“How Many People Use Square Summary”

This basically stopped by business for a week and lost roughly 5K in profit because of this ordeal. SCREW SQUARE. It wasn’t until all of this happened that they are NOTORIOUS for issues related to deactivations, customer support, etc.
I’ve tried two card readers, and cannot swipe yet. I have a Droid HTC Inspire. The volume goes crazy sometimes when I plug in the reader, and I believe my problems are connected to the jack. Customer services do stink. So far, it’s not working. Trying to get away from the ridiculous fees my other processor charges.
It’s obvious but bears repeating: If the processor you choose uses interchange rates as well as its own rates, your costs will not be as predictable as a processor with one flat fee. That’s because each credit card and credit card type has a unique rate: A Visa debit card might have a 0.05 percent + 22 cent rate while a Visa Rewards card could have a 1.65 percent + 10 cent rate. (This is why many smaller businesses stereotypically do not accept American Express, which used to have much higher rates.) If you want to know what you’ll always be paying — no fluctuations based on card types — go for a transparent, flat-rate processor like Square, Shopify, or PayPal. If you’re after a potentially lower rate, go for interchange-plus models like Depot or Dharma Merchant Services.
If you see the error message, “Register needs VoiceOver to be turned off,” go to your device settings and tap General > Accessibility > VoiceOver and turn off VoiceOver. This may also be “S Voice” or “Talkback” on your device. If that doesn’t do the trick, turn off Mono Audio from your device settings.
I used to think Square was the best. After processing over $500,000.00 over a three year period with no charge backs, I had grown accustomed to them. They offered me Capital Advances form time to time and I was really excited about the next day deposits. All this changed last Monday (8-15-2016). For no reason I got an email from Square stating they needed to verify my business. Moreover, they would suspend all deposits until this business was verified. Thats funny I thought, we have done business ofr three years and have spoken many times on the phone. Be it as it may, I sent in what they asked, fully expecting a thank you and your all set. No response. Two day later, they re-requested the information, I tried to call them, no response. No way to contact them by phone, no response to my emails. Immediately changed processors because I can not and will not do business with a company that can not take a call. Beware of them! This is not the first time this happened to good merchants like myself. They ended up deactivating my account, which was fine by me because I already moved on. Square = F- to me. Really disappointed.
Why would you not want to accept cash? I mean… Square and PPH are both very useful products but they still take/charge a small amount for use of their service. Which adds up over a period of time. Not sure what city you’re in but would your TLC even allow that?
If you are looking to purchase the Square device you can do so through a variety of retail stores, but you lack the ability to set up merchant services account with someone of your choosing. With Square, regardless of where you purchase your account will still be set up directly through Square, which serves as the tool to aggregate payments. A payment aggregator uses one merchant account to represent a number of merchants opposed to the traditional model which disburses a merchant account to each merchant.
I feel that square is very unprofessional. There is no customer service to explain their actions. For instance, they asked me to verify myself using my license, invoices, and other items. I answered all the questions truthfully and they don’t explain why they terminated the account. I just started the job and they require you to get paid through square. As a result, I am without pay and there is no one available for me to speak to. I went to the onsite help center and filed a complaint. Instead of a detailed response, I received a similar automated email of the email they previous sent. The number to call just tells you to use the help center, and the circus continues. I think that for this to be a business their should be professionalism and customer service involved, especially when it comes to the finances of people and their families.
– If you lose your square dongle you will not be able to process credit card transactions through the reader, whereas with a standard merchant account, your stand-alone terminal will always be in the store and bears a significantly lower risk of being lost since it doesn’t travel with you each time you leave the store.
I’m semi retired and have small upholstery business. Generally, I take anywhere from 0-3 credit card transactions per month, but mostly my customers pay by check and occasionally by cash. I dumped my “traditional’ credit card processor a couple of months ago, and I think this is probably the best business decision I made in 2014. I got tired of the monthly fees, compliance fee, and looking at monthly statements from them that made me go cross eyed. I like the fact that I know exactly what each transaction costs me. The square is an easy system to learn, even for a low tech guy like me. My largest single transaction was $3500.00. So far, I have had no issues whatsoever.
And if that’s not enough to help you through, try Square’s Seller Community. Square reps and experienced merchants alike weigh in on questions, so it’s a good way to get an answer you can’t find elsewhere on the web.
Five days later and still no reply from Square. This includes submitting a “Support Case” per their website’s instructions and calling them directly after finding a phone number (415-375-3176) on a complaint board. Buyer Beware: – Not for anyone with transactions over $1000. – Not for anyone manually entering credit card info (terrible rate). – And, apparently, the worst: NO CONTACT
While I’ve found Square to be very user friendly and innovative and have had no trouble having money depositied in my account, I have had disturbing problems with customer service. It is practically non exisitent. Beware of charge back disputes since customer service is a joke. It is donewith emails, often weeks in between correspondence, wiht no one who seems very knowlegable or who seems to care. Square sided with a customer who had no proof of his complaint. Square had little interest in my side of the story. I was appalled at how it treated me -their merchant.
The way that I paid for this amount of money was by receiving an Invoice that my contractor sent to ME, however, Square, Inc. is the actual company that Charged My Credit Card and is the Same Company that is Responsible For Transferring My Money To Whoever I Wish To Pay which In My Case Was NEVER DONE!
Square thinks they want to be the next PayPal so they will sign up anyone they can get their hands on. They will lock your account for any reason whatsoever. They will use any and all excuses possible to steal money from you. They dont know what your selling, they dont know what the transaction is for, regardless of the dollar amount, or your processing volume, these scumbags will lock you out of your money and disrupt your business.
Square’s lack of monthly charges makes it a perfect solution for individuals and businesses that don’t process many credit cards or that only process cards every now and then. Traditional credit card processors have monthly charges and usually a monthly minimum fee that makes them less competitive than Square for this merchant segment.
Square doesn’t get very high marks for the way it handles funding and deposits. The company deducts fees prior to deposits, which hinders cash flow, and it caps deposits for card-not-present businesses.
As mentioned, Square has an e-commerce API that developers can use to integrate it as a checkout solution for online purchases. It also has an API with TouchBistro (restaurants) and Zen (retailers) POS systems so that new clients can use the POS system they’ve already customized for their business but still get Square’s rates.
I have been using SquareUp in all my small business and have no problem at all. I am very happy with the 2.75% charges compare to what I was paying with all the charges around 4.65% and above. I have calculated very carefully what I was paying with Bank Of America, PNC merchant services. Even though there is no customer service to speak with I am happy to save money with no problem with deposits which I see in my account the very next morning.
Visit “squareup.com”:https://squareup.com/ for an itemized list of your transactions, broken down by date, tips, tax, and payment method. Click on any transaction to see associated metadata, including where and when it occurred and its processing fees.
Have had Square for more than one year. It just stopped working when I attempted to manually enter a card number. There is no support. Both the telephone number and web site are a joke only this is not funny. You cannot speak to anyone without a customer code obtained from the web site, but you cannot navigate the site to obtain the code.
I ask my customers if they would like a receipt. Most say no, so I skip the receipt. But when someone wants a receipt. I just email it to myself. As soon as I switch to from square to Safari ( with my email already open) it is there. I open it and print from my iPad. This takes less than 10 seconds to do. 🙂 All this is done with wifi ( I use the airport extreme from Apple for my router and I also have an Hp pro 8500a which supports AirPrint.
Square’s 2.75% is simple, but it’s really not competitive with a processor offering good interchange-based pricing. Businesses that should avoid Square and PayPal include businesses that are or will process medium to high volumes, businesses that process large transaction dollar amounts, and businesses that process card-not-present transactions. Businesses that key-in transactions instead of swiping cards should stay far away from Square. 3.50% plus a $0.15 isn’t even close to competitive for card-not-present transactions.
If you have a PayPal business account you can get a cash back debit card that draws directly off of your PayPal balance and will allow you to access the money at an ATM. Also, Paypal transfers funds to my bank the next business day after my first transfer.
I have been using Square for about 3 years, no problems. I run a tax and accounting office along with a café and general office services. My transactions run at various costs, from $1 to $800 or more at times, it varies. They just questioned one of my client’s transactions, asked me for details, my business information along with a current invoice. I sent them everything and they still cancelled me without warning. I opened up a square account for my café with total separate transactions and 5 days from my office, they cancelled my café account without warning! I’m so irritated with them, and I just bought the Square Stand in which I love! I wish we could do class action lawsuit against them.
Then they state that “Due to unusual or high risk activity associated with your account, your outstanding Square balance will be reserved for up to 180 days (but no less than 90 days), unless circumstances require that we extend this reserve period. If you do not want us to reserve your funds, you may refund the payment back to the cardholder account.”
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Great article. I am an author and use Square as my POS at book signings. I currently use the base version of Ecwid for my online store but am looking for something that will allow me to sell my e-books as well. You have to step up to the next level in Ecwid to sell e-books. I have never done this before but looking at Square I can’t tell if I can sell e-books or not. Any suggestions? Not necessarily against paying for the service but I am a new author and will have to sell a few more books before I can start spending a whole lot! : )
No monthly fee: The Square is free to download and you can receive the Square reader at no charge. The only fees you pay are the per transaction fees as you make them. If you have a month with no transactions, you pay nothing for the service. This may be helpful for new businesses that need to watch their costs. Square doesn’t require monthly processing fees or gateway fees. They also don’t have any termination fees or require you to meet a specific monthly quota.

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