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After 16 hours researching Bluetooth audio technology and Bluetooth receivers, we spent dozens of hours using 10 portable models, and four additional hours conducting in-depth testing. If you want to add Bluetooth connectivity to your current wired headphones—either because your phone lacks a headphone jack or because you just want to be able to listen to audio without a direct wired connection to your phone, tablet, or computer—the BlueAnt Ribbon is the best choice for most people. It’s small and lightweight, it has easy-to-use controls along with battery life comparable to that of most Bluetooth headphones, and it offers sound quality close to that of a wired connection. It is also durable and designed to clip easily to your clothing, and it charges over a standard Micro-USB cable. —RMW
The iOrange-E Apple iPad Pro 9.7 Case with Bluetooth Keyboard costs only around $30 on Amazon, and I like that you can remove the keyboard from the folio-style case to place the iPad and keyboard at different heights. (In fact, you can’t keep the iPad in its stored position when typing—you must slide the keyboard toward your body to make room for the iPad-case section of the folio to sit on the base at an angle. This means the setup requires more lap space than other models.) However, while the keyboard case is fairly light, it’s still bulky, and though the keys are fine, iOrange-E has moved a number of standard keys into nonstandard locations, making the keyboard frustrating to type on.
For everyday use, most iPhone owners don’t need the level of protection a waterproof case provides. But for those people who do, the best such case for the iPhone 6 and 6s is the LifeProof Frē. (Read on for our pick for the iPhone 6 Plus and 6s Plus.)
Apple iPad & iPad 2 & iPad 3& iPad 4& iPad Mini. It can be mounted onto any desk, bed, chair and more. Flexible, Adjustable Tablet PC Stand Holder. Angle is adjustable to comfort you to have the best …
Update- during initial install, on this specific model with the round weighted base, be advised that to install casters, the process is time consuming. You need to remove the main bolt going thru the base that attaches to the upright post. To service the bolt, you should have 3/8″ deep well METRIC socket set. Also, a good pair of pliers. You have to remove the black painted cover over the weighted base. You then need a 3/8″ SAE deep well socket set to correctly righted the casters to the base. The hardware is a hodgepodge assortment of METRIC and SAE nuts. You MUST use supplied flat washers when tightening the main center bolt and the individual casters. ConsumerADVOCATE has recommendations that you use a torque wrench if you have one. You MUST tighten all hardware to 70′ Lbs to ensure that your casters and center post do not become loose. You don’t want your stand tipping over with your 1000.00 phone. Excessive torque will strip out the relatively cheap attachment hardware which is not good. The plastic adjustment collar with which you adjust the hight of the post is flimsy. Special note- some samples will arrive with a Allen type set screw threaded in on the end of the gooseneck extension. You will have to have a Allen wrench hex key assortment to handle this. No wrench is supplied for the set screw. Now, based on the complexity to assemble the round weighted base version with casters and DO IT CORRECTLY, I have downgraded to conditional three star. I bet many users have used generic plierrs to do the assembly only or hand tighten. This is a mistake. You must tighten sufficiently or your assembly will fail. IMPORTANT!- the plastic adjustable spring ratchet holder for smartphones is he’d together with tiny eyeglass type screws. I have noticed eventual fail on both samples of the small PHONE CRADLES. The larger iPad size cradles are more substantial. Again, potential for your iPhone plus to drop out of the cradle is significant and this increases with use. The weak link is the cradles. Replacement parts are NOT available. Support does not exist. The manufacturer is concealed and in China. After your 30 day warranty return is up, you are stuck. If you have a protective case, even a thin Apple leather case on your iPhone plus, the cradle lacks proper holding power. BOTTOM LINE- Buyer be aware of durability issues especially with cradle. The weighted base model requires substantial time to install casters.
Finally, if you keep your iPhone in a battery case—most of which have a Micro-USB port on the bottom for charging and syncing—the HiRise Deluxe includes a matching Micro-USB cable. Swap that in place of the Lightning cable, and you can dock your battery-case-equipped iPhone. The HiRise Deluxe is the most versatile and most thoughtfully designed dock you can find.
Another fan favorite, this Arkon stand has seen many similar alternatives hit the market, but we remember it from back in the day when it was one of a kind. Once again we have a light weight, highly adjustable easily packed up stand that supports phones and tablets alike. Grab your Arkon Folding Stand for $13.01 today.
Compatible Devices — Apple iPad Air/Apple iPhone 5S/Apple iPhone 6/Google Nexus 5/Samsung Galaxy S3/Samsung Galaxy S4/Samsung Galaxy S6/Samsung Galaxy Tab 4 Apple iPad 1/Apple iPad 3/Apple iPad Air/Apple iPad Mini/Apple iPhone 4/Apple iPhone 5S/Samsung Galaxy S3/Samsung Galaxy S4/Samsung Galaxy S5/Samsung Galaxy Tab 2/Sony Xperia Z Tablet Artisul D13, Ipad Pro
The Canopy features microsuction pads for holding an Apple Magic Keyboard (or other Bluetooth keyboard of choice) in place. You simply unsnap, unfurl, resnap and drop in your iPad Pro, and you’ve got a desktop that’ll easily turn heads.
Bamboosa’s Lap Log brings serious eco-friendliness to the table, being made of entirely natural materials with washable GOTS Certified 100 percent organic cotton twill fabric enclosure stuffed with naturally-grown buckwheat hulls, and a very attractive solid hardwood device support tray insert made of salvaged stock and coated with a non-toxic, natural stain. No plastic or polystyrene are used in the entirely U.S. made Lap Log’s construction. It’s even delivered in 100% recycled shipping materials (think paper tissue — not shrinkwrap!)
For instance, it will allow you to rotate your tablet to the preferred angle. You can use your device both in landscape and portrait mode—hands-free! And that’s not all, if you pair the tablet with a full-fledged Bluetooth keyboard, it will very much entertain you like a gorgeous desktop computer. And this is just the tip of the iceberg! Without making much ado, let’s dive right into scroll through the top 10.5-inch iPad Pro stands!
Note to Wacom users, I’m not sure how well the 16 inch would work on this thing but the Cintiq 13 HD Pro & MSP 13 inch work well. Another note, my MBA has no protective cover over it so I have no idea how one with a cover or plastic would sit on top of it.
While soft and comfortable like a pillow, it’s also sturdy enough to support a tablet or laptop. The pyramid shape allows you to wrest it on your stomach to work, and the fold-out space provides enough room for your keyboard.
The Snugg Ultra Slim 360 is appealing mainly for its bright colors and its price: At $50 to $60 on Amazon, it’s less than half the cost of our top pick. The case offers good protection, and the base has a nifty slot for storing an Apple Pencil. The keyboard has the full complement of keys in the right places, along with a row of iOS special-function keys. We also like that the main hinge can rotate left-right (so you can turn the iPad around and use the base as a stand, or fold the iPad flat against the keyboard for a bulky tablet mode), but the hinge is too loose—in our testing, the iPad often fell back during use. That’s a dealbreaker, along with keys that frequently wouldn’t register when we pressed them, and a 2.7-pound weight.
It’s not unlike Apple’s own Smart Cover for the iPad Pro, and even turns the device on/off when opened/closed; the difference is that the Origami has a rear flap that folds into four stand modes all of which offer an alternative viewing angle depending on your needs (typing, viewing etc). We like.
  The Security Gooseneck Floor Stand by CTA Digital is an impressive stand that is heavy duty and versatile enough to be used for anything from the office for presentations, to watching a film in bed at night, even if you are lying on your side. It is totally sturdy, solid, and holds the tablet securely.
As with all good cases, the NGP includes properly aligned openings for all ports and jacks, and the case’s full coverage doesn’t dampen the tactile clicking sensation of the phone’s buttons. You can also press those buttons without having to exert notably more pressure—this is important because even a little unpleasantness in a single action can add up to a lot of annoyance when you repeat that action dozens of times each day. And the openings for the headphone port and microphone (a 6-millimeter-diameter circle, narrowing to 4 mm) and for the Lightning port (13.5 mm wide and 6 mm across) offer plenty of room for most third-party plugs and connectors.
Enhanced with a solid shock-absorbing padding, the sleeve is available in five colors. Black, Gray & Orange, and Tropical Flowers are among them. There is also a size for iPad Pro 10.5. ⇢ Amazon – $14.99.
Also, while the PadPillow’s fabric cover can be removed from the internal foam shape and padding modules for laundering when it gets soiled (which it does; a reality that might factor into practical-minded users’ color choice), getting the foam out of the cover through a single zipper-closure aperture hidden under a flap at the back through which the inner foam can be removed is much easier said than done, and reinserting them after the cover is washed and dried even more so. It’s doable, but take your time to avoid damaging any if the PadPillow’s three component elements.
With most folio-type iPad cases, you don’t need to remove the tablet from the case in order to mount it on the PadPillow. Just flip the folio’s front cover flap up and over the PadPillow’s triangular peak.
It is easy to wash it if it happens to get a little dirt or other stains that stick stubbornly to clothing. A hidden zipper makes possible to remove the buckwheat which hull which is eco-friendly so that you can wash the cover. As mentioned earlier this pillow stand is very durable and gives the capability to view your iPad from different angles while doing other chores. You can is it while sitting on the couch, lying in bed, on the kitchen counters or at your desk.

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