“Squareup.Com Reviews for Restaurants”

Company has been holding over $1100.00 of mine for 92 days now for no explained reason. I signed up with another processor after they began holding funds and have had no problems. Pathetic customer service. After 3 months of providing documents and getting the run around I have yet to receive my money (which my customer paid for long ago).
8:45 a.m. Cat & Cloud’s house roast “The Answer” has become one of my local favorites since they opened last year, and their custom ceramic cups elevate a simple iced coffee ($3) to something really special. Companion’s brown butter cornbread with Padrón pepper and honey butter ($3.50) blew me away. There were a couple of tense moments between my friend and I as we attempted to share the generous slice, slathered in sweet and smoky butter.
Hi Tom:We are opening a small breakfast/lunch restaurant. We will have an average cover of about $12 with the total of daily charges in the $1,500 range. Anyway, we have been looking at both Square & Shopkeep. What we like about Square in addition to the ease of use is the low cost and the fixed 2.75% swipe fee. I know this might seem a little high but in reality by the time you deal with all the invisible fees of standard processors, maybe not. Also by the time you factor in the low equipment cost and lack of monthly it actually seems like a good dealThoughts?
After reading some of the reviews, I was reluctant to sign up with Square. However, oneof the most respected craft brewerys, a fellow winery and Starbucks use of the product prompted me to reconsider and contact them. No more than fifteen minutes after my call, Kristi from Square called me and answered all of my questions with courtesy andeffeciency. She gave me her company phone number and said to call anytime I had aquestion. I am signing up tomorrow!
Yeah, sure, it might not be the most entertaining way to invest your time, but if you are getting paid for sharing your opinion about the last toothpaste you bought and didn’t particularly like, who is to say that this is the worst way to spend your hours?
Like all traditional merchant services providers, Cayan offers many processing rate plans, such as Tiered and Interchange-plus plans, even on mobile accounts. If you’re considering this option, you really need to understand how these plans work so you don’t end up with surprise fees. You can learn all about them in our guide to credit card processing fees.
So the customer gets the product/service and their money back in some cases on top of that, while you’re left holding the bag and being out product/service AND the money for that product/service. Now imagine having that happen with say, 2-3 customers per year (for some businesses the number is even higher).
This would be my 3rd year doing business with square I run a online virgin hair boutique My busy season is Sept-April every year. Everything seemed fine at first I processed more than 54,000 with square during 2014-2015 I took a small break from processing April-Aug 2016 I called into square and asked was my account still okay to process on. I was assured 100% your account is fine no need to worry the representative went over every inch of my account with me and said your account is perfectly ok. I asked would I have to go back through reverification of my business the representative said no. I said alright so I sent out my email blast & social media blast letting my clients know I was back taking orders. I ran my signature special of $50.00 bundles Sept 7- Sept 11 and bam………… September 11th I get a verification notice in my email I was upset because I had been doing business with them for years now. I had only taken in 1,000 from my customers at this time. I called customer service on Monday September 12,2016 and got the usual run around crap not to mention I was on hold for 2 and a half hours. I finally did the call back. They lady that called me back was very rude I asked when could I resume normal business she said they should email you today or tomorrow when your money should be deposited after reading all the reviews here I am less than hopeful about my account. I have a feeling im going to have to refund my clients money and look for another processing service since square has become so bad they are losing good business owners
– If you hire employees, you will have to leave your iDevice or Android device at the store in order for your employees to process credit card transactions, whereas with a traditional merchant account, your employees can simply use the store’s computer or stand-alone terminal.
“We’re focused on making easy-to-use tools for merchants that create an incredible experience for their customers — no matter where they are,” Square’s director of discovery, Ajit Varma, said in a statement. “Creating an online marketplace is our next step in making commerce easy for everyone. Square Market makes local businesses accessible to customers down the block and across the country.”
Congratulations! You’ve started your own business, now how do you actually sell your goods and make some profit while you’re at it? In today’s plastic heavy market, having a credit card machine is one of the first things a small business owner needs to consider. With the liability shift that started in October of 2015, almost all credit card machines available are EMV-compliant. Or in other words, accept chip-enabled credit cards, as well as NFC payments which are contactless forms such as Apple Pay. However, there is no magic solution to finding the perfect credit card service to fit your business. Examining your business model can help you decide which service provider and credit card machine are right for your small business.
ALSO  do your homework!!!   This company is the biggest RIP OFF financially!!!   They charge you something like 2 or 3% to accept a cc plus all those other stupid fees when other merchant accounts charge  1 TENTH OF 1 % to accept a cc!!!!!   ADD IT UP!  You’re getting rammed whether you know it or not and it’s just a matter of time before they take your money lock you out of your own account and won’t answer the phone…..     a matter of time   Somebody needs to STOP these criminals!!!
I learned about Square Up last year at a Locksmith meeting from a fellow Locksmith who began to use Square for his credit card processing. I used Intuit via my computer at the office. To become a “mobile” credit card acceptor (I’m a mobile Locksmith) it was quite cumbersome and would have to subscribe to a cellular telephone contract with the purchase of a cellular credit card processing machine. Pay the telephone fees and such.
Yes you can limit your employees access so they will not be able to cancel a ticket unless they enter a code. Honestly, I have not tested this, and you may have to set up, and be charged, separate employee accounts.
Shopify delivers a powerful mix of mobile, online, and in-store selling tools with every plan, starting at just $9/month. If you want to accept mobile credit card payments and also sell on your blog or an online store, on Amazon, and via social sites like Facebook and Pinterest, Shopify gets it all done with unmatched ease.
You can definitely go into Square’s online environment to see payment history. I just looked, and the individual transaction detail is there, and you can export it to a spreadsheet. Also, I get an email every time I do a payment, so I have my email history too.
If it sounds too good… A company that collects the funds from the card companies, but fails to send them on to the intended recipients for days or weeks… Hmmm, I wonder what they could be doing with your funds. Perhaps making a profit with your money as your business languishes. I had a couple of high dollar transactions and I can’t get my money. They no longer have a phone service number, so I am completely at their mercy.Being a legitimate business I prefer to do business with other, legitimate companies. In my mind Square has unethical business practices, poorly disclosed policies that financially benefit them to your detriment. As soon as I get paid, if I get paid, I am ending my relationship with them. I would encourage others to not to get sucked into this honey trap.
Both of these companies offer their apps for free, so I encourage you to download both before making your decision. Open each app and maneuver around each to get a first-hand perspective of how each one will function for your business.

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