“Squareup Review Summary”

Pretty bummed out…..Took the kids to the Robot Garage across the street and this place is now a salon of some kind.  Didn’t even see it change….and I am on this street all the time.  Like I said, really pissed….I had to go to Cottage Inn up the street to stave off the psycho-ravenous children after a few hours of tireless Lego building and believe me it was a big drop in quality compared to the market….plus I was looking forward to picking up some libations…..hopes dashed!
Square is the worst service ever. They don’t pay you on time except for the first payment. They don’t get back to you or follow up on anything. You have to wait for weeks to get any type of response from them. You won’t even know what’s happening with your account. Please do yourself a favor and DO NOT GO WITH SQUARE!!!
I accidentally posted a payment from a new client for several thousands instead of a few hundreds. I received an email from square listing the incorrect amount and immediately attempted to contact them via customer support. I emailed the problem and was told that I would get a quick response. I waited several hours and did not get a response. So I got on their website again and found out I could refund the customer but, when I clicked on the Transaction link, I got the spinning ball. I waited awhile, realized I wasn’t going to be connected and finally gave up. I tried that soon after a few more times. Then when I woke up the next morning I got an email from them indicating they had posted the incorrect amount to my checking account. Minus a $618 fee! This should have been $5.63. I again sent them another email demanding an explanation and was again told, on their website, that I would get a reply soon. It’s now 10 hours later and still no reply.
I have been battling them for almost two years. I have complaints filed with all the BBBs known to me including San Francisco, Kim is the vp there. She knows my story first hand. My complaint with the FTC had gone investigated and the Attorney General of Ohio (my home) and California are useless. They claim they can not help because wet are not consumers, we are small businesses. My class action suit is not allowed because square had a clause in their contact staying they can not be sued by a group and Amy complaints had to be tough arbitration via emails and you know how that goes. In October 2014 I was charged and found guilty of a felony 3 because square never released thousands of dollars die to my business and my customers filed charges through the Attorney General. I had to file bankruptcy, lost my career of 22 years and currently on give years strict probation. Not so much of a ticket and now I have to be in my home by 9, report every day to my probation officer and nit even a glass of wine with dinner. I’m 48, been hospitalized twice, unable to find employment with the felony record. I guess what I’m trying to say is, I’ve tried everything to have them held responsible and nothing had worked.
I was going to go with Square, but went with Paypal Here instead because I also needed to replace my online store with something else now that Google has decided to scrap its shopping cart. The pay pal API is free and with a little effort on my part, I have replaced all the google buttons with the PayPal API. Square has the beginnings of an online stroke, but no API for your website, so it made more sense for me to use PayPal for both. Plus I like free. 🙂
With a lot of attractive features, there are still some less than glamorous sides of using Square. As a new business owner, having a real customer service representative assigned to your business can be extremely helpful. Square does not offer extensive customer service and merchants can be left to problem solve issues on their own. Plus, if you are a high volume business, for example, a coffee shop, the rates offered by Square lose their appeal compared to a more traditional merchant service provider.
If you run the kind of business that sometimes works out in the field. For instance, a food stall serving customers at festivals and events, then you need to be able to complete credit card transactions on occasions when there is no Internet available.
So, the bottom line for me is that 1/2 of the complaints are baloney and the other 1/2 are legitimate growing pains that time will rectify. I will stay the course. The same criticisms that are now being expressed about Square were historically expressed about the “horseless carriage”, telephone answering machines, personal computers, cell phones and the Internet. Welcome to the 21st century.
If you would still like to refund this payment, you must do so via an alternate payment method, such as cash or check. If you issue a refund outside of Square, we recommend providing your customer a receipt and keeping a copy for your records.
Do not use this company!! We decided to use this company because the rate was good and no monthly fee was even better. We ran our first transaction (over $1000) a week ago and nothing has hit our account. Let’s see here…they used the “24 hour deposit” as a great selling point. This is a bunch of BS! There is a phone number that I had to search the internet for (nowhere on their website) and EVERY option you choose gets you to an answering machine. We have sent multiple emails, phone calls, messages…any way to get in contact with a live person… and guess what….NO LUCK! DO NOT USE SQUAREUP! They are AWFUL!!!!!!!!!! There number is 375-3176..GOOD LUCK!
They charged us $80 to process that charge. Over 20% of it is being held a month. The way I see it, even if they release it in a month, they still ripped us off big-time by charging such a fee and then holding our money for a month. More importantly, they put us in a bind with the customer. I will now have to take that money out of my personal budget, so that the customer is cared for properly. Yet they’re not even answering emails in a timely fashion, after charging for their “service”? No thanks. Good idea gone bad. When I get done typing this, I’m looking for an alternative solution. Or maybe we’ll go back to just cash and checks from big clients. What’s certain is that I won’t be trusting them with my money again.
I called all the places mentioned in this blog but i couldnt get anywhere. I will call my local News channel to tell my story. Please you all do the same. If they do not how to do business they shouldnt. They should pay for my loss..
I have sent numerous emails to Square, no reply. I actually found a phone number (thank you) however, I can’t get anybody on the phone live. I have simply messages which have not been returned. ‘Customer service’ is an oxymoron.
OMG!!WOW!!! I wish I had seen this site earlier!! My wife and I own a sale business, we do estate, moving, down-sizing, liquidation and demolition sales. We had several customers who wanted to use credit or debit cards, so in an effort to appease our customers, we signed up for Square. We used the service in December for a few transactions at one sale with no hitch. Our business has grown dramatically this year. We had a sale for a very important client a few weeks ago and advertised that we would take credit and debit. We used Square for over 50 transactions. We were swiping the cards as we need to then our reader broke. I had to manually key in the cards. Square has only paid us for a portion of the cards. I have sold a dining room set that is in Chicago now, and have not been paid for it. I have e-mailed Square DAILY and was asked for more information. I called my accountant and my attorney. I answered their questions as they pertain to my business per my attorney. The funny thing is that I was in banking for many years and dealt with credit and debit cards both on the merchant and the cardholder side. Also I worked for 6 years for the largest aviation credit card in the world who also does processisng for other card labels both on the merchant and consumer sides. Also, I was a VP of Client Services in the banking industry. These people think we are all either stupid or blind. I used the swiper they provided and it broke. I had no option but to key the cards in. In all my years in this industry if a merchant had to key cards due to faultly equipment we supplied we paid them as normal and apologized for the inconvenience. I had to cash in a CD and take a HUGE HIT, just to pay my client, also I have accounting and attorney fees associtated with this matter. I called tonight after getting their number and left a messsage that I am sure will go unanswered. I have contacted the Attorney Generals office for the State of Missouri and they informed me that a reputable company would have a number to call especially when dealing with credit cards. They are sending me the paperwork to complete a formal complaint and ask for an investigation. I am also filing a complaint with the State of MO division of finance, and have contacted the Missouri Bankers Association for help and guidance in this matter. There are so many of us who have been victims of this company that I think we should open a forum and form a CLASS ACTION LAWSUIT maybe that would get their attention. We all know what they are doing… using the float on our money to line their pockets. I am closing my account and closing the associated bank account per my attorneys advice once this matter is finally resolved. The truth is that untill these guys have to pay for thier crimes it will continue to happen. IS THERE AN ATTORNEY WHO WANTS TO TAKE ON THE CASE? CONTACT ME PLEASE!!! I will be filing a suit against them.
I tried to call customer service, which does NOT exist. I could NOT get the ‘customer code’ from their website either. And they have never responded to my emails. Basically, you are suddenly cancelled with no explanation whatsoever.
I try to go through each and every stat regularly and update as much as possible, but we all know that some stats are easier to track down than others. As always, every stat is linked to its original source and has the source date listed.
I bought something from someone using square and never received my item. I try finding a way of getting my money back but they don’t have a place for me to do that. That’s not fair they get paid and we don’t get out product. I will do paypal from now on square s**ks.
[…] Shvartsman, a science fiction writer and the owner of a small New York City game store, wrote a lengthy blog post accusing mobile payments startup Square of essentially screwing his small business out of thousands […] The chip reader has some troubles for sure. Mine also declines several cards a day for no apparent reason. It also unpairs itself and sometimes does not want to pair again until we hit “forget this reader” and pretend it is a new one… The tech at Square need to work on these little beasts… Otherwise it is great! Just fix these bugs please.
Surely, just as Stripe did, I expected Toby to be on my side. Here I am with 0 disputes and no issues on my account other than 1 simple misunderstanding. It was my assumption that Toby would get my information to the right person and have my information re-submitted to their financial partners.
Karen, after using WordPress for several years I’ve switched over to SquareSpace. WP is great, but you have to do a lot of maintenance to keep it secure not to mention getting SSL certificates and stuff like that. SquareSpace wraps everything into one and they take care of all the backend stuff so you can concentrate on what matters – making your site and store and keeping that up to date instead of the backend. Just my 2 cents. There are also competing sites like Wix or Weebly.

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