I signed up with Square because of their fee structure and speed of payment . My company uses First Data and Sega, but these processing companies hold the transactions for three days before they deposit it to your account, and there is a monthly fee. This is where Square is more affordable.
The simplicity and utility is how the suck entrepreneurs in. They will not talk to you. If you do obtain a customer code through the multiple steps, you will be given a code and a lengthy process. They also hold money and DO NOT PROCESS transitions efficiently. Their customer service is rude and they are not a reputable business. Its the barnacle of credit card processing.
A lot of people don’t like to read the fine print. And supposedly some did not by7the references made concerning square financial tool. All of these americanized companies must pass “check point charlie” especially financial institutions.
We are looking to use Square to collect payments at the door for our HS reunion. This is a one time thing, with transactions processed as some walk through the door on a saturday evening of the event if they did not pre-purchase. This is not a business venture. Does anyone know how long they take to release the money to our bank account? We have to pay the venue and am wondering if Square holds your money for 5-7 days which could affect our final payment to the venue once the walk-in traffic is assessed.
In 30+ years of business experience, Square is the most horrible service experience I have ever had. Upon first transaction and verification process, they decided to deactivate me and hold large funds for 90 days! worse yet is you can’t reach anyone to discuss reasons or release of funds. All I get is automated email messages and I’m helpless. I don’t wish that for any business. Beware!!
Square waits to make sure that the ACH payment from your bank account goes through without an NSF before authorizing the payment to the customer. This is assuming that you don’t have anything in your Square balance, because that will be used first. This process takes time, which is why it can take up to 7 days to process the refund, and up to 14 days for the customer to be paid back. They don’t want to have to take you to collections to get their money.
Wow! I just read all the reviews and am glad I did. I just signed up today and finally got all the way through. But, when I tried to sign in, no luck. Not only did it not accept my password but upon clicking on the forgot password, I did not get the promised reset password e-mail. I’m quitting while even.
Square labeled me a fraud with NO way to defend myself, and is holding $900 of my money hostage. Don’t use them if you are smart. I had $900 in sales, half in person swipe, the other half as emailed invoice, all within a week. They flagged me, called me a fraud, kicked me off the system and said they are holding my money for 90 days because security and f*** you, that’s why. The rep when he called me before this all happened (I had no idea he was probing me) asked me to describe my business and when I did he said “oh, I don’t think we can service that type of business” and BOOM, I was cut off from any communication, phone, email, or otherwise. Contacting them via Twitter got me a “too bad, so sad” message and that’s it.
Loved the idea, but hating the experience so far…. Square originally sounded like a great idea to me. Take credit cards anywhere, and send it straight to your account. Trouble is i still haven’t received my free reader. They sent it through mail innovations (a ups / usps mish-mash) so i called them, and got a standard “Call somebody else. Call the post office. Call your shipper.” Well, first thing i did was look Mail Innovations online. Reviews for it were terrible. Many people said it took 2 weeks longer than if you did one or the other! One Strike.
I thought it was imperative to offer credit cards as a method of payment. Square was recommended to me by a friend and I took a look at the company… they claimed to be simple and fast Credit card/ online payment processing company.
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