“The Square Credit Card Summary”

I sign up with square in May I got the first payment that came into this company. Then a payment of over a thousand dollars went in to my account with Square, that was on May 31. I can not get that money because their want post it to my account. In June Square deactivate my account. We all need to call in a lawyer. This company sound like a scam. The Phone # don’t work, don’t answer E-mail.
I am not happy with not being able to speak with a customer service. Also you send me an application after you have taken my money and now I can’t get my money because you want me to verify more information. This company should have asked me for all that information at first before you start accepting my payment, I just want my money deposited so I can move on.
Most single small business owners don’t have a voice loud enough to make significant change in technology. So it’s on us to voice their concerns, address their issues, and come up with a practical solution.
Even more curiouser. The gift cards are supposed to act like a credit card, only they are preloaded. Not like a guy running a yard sale is likely to analyze the card to figure out if that’s what it is. – JoeTaxpayer♦ Mar 12 ’13 at 2:50
Unbelievably horrible custoemr service! Not only did they place a hold on the funds, but the hertofore mentioned 2.75% transaction fee jumped to 3.5% because we had to manually key in the card number. Even when the funds are deposited there is yet another ‘Transaction’ fee to do so. Despite emailing for the removal of the hold [which they ask you to do] no one has gotten back to us. When you call their phone number you are asked to stay on the line for assistance or dial the extension of the party you are trying to reach. Don’t bother becuase you are then transferred to a voice recording telling you to go on line and submit your question. Don’t try pressing “0” for the operator either! I tried that and pressed 1, 2, 3, and so on but it kept going back to the recording. I doubt we will continue to use Square unless someone calls and “Squares” away these issues.
I suspect the reason for great disparity between those who have a problem and those who seem not to, lies in Square’s internal and secret risk analysis. The factors may include a credit report, banking history, years in business, nature of business, prior processor relationships, etc. Even though they may not ask about these items, they may factor them in. You will NEVER know. It seems no features can compensate for their lack of on-line (even chat) immediate customer support.
First, wipe the card with a damp towel. Then, take a rubber eraser and gently rub it along the magnetic strip. These two simply steps will help remove built-up grime. You can also use an anti-bacterial wipe instead of a damp towel to clean the card.
All the negative information about Square seems to be coming from companies selling or advertizing competiting card processing accounts. I mean, is “cardpaymentoptions” really going to provide you with an objective, fair “review” when they are apparently a site created to sell the competition?
DONT USE SQUARE. Square is holding $1000 on my very first transaction. I haveprovided them with my tax EIN, business license, signed invoices, signed contract agreement, 2 months of bank statements, business website, and they are still holding my money. I used the swipe method to process the transaction too which is supposedly “unlimited”. It has been over a week and there has been no response and there is no phone number to call. I just get robotic emails back saying they will take care of my request in the next 24 hours.
If you’re an entrepreneur, Square will capture your interest with its card reader. As you build up your business, you’ll remember that experience to tap into other Square products, like its Register offering, Square Analytics, Square Invoices, Square Appointments, Square Payroll, and even its customer relationship management tool. Because you’re so pleased with the service you’ve received with these value-add products, you’ll remain a loyal customer of Square, not just accepting, but embracing the closed system.
Subsequently, I’ve had an extensive discussion with Square’s help folks, once I popped something in through their press office and was able to get a response (since everything on its site is merchant-facing and not consumer-facing except for its Pay with Square link). There may be a way to get a detailed receipt, but it is not obvious on the website – and I’ll be updating here shortly.
If you would still like to refund this payment, you must do so via an alternate payment method, such as cash or check. If you issue a refund outside of Square, we recommend providing your customer a receipt and keeping a copy for your records.
Horrible service. They help my money from a client based on a customer service glitch. It took 2 weeks to resolved and then they withdrew money from my bank account based on marketing service I did not approve! I am unable to take payments from customer through square because I am still waiting for them to Put my money back in my bank account.
Square’s phone number: 415-375-3176. You MUST have an extension number, so I tried random 3 digit extension numbers and 123 worked. Well, at least it was the only extension I tried that actually rang a phone and had a voice mail system. I left a lengthy message.
Assessment fees are different from interchange fees in that they’re charged based on total monthly sales and not individual transactions. They’re typically lower than interchange fees. But the how much you pay in assessment fees varies by network and depends on things like whether the cards used were credit or debit, transaction volume, and whether foreign transactions processed.
@Erik That’s why it will be hard for it to gain widespread acceptance. People today are busy enough without having to continually keep track of their money and its value. I don’t know any one who wants to have to pull out their laptop or smart phone and check the value of their bitcoins before they can purchase something.
WOW! I cannot believe how many recent complaints there are about Square just for this month, DECEMBER of 2016. They deactivated my account after 5 years with no problems, held my funds in “RESERVE” and would not allow me to transfer to my bank. I had to refund almost $1000 to my clients and have them all write me checks after they received our services. ITs been a NIGHTMARE! When you get deactivated, their customer service number won’t allow you to talk to anyone and you have to only email them. Its a SCREWED UP COMPANY! Do not use them!
I’m a small roofing contractor who just recently started accepting credit cards, what I didn’t know is that after several transactions, they decided they needed more info from me and held a large amount of funds from the customer to me without warning, send me an email the next day noting my account was inactive, I would have to spend two days gathering information, emailing back and fourth, 2 30 minute waits to speak to an idiot that couldn’t help me! After a week of waiting o relieved an email stating the funds would the deposit in 1-2 bus days? I still have not seen the deposit? I will never use them again ever!
The Better Business Bureau (BBB) is not a legitimate Company. It has no association with the government and is not regulated by anyone. The BBB has no authority to shut down a business. People can purchase a good rating. Here is a link to an article about them.
ALSO  do your homework!!!   This company is the biggest RIP OFF financially!!!   They charge you something like 2 or 3% to accept a cc plus all those other stupid fees when other merchant accounts charge  1 TENTH OF 1 % to accept a cc!!!!!   ADD IT UP!  You’re getting rammed whether you know it or not and it’s just a matter of time before they take your money lock you out of your own account and won’t answer the phone…..     a matter of time   Somebody needs to STOP these criminals!!!
Square has been holding back funds from my business since April 27, 2015. Square has collected the money from the card holder and will not pay me. This is illegal and stealing. I am a single parent trying to run my own business and live the American dream. Square has violated me and my rights as an American citizen. Square has withheld my hard earned funds and has racially targeted me. I want my money now and I want interest on it. This company should be shut down!
Robert…All this information is a great help,I am in the process of researching the best e-commerce/online store/website builder, etc.. and honestly am no closer to a decision than when I started two weeks ago! It’s a bit confusing and this info does help clear some stuff up. I have a shop on Etsy, (for a year and a half) and my business has been good, but their fees are literally eating away at any chance of true profit. This is my only reason for planning my own online store. I sell at a vendor market in my home city once a month and use Square for that, which has been great, that’s why I was leaning towards them for the online store. Do you know of any other sites that are good for just making an online store/shop, one without a brick and mortar store. I’m willing to work at it, but don’t have a lot of technical knowledge.
I am so disappointed in the square. My husband got one over a year ago and we never tried it. He convinced me to try it recently and I actually ordered my own. I took two fairly small transactions and already had positive feedback. I just did a much larger transaction with a client that needed some discretion. Almost all my clients need discretion. All of a sudden The Square was asking for all this additional information which I gave them, incorporation filings, my social networking etc etc and then my last three bank statements which shocked me. I had real reservations on this but I had no choice as the client was in the middle of something and could not do a prearranged cash transaction through Money gram etc. The also asked me for proof of the client’s transaction. That was another huge alert as I could not give them a copy of the contract as that would really have violated their confidentiality as to the contents of the business we had together. I thought to myself ok just get through this and everything will be fine. I have a credit limit at my bank so my account is sometimes in the red for short periods of time. Also I have had one charge back on my pay pal recently in 12 years of doing business with pay pal, pretty good track record. I have charge accounts in good standing and I am sitting here looking at a deactivation notice probably because I questioned but submitted my bank statements. I told the Square they should have afforded me that type of in depth questioning up front. I have been in business 7 years and would never spring that type of curve ball at someone in the middle of an important transaction. So now guess what I don’t know where the darn money is. They took out the fee, deactivated my account, there is no phone number and they don’t have email contact information, they send noreply emails, so how do you contact them. I tried using that passcode at the bottom of the email, expired. I have serious doubts that if this company does not shape up it’s business practices there will be class action law suits for the nightmare they are putting small business in. Small business cannot afford to tie up thousands of dollars. The Square should immediately deposit the money as arranged or credit the consumer back immediately. This is unthinkable to mistreat both the consumer and vendor this way. We will smash our square that we have remaining and smash the other one when it gets here with a hammer and post it smashed on facebook.

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