I’m sorry I didn’t see this earlier. I am not a rep for Square, but I’m quite sure that having two readers won’t allow you two separate transactions if they are linked to the same account. Contact Square for help.
Adding to what Business Owner said: if you have a PayPal Debit card, you can get that money in CASH instantly once it’s in your account, no waiting. Not to mention you can turn around and use it at any other POS online or in person.
Square decided to deactivating our account for no reason…I got an email saying. “Our Account Services team reviewed your account and found a pattern of transactions associated with high-risk activity.” ?????
I helped him setup a merchant account so that he can accept payments online (initial deposits for reservations), and also accept payments at the point of contact with the customer (if they didn’t reserve online).
While the buyer of the truck was still in premises i called square to follow up and make sure no further steps needed to be taken in order for the money to be transferred into my account, which i was told i did not and by the next evening the money would be in my bank account. So away the buyer drover with the truck.
We used square register for a drive-through coffee stand. It is intuitive and quick. Two great features for a drive through. It’s record keeping and inventory abilities were lacking. Specifically, I wish there was a good way to utilize discounts or coupons but track them. They would easily apply but there wasn’t a way to report on how many or which were applied.
I signed up for Square in October of 2013. receiving the card reader, getting the app installed on my smartphone and tablet, I got my inventory set-up the way I wanted it and then got started accepting orders.
They are holding almost $15,000 since October 2015. I call them almost every day and they say they can not call the department in charge for this kind of situation. I am so frustrated and upset. I went back to Chase Merchant Services because they provide officers that can resolve any issues over the phone. Cheap costs! This is an unlawful appropriation of funds. I would totally sue them if I would gain me some profit from it.
Once again, I am dealing with Square holding money. I have quoted their own website back to them, and ONLY after writing about oh, I don’t know…. maybe 45-50 nasty emails to them today, I’m still getting the runaround.
For payments that haven’t been deposited (generally in the last few days), you may consider having your customer pay you by another method (cash, check, etc.) and refunding the payment(s) back to the original payment card(s). The full payment amount will be returned to your customer. Refunds can be issued within 120 days of the original payment date. To learn more about issuing refunds, please visit here.
So we recently started taking credit cards at the ranch. I’ve worked with Square in the past without issue, but after taking a $1,700 payment, Square decided that they all of a sudden needed some sensitive business documents from us before they would deposit OUR hard earned money. After they held our money hostage for a week, we finally broke down and gave them our documents. This is my response after they sent an email stating that our funds had been deposited and thanked us for our cooperation…. This is how the free market is supposed to work… [otp_overlay]