“Four Square Credit Card Processing Reviews for Farmers Markets”

The Lightning Adapter for Square Reader lets you connect Square Reader to your device via the Lightning port. When connected, Square Reader will stay firmly in place so you can swipe easily and accurately.
Advanced reporting: Square offers some of the best online reporting you’ll see in a pay-as-you-go provider (and even many monthly fee-based providers). You can generate real-time reports by the hour, day, week, month, or year from your online Square Dashboard, with many reports available in the iPad app. Reports can focus on specific item categories, mobile staff sales, sales by item, sales by payment method and more. Many of the reports are exportable by CSV. Speaking of data, though, Square also offers gem:
However, it’s worth mentioning that customers who are charged cancellation or no-show fees are often known to initiate chargebacks. On the upside, Square has confirmed to CardFellow that its policy of covering up to $250/month in chargebacks would apply to any chargebacks incurred through the no-show penalty. Businesses can also expect assistance from Square’s Disputes Team as well as information in your Square dashboard to help in the event of a chargeback. 
I recently started using square only been two weeks now I made about four transactions no more than $30 today my account is deactivated I’m not understanding why I’m not getting any customer service or anyone to call me back, anyone to answer my replies and I really enjoyed the service was a nice set up but I would not recommend this to anyone else. Here I was bragging about the service how nice to setup was easy process invoices without taking credit card payments over the phone and to wrap it I think I’m going back to PayPal. I guess I should’ve read the reviews before I started using square.
Beware do NOT use Square in offline mode. It is no better than writing the credit card info down on a piece of paper and hoping it goes thru when you can actually process it. I’m a vendor at craft fairs. I use square registar. I had great cell service because I was checking the current weather reports on multiple sites with no problems. Square would not connect online and told me to use there offline mode. I did, I checked for proper current valid ID. I had a $255 credit card charge. Square approved the charged and I had the customer sign squares capture screen and got the usual thank you screen. Big mistake on my part that I did not write down any customer info. My sales are one time things I don’t ever expect to see or sell to theses people again. IAcccording to Squares directions it says that as soon as I’m connected to the Internet it will run theses charges. I take the risk that these charges could be declined till I’m online. Less than 8 hours later I was definitely connected to the Internet I was at my home with dependable service. I checked my emails , sent emails, etc etc. I assumed Square was processing my credit card charges but NO they did not process these charges until some 7 hours later. Which is when this one Charge was declined. I feel that had this been done when I was first online then maybe this card would not have been declined. It took me three days to finally talk to someone at Square. The person was no help, would not let me speak to a supervisor. Would not give be any info about this charge, told me she felt it would have been declined no matter what time it was processed, but would not tell me why she felt that, would not try to resolve this with the person , or bank , would not run the charge again either.. Would not help in any way at all. Whe did offer to give me free processing fees for the next $1000 charges which amounts to $25 . So they are admitting that they were in the wrong. She would not check to see if their service was down it that area at those times. It was working at the library across the parking lot. Only Square was not working.
These people are absolutely criminals. They withhold your money whenever they feel like it trying to contact anyone to resolve anything is not going to happen.I would never recommend anyone using them and I don’t even know how they’re still in business.
This company is a scam. We are a small business. Started to try Square a few months ago. They started a chargeback for a legiticate job. We emailed signed bill of lading receipt from customer, spoke with customer who did not authorize it (this happened on a friday afternoon) and monday morning they are trying to charge us back. No customer service, no phone number no business representative we could contact. It’s outrageous system.
Launched on Wednesday, Square Market features items from local businesses across the U.S. that accept Square, ranging from handmade jewelry and housewares to yoga lessons and beauty services. Any seller can open a store in the Square Market for free with items, photos, and a profile of their business. The company charges a fee of 2.75 percent per item sold, and there is no charge to list items, unlike Amazon, which charges sellers 99 cents per listing.
So to be clear, it might be someone else’s fault, but if you get a chargeback, it is on YOU small business owner, to get that sorted out AND KEEP CASH ON RESERVE to cover Square’s profits, and to do all this within 15 days
My Ex and I were needing a quick and painless way to settle up on a vehicle that we had purchased. After reading about the Squareup.com product we thought that It would be worth checking out because we needed to use a credit card to make the transaction between us.
Kevin Druff, an IT consultant in Richmond, Virginia, said he used Square rarely, but likes it. He tends to use it for personal things, like splitting the food bill when he goes on vacation with family. He found out about the service the way you tech nerds probably did: from Twitter.

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