I am so upset at square and I WILL NEVER USE THEM AGAIN…I WOULD ADVISE THAT YOU DO NOT AS WELL. They will do great then one day when you need it they will mess you over and any savings you would have got you can wave by by !! They are an aweful company and I hope they go out of business very soon. GO quickbooks. I would rather pay a little more for someone who will answer the phone..and oh yeah who has a phone number..BE WARE DO NOT USE SQUARE. I will go on every site I can to let eveyone know.
I don’t even have a Square account and they claim they are going to take money out of my account. You can’t even call the company and resolve the matter. I have tried to e-mail them also. I guess if money comes out of my account, I will be talking to a lawyer.
Our Take: Although this fine print seems too good to be true, look again at the per-swipe or key-in transaction rate. That rate covers a lot of territory, especially the risk that Square takes in accepting entrepreneurial spirits into its folds. In previous years, just about anyone could sign up for a Square Reader and an account. Now, Square at least asks for the last four digits of your Social Security number. In the fine print, you learn that you – as a Square user – may receive an unexpected visit from Square staff to make sure you’re legit if you own a brick-and-mortar establishment.
Great idea BUT: This is a product designed by people who might be good at tech stuff but seem to never have run or owned a business, do not appear to know retail and what information one is looking for when running a retail business, have no clue about good customer interface. It is complicated and absolutely NOT INTUITIVE nor in keeping with established norms of organizing sales, customer, inventory and other vital data. GET SOME PEOPLE WITH REAL WORK EXPERIENCE IN THE FIELDS YOU ARE TRYING TO SERVICE onto your product development team. Seriously.
William, Yes, go right away to your customer hand have them cancel the transaction. This same thing happened to me with a $7000 transaction for flooring. My client cancelled the charges and I went to his bank and signed a letter stating that I was not going to dispute the action. In fact his banker told me that they have had problems with Square customers before. Once the transaction was cancelled, I had to go to my bank and (unfortunately) had to close my business account and reopen with a new account number. This was somewhat of an inconvenience but worth it in the long run. If you don’t do this Square will still keep a large percentage of your transaction even if you cancelled the transaction.
The same app for locations allows my customers to pay through the app, see our menu (not order from the app just view the menu), but my customers can start a tab from there app and on my iPad register I can see who has tabs open and close there tab when they are finished.
I have a billing problem – the invoicing function isn’t working correctly – and to call Square you have to have a customer code, but there is no way to get one; all links send you to a generic online help, and none of the topics is the customer code. HORRIBLE.
e-Invoicing: Manage invoices in-app or online. Invoices can be saved or sent immediately. It’s a basic system, but wholly functional and should cover most of your needs. You can even set up recurring invoices with Card on File.
I have had the Square about a year and have never got the chance o use it. I now have a charge of over 85.00 on SQ CATS I’m having it taken off at my bank. Cannot find a contact number to speak with anyone. Very aggravated.
I just called Square at 415-375-3176 and got right through to a customer service rep who was very knowledgable. This is the second time I have called and have gotten through both times. I have had no problems with their service, I just wanted to ask questions to be sure that I understood what I have read.
Square never told me there was a limit on the dollar amount of deposits. I sold something and ran a guys business card for $9000 and was told 4 days later (after the customer already had the product) that they were refusing to deposit the funds. I was livid. The customers only way of payment was thru his credit card and now I was left with Square denying the payment and knowing the guy had no other means to pay! Shame on Square for putting me in this predicament. They should gather all the information and tell us as their customers that they will randomly hold big amounts of money and not release it. I will NEVER use them again. Can’t risk it!!!!!!!! Go use another company.
Given the transaction size, I would not wholeheartedly recommend any of the mobile-specific processors. I’d recommend that you sign up with either Helcim ($12 per month, no commitment, no minimums) or CDGcommerece ($10 per month, no commitment, no minimums). Both offer mobile processing capabilities. CDGcommerce currently has a promotion running that will give you 50% off the monthly fee ($5 instead of $10) for the life of the account if you sign up with promo code MERCHMAV. Check both out and see what you think.
As Part of QuickBooks Payments – You can add GoPayment mobile processing to QuickBooks’ complete credit card processing service, called QuickBooks Payments. With this option, you can get lower processing rates than GoPayment’s standalone fees, based on your overall charge volume.