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…one of our clients needed ~$12,000 in equipment yesterday (December 4) recover from a fire that has shut their business down until this equipment is replaced, and after approving the transactions where they intended to hold the funds could be held for three days even if we decided to reverse the charges, SquareUp sent us a permanent cancellation email with no explanation.
Not all services have monthly fees; the ones that do range from as low as $9 to as high as $199. (Typically a higher fee either pays for additional services or will push down the per-transaction charge. Sometimes it’ll do both.)
After signing up for Square, you’re shipped a free magstripe credit card reader for your iPhone. An EMV-compliant mobile card reader that plugs into the headphone jack is available for $29. It also offers an EMV-compliant mobile card reader equipped with NFC technology that allows you to accept contactless payments like Apple Pay. This reader costs $49 and connects to your iPhone or iPad via Bluetooth.
I have a small business I was with them for over a year, and all of a sudden a couple of transactions said on my end that were approved, customer signed for them square issued a receipt and 2 days later they were declined. I emailed there customer support to obtain a code and said they would call me. I emailed them again and said that they had tried to call me and that I didn’t pick up the phone. I email them again and no response. Customer support sucks I would never do business with them again. I am still waiting for my money. ???? How could it say it was approved customer signed for it and 2 days later you get no money in to your account. People beware you might think you will get paid and you don’t. I rather take checks if they bounce you have the District Attorney go after them or CASH only.
Square Online Store (see review) is an online store directory for Square merchants. Merchants with an existing Square account can create an online profile for their store within the Square marketplace for free. They may then sell their products through their Square online store for 2.9% plus $0.30 per transaction.
I’m a documentary filmmaker that’s just completed BluRay DVD manufacturing and want to offer sales (just the one product) of my film through my WordPress.com site. I’ve been swirling round and round in a sea of ecommerce information ambiguity for a week or more without a single clear answer. Frankly, I’m simply looking for advice on how to connect a page, a graphic, a button, a link … anything to a “shopping cart” secured page to gather credit information from my audience wanting to buy the DVD, have it all flow into my bank, and ship the product off to my customers. I’m going with Square card present tech for in-person sales and hoping they have similar (fair) options for online sales.
Weeks without prior dosclosure. Your review is dead on. I would have been charging upwards of $200,000 a year with square. Now Iam thinking of a law suit. NO SIZEABLE SMALL BUSINESS SHOULD USE SQUARE AS THEY CURRENTLY DO BUSINESS
Tried to sign on the phone app for square. It will not let me setup the account with out giving them full access to the microphone, camera, pictures, everything on the phone. WTF is wrong with these people?? I would NEVER give ANYONE full access to my phone, computer, or anything else.
Multiple User Accounts – If you want several staff members to be able to process mobile payments, you need to set up a multi-user account with your payments provider. Not a big issue but it adds another step.
This is a warning to anyone and everyone that is using square or considering using square for merchant services. Please be advised that square is holding $12,000 for transactions that were done in the normal course of our daily business. We processed a transaction for $12,000, the client picked up their merchandise and signed for the merchandise. Square has decided to hold this money even though there are no disputes. After numerous calls and emails, all representatives of square state that they can do whatever they want. According to Ellwood, the last representative I have spoken to, they dont consider this stealing, really ?!? I am seriously considering a class action suit against square. Please advise if any other companies have run into this situation.
All the negative information about Square seems to be coming from companies selling or advertizing competiting card processing accounts. I mean, is “cardpaymentoptions” really going to provide you with an objective, fair “review” when they are apparently a site created to sell the competition?
– If your iDevice or Android Device is unavailable, you will not be able to process credit card transactions, whereas a traditional merchant account only requires a computer or stand-alone terminal which is usually provided by the processor.
In addition to the formal complaints, there are 61 negative reviews for Square in the BBB’s reviews section as of autumn 2016, up from 4 when we first wrote about the complaints last year. There are also 4 positive reviews and 1 neutral review. 
We use Square to process all orders on our web site, and in the last 2 weeks or so we had two large chargebacks (over $1000 total!). I was hoping to speak to someone to find out about the status of the dispute on these, as well as figure out if there’s a way to better protect ourselves from future chargebacks. The orders are taken via web so we do not interact with the customer directly or have copies of the credit card or much additional info — like with any online transaction. I wanted to make certain that it’s safe for us to continue accepting large orders via Square.
To begin, we have been using Square for almost 4 years. Over that time we have integrated square more and more into our business. We are happy to report that this has been a great decision. The app is always being updated and keeps getting the features that we ask for. All you have to do is email or call and tell their customer service department what features you really want to see in the future. Then sure enough in a month or two the very thing you asked for is added in or has some beginning resemblance of what you had asked for. Do not be deterred by the negative reviews. Most of them are people who have decided that the review section for the app is the best wY to ask a question to the support staff. Or they may be engaged in some kind of shady business that is prohibited by square.
Good to know. I just got off the phone with PayPal because, like you, they are holding over half of my funds for 30 days. Mind you they have already taken them out of my customers accounts, but I won’t get them for 30 days. Unbelievable!! They said Square will do the same thing so Im glad to hear they won’t.
As a customer of Analytical 360 in Seattle, Wa, whom you cut off because of their involvement in testing cannabis (legal in this state!) I will discontinue the use of my square card reader. I have also posted a notice online with the 20+ retail locations of Seattle area businesses I work with & so far I have changed the minds of close to 300 customers that currently use the square card reader and they will also discontinue the use of their card reader.
This map is good news for Square, which recently took in a $100 million venture investment and put Larry Summers (yes, that Larry Summers) on its board. Just about every major city and plenty of smaller places have someone using the device. I was particularly to see that the whole southeast is blanketed with Square users.
Dispute it with your bank. They’ll get your money back. Square did this crap too me numerous times. I got my money back every time, and finally closed the bank acct. To this day, months later, square is still trying to debit the bank acct that was closed. I know because they keep sending me emails. customers stole from me, and square allows it. Now they had to refund the customers, they were attacking my bank account
If you need a quality online credit card processing with low fee’s and great 24/7 customer service email Patrick Wilson with a company called Chosen Payments The email address is patrick.wilson@chosenpayments.com If you were to sign up as a client you will even have my personal cell phone number to call if you ever needed any help. I have heard the above story a thousand times and it makes me mad that a company like that would hurt so many small business owners. Maybe a couple thousand dollars to them isn’t important but that could be the difference between keeping the lights on for some businesses. I will do an free upfront rate analysis show in black and white exactly what my company can do for any business owner out there that wants to be treated fairly and build a long term business relationship. Thanks
For small business owners, credit is vital. But with so many credit cards available designed for businesses, how can you decide which one is right for you and your company? These two factors can help narrow down your selection …
Looks like it might be time for a class action suit. I did an AMEX transaction in excess of $700 this week, no transaction notification, and no funds deposited. The transaction does not show up in sales history either. Very underhanded, everyone should post contact emails to get the ball rolling. Here’s mine – towingd@bellsouth.net

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