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Available in a plenty of colors that will satisfy all tastes, from Rose Gold (above) to Emerald Illusions, to Love Tree, to Rough Sea. The case is Prime-eligible, and it means you can get it shipped for free in the US. ⇢ Amazon – $13.99.
Lazy bed desktop car mount phone holder. Watch movies / videos, Listen music on the bed without holding your phone or tablet! Flexible arm for different angle and distance. Base: can be stretched to 8…
As with standard-size tripods and travel tripods, we considered both the legs and the mounting method for smartphone tripods. The legs must be sturdy and capable of stably supporting the weight of the camera, while the mount must hold the camera securely while still allowing positional adjustments. We gave extra credit to smartphone mounts that can work on their own as a makeshift stand.
5.0 out of 5 starsNone of the above affect the functionality of the stand itself and I myself am not too bothered with the imperfections but if you must have everything perfect, you may need to contact the seller
Install your iPad to the stand in either Portrait or Landscape. Compatible with iPad 2/3/4/Air/Air 2/Pro 9.7″ (Not compatible with iPad Pro 12.9). Adjustable structure allows for freely tilting your i…
I absolutely love my lap log. I used it all the time on the bed and when sitting on the couch to either read or watch movies on my ipad. Love the fact due to the shape of the pillow I can change the viewing angle to whatever suits me best.
“Thought Out Simplex” excels in providing optimal viewing angle and needed stability to hold your iPad. Primed with the high-grade aluminum, it has an enormously strong build-up. The hard baked finish reinforces both its design and strength.
Love the Smart Keyboard but wish it came as part of a case that covers the back of the iPad. As it is, I’m using an inexpensive case from ESR — the design of which lets me attach the keyboard when needed.
The stand itself is rather wide (~14″w x 12″h) but it is meant for holding books as well. Also the base is heavy so there is no fear of this stand tipping over. Depending on your aesthetic senses, the stand might not fit your overall decor – my wife refers to it as the eyeSore – but I love it for it’s practicality. I looked a while for other iPad stands but none of the current offerings offer the ability to view in bed and/or on a desk: most stands are primariy meant for desk viewing.
For portable use, it’s tough to beat Kanex’s Foldable iDevice Stand. Although this stand weighs less than an ounce and folds flat, it offers three angles and a surprisingly sturdy design. At the most extreme lean (63 degrees from horizontal), if you tap near the top of a full-size iPad’s screen (in portrait orientation), you get some wobble, but considering the stand’s size compared with an iPad’s height, that’s impressively stable. The Foldable iDevice Stand accommodates all but the thickest iPad cases, and it also works great with an iPhone for hands-free video watching or FaceTime calls—or with a Kindle or other e-reader.
Another great case from Logitech is the Logi Create protective folio case for the iPad Pro. Similar to the keyboard variant, this Create case offers all-around protection against bumps and scratches using svelte woven fabric styling and a sculpted shell that secured the iPad within a custom fitted casing. The Create folio case features an AnyAngle stand that uses a micro-hinge system to smoothly glide forwards and backwards to firmly position the iPad Pro at any viewing angle within a 60-degree radius much like a laptop hinge. The magnetized cover will put you iPad Pro to sleep when closed, and will wake it up when flipped open. The Logi Create case is available in black, blue, red and purple for $80.
Assembly was fairly easy. If you wish to install the caster wheels, I would advise to do that the very first thing since you will need to remove the base plate in order to install them. The only tools I needed were a pair of pliers for unscrewing the bolt on the screw in the base, and a hexagon bit for screwing the bolts onto the screws that hold in the castor wheels.
If you’ve ever thought, “I don’t like typing on this iPad screen—I wish I had a real keyboard,” there’s a good chance you’ll benefit from a keyboard case. You can dramatically increase your iPad productivity with real, tactile keys that let you type as quickly, and with nearly as few errors, as you can on your computer.1
Tablift stand for iPad is not like the above stands, it creates more luxuries feel whether you are sitting or sleeping. It is expensive but it worth. Use it when you are in cot, desk or any other surfaces. This is highly durable and constructed with four legs, which can be easily folded. You can carry it to wherever you go.
The NBRYTE tablet stand is the perfect stand if you like to watch movies on your iPad from your bed. This stand will allow you to use your tablet in bed or on the couch without any strain on your arms and neck. It is also ideal for any uneven surface. You can adjust the viewing position and see the screen even if you want to lay flat on your bed. If you are currently balancing your tablet on your body so you can watch TV in bed, you definitely need this tablet stand for a more comfortable viewing experience.
This holder intends you will not have to touch virtually any push button to correct the holder every time you happen to be utilising it. It does exclusively work for all tablet PC’s, and for e-readers and mobile phones as well.
Having a thick pillow on your lap could get toasty pretty quickly. Having to take periodic breaks from the heat defeats the purpose of having an iPad lap stand in the first place. It might be nice and cozy in the winter, but no one wants a pillow on their lap during a summer heat wave.

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