS COMPANY IS A LOAD OF CRAP.
I love square. I do sales at the back of the room and it’s wonderful to have the convenience. i have kept my merchant account and authorize.net account for my online purchases. But I do love the additional support of square. No problems with deposits, receipts, or customer service. And I love that I get an email telling me when they deposited the sales. Would like a few more bells and whistles, but so far, so good.
If you’re using an Apple device, make sure the audio volume balance is exactly in the middle. To check, visit your device’s settings > tap General > Accessibility. Scroll down to the hearing section and move the “audio volume balance” directly in the middle.
This just happened to me! I can’t get a hold of anyone, no one is explaining to me why my account was deactivated and they’re holding my money. I am a self employed delivery man and one of my customers suggested I sign up with them to make things easier when it comes to payments with credit cards. I just used them once and they deactivated my account. Has anyone been able to get an answer from them.
But then there are the established companies which feel threatened by Square. First and foremost VeriFone, a company that apparently seems to see themselves as the sole owner of the market for processing payment information. This is evidenced by the statements made on their website. Take for example their SEO-friendly site title: “VeriFone Official Site | Secure payment solutions for credit & debit cards, EMV, contactless, & NFC”. They have vested interests in technologies that require you to purchase their products.
I have been accepting credit cards with a typical merchant account (Authorize.net) for about 10 years now — I even installed an app on my phone that would let me process the credit card when I meet with clients in person.
Bottom line: For starters, we’re out $10 for Square’s initial purchase. And five days after our event, we have outstanding transactions that we are unable to key in. We must either switch bank accounts on Square’s site- and god only knows how well THAT would go- or purchase another card reader altogether. Our board opted to throw Square in the trash where it belongs & purchase a different brand of reader. We’ll still get charged more for card-not-present transactions, but at least we’ll have a responsive company.
Both businesses and individuals can get a cashtag ($YourName), which you can link to your Square Cash account. You can share this tag with your friends and family members in order to make it easier to receive money from them or to use when you need to get a payment from someone but don’t necessarily want to share your phone number or email.
I am so frustrated with the fact that this company has no problem taking my money but can not give a decent phone number to answer my questions. This is un-acceptable for a business to be run in this way with no costumer service. Their “email” support doesnt even work. Im looking at switching to intuit
So the technical challenge is how to transmit the user’s payment identity to the credit card company. Clearly it would not be sufficient to just send them an e-mail stating that Oliver Drobnik wants to pay for a T-Shirt. You need to somehow transfer the user’s payment credentials (usually the CC number, expiration date and sometimes als the CVC code) to the provider.
Awful experience just signed up and had all my bank information verified and reived a complimentary deposit. Once I attempted collect from a customer with a credit card they hold the funds and say my bank is no longer verified. I try with no avail to update information and only get e-mail responses dancing around the fact that they will not release my funds to me. I have made multiple requests at this point to close the account and the only response I get is to give them more banking information. This company is a scam
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What I’m trying to point out is that in this fast paced “New, Now, Next” world, how do you want your customers to perceive your company and its service? A short fused firecracker? or an eternal flame?
With PayPal Here featuring live customer support, immediate funding, and support for multiple payment channels including free check acceptance, it seems as though Square has some catching up to do despite the company’s rapid growth. Let’s take a look at how the two compare on key areas such as pricing, customer service, equipment, and more. 
Realizing i had no chance to argue or fight these guys, i complied and forwarded them my information. After another week of emailing them over and over and over, i finally got a response yesterday (47 days from the transaction date). They sent me the below response:
Me too!! As marketing manager of Tappr this would make my job soo much easier haha!! Guess we learn the best way we know how- Trial and error! I just realised this was published last year. Popping up today in my Twitter was quite timely. Thanks!!
Since there is no ‘box’ you see until after you sign up for service, I assume you are using that figuratively to mean their website. Actually, it does specify that manually typed charges are 3.5% + 15c on their charges page https://squareup.com/help/en-us/article/5068-costs-and-fees#standard-pricing
1. Flint: Great for lower volumes, reliable, no extra hardware needed (just smartphone or tablet). Downside, it does not connect to a thermal printer. To print receipts, you’d have to do it through a normal office printer, and you have to initiate it from Flint’s online customer portal. Of course emailed receipts can be used instead, which are sent directly from the app. No monthly fee.
***BEWARE**** if you are a small business with large sales. this company is not for you, they site security risks and hold your payment for 90 days.the only way to get paid is to refund payment and seek alternative payment measures. They also will not give a reason for deactivating an account. I ended up paying for merchant services thru intuit at a much lower cost. My business suffered greatly due to cash flow issues because of this company. They are not for a business but rather for the general public to accept an occasional crfedit card for small sales. I WOULD NOT SUGGEST USING THIS COMPANY IF YOU PLAN TO GROW A BUSINESS.
Just received an e-mail from this company that must be a phishing scam. Notice of impending debit of $3K from a bank account I have never heard of e-mailed directly to my corp e-mail address with links back to the same company website found via this article and any google searches. I have never used this company for my business before, but I had researched them awhile back and must have given them my e-mail address. Trying to contact them to ensure they won’t be charging me 3k has come up with no response. They won’t take my call unless I have a customer code which makes me submit a whole lot of private information on-line. Very Phishy, beware of providing any information to this company. Negative stars would be more appropriate, since all they have ever done is waste my time and patience.
We’ve been following Square (Square.com) since it launched in 2009, back when the idea of a swipe-based smartphone processing system with no monthly fee and no equipment cost sounded more or less like a fairy tale: too good to be true. Since then, Square’s suite of products and services, including Square Register and Square Point of Sale, have established the company as more than a passing fad.

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