“Is Square Com Safe Online”

but guess what, they now have access to your personal info and sensitive bank details that you are required to provide at the time of signing up – I am kicking myself for not reading up reviews on these bozos prior to signing up.
If you start out at under $1000/week it should not affect you. Make sure you get a receipt sent to them via square through text or email as well as sending them an email receipt for your own protection. You can always apply for a higher no hold limit once you have a history of no chargebacks etc for when you hit that $1000/week mark. Try it out ans see how it goes is my advise 🙂
4. Processing volume: Just like transaction size, more is riskier in terms of processing volume. And of course this risk is compounded when you have a high volume of large tickets. Again, no processing limits are disclosed for your individual Square account, but you can be sure Square’s software is keeping a close eye on you to make sure no unusual spikes indicative of fraud pop up. As long as you accurately describe your processing needs on your application and do not deviate from the norm, you should be fine. . 
Maybe. The Square app is free, and can be used on current smartphones and tablets, but if you need a mobile card reader or a want to use Square Stand POS or Square Register POS, you’ll need to pay for it. Square sells equipment for different needs.
What I’m trying to point out is that in this fast paced “New, Now, Next” world, how do you want your customers to perceive your company and its service? A short fused firecracker? or an eternal flame?
My account was placed in a “Review Status” after I completed a 26K single CC transaction. Square requested that I submit various financial data on two occasions this past week. I complied on the dates of the request. I have received NO follow-up emails or any communication from Square. I have sent ten emails to Square (non)Support of which not one has been answered. This is bordering on criminal.
Just wanted to leave a positive review amidst all the negative ones. For a small online business Square has been a good choice (although I have only recently worked with them). Their e-mail responses to my questions have been timely (within 2 days). I do not see a telephone option, however, as mentioned above when you contact their support people. Perhaps that has recently changed. Although Tom had his site up and running within an hour or so, it took me (not tech savvy) and my son many hours to figure out how to create an online site. My one complaint is that when a customer orders more than one of the same item, the shipping price does not increase. For example, if I charge $3 for shipping one item and someone orders 10, the shipping stays at $3. Although I inquired if there was a fix for this, the support people mentioned adding modifiers or price points, but not being tech savvy I could not figure out how to apply this to my situation. Do I make a long list for every single item [ i.e. 1 book, 2 books, etc and each with a different price?] That seems tedious and there is still that little box that allows the customer to increase the quantity without the shipping price increasing proportionately. Any suggestions?
This just happened to me! I can’t get a hold of anyone, no one is explaining to me why my account was deactivated and they’re holding my money. I am a self employed delivery man and one of my customers suggested I sign up with them to make things easier when it comes to payments with credit cards. I just used them once and they deactivated my account. Has anyone been able to get an answer from them.
Bought this for a craft fair and even though I didn’t get to use it, the set up was easy and instructions clear and very helpful. This card lets you make mock purchases to get the feel of how it works. I was a little intimidated by it at first but it truly is easy to use and I found it to be something I will look forward to using in the future. 4 stars because you can get it free. I bought it because the free one was going to get here too late.
After sending all of my proof and documents to my client that I accepted the charge back she finnaly understood and told me about this website!!!! After WEEKS of emailing square representative they FINLLY released her money, and 2 days later guess what…? THEY DEACTIVATED MY ACCOUNT WITH THEM!
My corporation was opened in 2001. Never had any complaint as we only charge after our service was finished and accepted by clients. I used Square for 2 years when I receive an email that they got a complaint. I found out from the amount who the client was and I called them. They never complained. They felt so bad that they sent a certified letter to Square and went to their bank to make sure the founds are released to Square. The founds were at Square. They could not reach anybody on the phone.I could not reach anybody on the phone. Nobody picks up the phones at Square. My clients sent a certified and notarized letter to Square to release the founds to me. Nothing happened. On 4/2012 Square wrote:”We are committed to responding by the next business day, so you will hear back from us soon. We take all matters regarding your funds very seriously, and with your cooperation we anticipate a quick resolution of your case. ” This was in the spring of 2012.After all these I received an email from Square that they cancel my account ” Your business is a prohibited business, as defined by Section 6 of the Square Seller Agreement. Therefore, Square cannot accept payments related to your business. ” I am a business analyst working with algorithms. What is prohibited on that? Our business has a 14 year A+ reputation. We pick up the phone when clients call, not like Square. Now 1/2015 I received back from Square the $300. Over two years of investigation needed for them to determine that the notarized letter of my client was original. This company SHOULD BE INVESTIGATE. They make you comfortable and they hit you when you do not expect. A business attorney advice us to close our bank account and open in a new bank as he was representing other clients where substantial amounts disappeared from their accounts. Be aware. A good business is not afraid to talk-to customers. Call them. You will see with your own eyes. There are other reputable companies providing the same services who pick up the phone. Do you really need the 100+ hours headache as I had, for no reason?
I consider this a terrible disservice to us followed by no resolution. In face we lost much more than this $500 due to you pulling the money out of our account with NO warning. You didn’t even hold the money in an escrow account pending resolution.
This place makes my day- this place is a simple deli place. They have a limited menu but, they use good products. They make the best turkey and cheese sandwich I ever had. I walk out the door and my meal always costs $6.02. The customer service is excellent and it’s fast. All the food is reasonably priced for pioneer square and generous portions. I will go back again and again and again.
However, the page to which it refers does not contain a code. There is no code, there is not a link or a sub page or anything there to provide a code. Not anywhere on the site. If you don’t believe me, I invite you to call the number on your own web site that you promote for them. Follow the instructions and enter the URL for the page on the Square web site that is supposed to provide the code. You will see that what I am telling you is true.
“Because Square Feedback is so streamlined, we’re feedback with each transaction rather than waiting for clientele to post a public review, “ said Peter Koshland, owner of Koshland Pharm: Custom Compounding Pharmacy in San Francisco.

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