“Is Square Good For Small Businesses Comparison”

Six weeks ago I also learned about PayPal, decided to give the Here reader a shot. I already have a PayPal account so just ordered the reader. The submission link takes me to a static error page claiming PayPal needs a little more information first and have sent me an email with details. Six weeks and counting and I have yet to receive any such email, nor have I received the card reader. I sent 2 support emails to PayPal and some lacky sent me back the FAQ for the card reader that details how to use it in the wild, but did NOT answer the question as to the broken static “need more info” page or where about my reader might be.
That is incorrect. PayPal Free business accounts have multiple user capability, each account is allowed up to 10 card readers for free with 10 users being able to access PayPal Here at the same time. The account must be set up as PayPal Payment Standard – (this is sign up process only Free – so everyone gets approved). the Each PayPal account also has direct bank deposit, but you must call Paypal business support to activate.
Beyond this oversight, your landlord should consider that Square will sometimes withhold a transaction because they perceive a risk of fraud. There is nothing that you can do to prevent this. I don’t know if that’s what happened here, but it’s a possibility.
I did not keep a record of the customer’s contact information nor the recipient’s contact information. This transaction was phoned in and likely was the purchase of a gift certificate….as the amount was a round number.
Given the transaction size, I would not wholeheartedly recommend any of the mobile-specific processors. I’d recommend that you sign up with either Helcim ($12 per month, no commitment, no minimums) or CDGcommerece ($10 per month, no commitment, no minimums). Both offer mobile processing capabilities. CDGcommerce currently has a promotion running that will give you 50% off the monthly fee ($5 instead of $10) for the life of the account if you sign up with promo code MERCHMAV. Check both out and see what you think.
This company do not know the business. They just know the software and use Chase for their processing. I just closed all my accounts with Chase, this shows how much i hate this company.. There should be civil case for this company.. But i forgot when you open an account you were agree that you will not be able part of that kind of action.. They are really smart!! Their holding cost me over $50K.
To some extent it will depend on your volume and your needs (whether you plan to use a shopping cart, payment buttons, payment pages, etc., and how your website will be set up). CDGcommerce is a good place to start. Also check out Payment Depot.
In my seven years of business, I have never had a chargeback until now – simply due to the fact that the credit card processing on the end of Square and the potential client ended up debiting the potential client’s account FOUR TIMES what I entered – over $12,000!!! Some wacky tehnical glitch! The potential client sent me a text message photo of these transactions and in turn I immedately contacted Square to rectify the situation. We were on a very tight planning timetable (i.e. less than 5 months for an $80K wedding), so I got to work immediately and after 4 days worth of work on their behalf they canceled the planning contract since the groom got freaked out and thought I was frauding them, even though his account was straightened out. They initiated a chargeback for the entire payment, even though they signed a contract with me and it stated my fees were non-refundable. I sent Square a copy of the signed contract and signed credit card authorization form for them to challenge on my behalf. I even allowed a partial refund since the contract was cancelled so quickly, even though the reason was completely out of my control.
You can bet I will be looking for a new credit card processing company. This is never going to happen again to me where I cannot even talk to someone. I am going to take to social media like others have suggested.
It doesn’t look like much from the outside, but this family owned place across from Big Rock takes pride in their food and customer service and the quality certainly shows in the deliciousness-your mouth will thank you.
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Not good for small businesses who depend on their funds to keep going. NO phone support available once you are deactivated and there is no warning or explanation for deactivation. Funds are held for 90 days. Just stay away from Square.
I just spent two days writing back forth with someone called “Terence” that has cut off my account because I asked how I could stop my SquareUp account. Talk about passive aggressive. “Terence” has done more damage to his company than any little square white cube could do to itself.
I am a contractor (tile installer) Subcontracted a job, customer paid with credit card used squareup.com machine did not plugged in all the way so it didnt work, tried entering manually, ended up paying $35 extra.. It doesnt say anywhere on the box that they charge extra for manual transactions. On the top of that have to wait for a month before i get my rest of the money…. What am i suppose tell the guys that did the work…. YOu have to wait until i get paid. NO CUSTOMER SERVICE., NO PROPER EXPLANATION OF THEIR RULES. tHATE THAT COMPANY.. PEOPLE USE PAYPAL, USE THEIR MACHINE WITH PAYPAL ACCOUNT SAMETHING., AND THEIR FEE IS SMALLER. NEVER AGAIN DEALING WITH THEM. HOPE TO GET MY REST OF THE MONEY ON APRIL 12, 2013.
*I can give you many cases all day long, They are one card processing company you should not try or even trust. Their application is very faulty and confusing and complex to even a computer nerd; such as myself. If I can’t readily find the customer invoices or sales with simplicity or make shipping labels/ or other invoice receipts with ease, than doesn’t this defeat the purpose of its entirety?
Honestly the best part about this little shopping mall was the air conditioning. Many of the stores (like 3d me) are on Duval Street. There was nothing special. If it was raining this would be a good place to go to get out of the rain.
A customer didn’t like the we wanted to charge for a service call, so when we left without doing the reapair work, the customer wanted a refund for services rendered (the intial install). I filled out all the paper work included the signed contract and show that we completed the work as per our contract and Square gave them a full refund of 1800. with no way for us to get our product back and after the terms of contract where fullfilled. I can not even find a phone number or anything besides an email. Even then they say respond with answering the dispute email by filling out the form, Which I already filled out. You get 2 options with a dispute 1 just aurthorize them to take the money or 2 file their paper work, which I did in clude the signed contract with our policies. thinking we where in the right having fulled ou part of the contract and the customer not fullfill theirs! Nope! square gave them every penny back, even when it states on our contract that they will not receive the labor back. This company is a joke we are one of 300 dealerships in the USA and I will let them all know what this company has done to us with no reguard to our contract.
Wow I should have read these first! They are holding over 20,000 and I can’t get ahold of anyone! Has anyone s lawyer been able to do anything? This is definitely fraud. Can the fbi actually do anything? Help!
Do not use Square (a/k/a) SquareUp period they are not the actual credit card processing company they wish you to believe Square is an Aggregator. I classify them in the same category as PayPal they’re out to make whatever it takes. Paymentech is the company that processes transactions for Square, and JP Morgan Chase is the company’s acquiring bank (also called a member bank). Go directly to Paymentech and sign up with them here is their link https://www.chasepaymentech.com/ .
I have been in the retail automobile business for 35 years and never encountered the utter nonsense that those clowns perpetrated upon my company. it almost cost me my job. The held up 69k for three vehicles for 30 days. I was under intense pressure to get the money. They deactivated my account refused to speak to me, said my only way to communicate with them is by email but never responded. We finally received our money but Square is anathema to me now. The biggest joke of all was after we received our money yesterday I received an email from a woman telling me my account has been permanently deactivated which is hysterical if they ever thought I would do business with such an unscrupulous company again. I closed my reply to that womans email with ” I feel sorry for you to be working for such a bunch of thieves go be a stripper it has more dignity.” With my apologies to strippers.
Processed a large cash sale for multiple “Items” and “Options” with PayPalHere. No record of what items and options were chosen exists or is accessible. I have to call the customer to ask them what they ordered, because PayPal doesn’t record this information for Cash sales. Useless.
Lastly, they also have cash and gift cards for all members who are contacted to finish special surveys which are not sent to all members that fit the demographics via email, but only to selected individuals. These pay really well so try to pay attention to these possible invitations.
Square appointments is going from bad to worse their time zones is all messed up causing double booking. It has been a month that I have reported, on March 13 the online booking calendar changes from PST to PDT not only is it causing my clients to book an appointment and then it shows on my dash broad as an hr earlier. pulse recurring appointment aren’t showing as booked causing double booking.
Muy mala atención al cliente, he tratado de comunicarme por teléfono y me piden un código el cual no puedo obtener de ninguna forma posible, también he enviado varios email y no he recibido ninguna respuesta. Estoy tratando de aclarar una transacción y no hay modo de que algún representante se comunique conmigo, increíble !!!
Meaning the small businesses, they are out to get, as if there wasn’t enough money to go around. I am not a conspiracy theorist, but a REALIST. Get your customers familiar with you and build a good report with them, get them to send you MONEY ORDERS. This way they don’t have their hand in your pocket, and you aren’t reliant on Criminals. I have talked to high up supervisors of some of these companies, I have an article on how you can sue them, if you ever need it, because there are thousands who are getting scammed, but you don’t hear it much. PayPal was just taken to class action lawsuit recently and it will happen again, these companies often are getting caught up for their scams, but have so much of other peoples money in the game, as they are Subsidiary to one another. Meaning they are part with the banks, mini banks that like to gain power and control, by allowing everyone to use their services, but again, if you aren’t connected to the giant Leviathan called CORPORATION, you will never make it in this game. They are the beast system.
I am a new “user,” which is basically a misnomer as I cannot get this DA….. thing to work on my phone after DAYS of trying. After calling US Cellular 3 times (*they tried everything and also can’t help me) there is NO HELP – NO LIVE PERSON at this company called “square” to talk to. I even sent a text to them via my phone and ZERO. NO FOLLOW-UP. NADA! Do you guys really exist?
My first problem was their lack of notification that processing would be locked up until an unannounced update was installed. Second problem was my inability to give credit to a customer who had accidentally been double billed. They could/would not tell me why a credit was impossible. I had to get the customer to call their bank and start a dispute. The customer’s bank representative was who explained the process to me!
With 30 stores set to open by the end of 2015, Philz Coffee in San Francisco knows how important customer service is. People want to come in, place their order, and be on their way, chief executive Jacob Jaber explained, describing how Square has helped him achieve this objective.
They have done major damage to me and I’m now going through an investigation with the Attorney General and the local sheriffs department for fraud because my clients funds were involved. I’m looking at jail time over this and I’m a single mother of a 7 year old daughter. My life has been turned upside down because I’ve tried everything known to get Square to give my money back. It’s a no win situation for me unless I want to go into a class action, which I would but I’ve only had 3 people interested. This is the worse thing I have ever been through in my life. No one, AGs office, BBB or the police believe this is happening to us.
Roll over stars, then click to rate. Tap stars to rate 1 star: Bad – unacceptable experience, unreasonable and rude conduct. 2 stars: Poor – an inadequate experience with a lot of friction. 3 stars: Average – acceptable experience but with some friction. 4 stars: Great – decent treatment and very little friction. 5 stars: Excellent – no reservations, I would recommend this company to anyone.
Here’s the kicker. I received my reimbursement check today along with a letter from Square stating that they had investigated the matter and found that the square system was NOT compromised and that Square was NOT responsible to refund my money but they were refunding it anyway. I’m wondering if it was a Square employee involved with this scam. Anyway this is what happened to me starting Oct 22, 2015′.
That same exact thing has happened to us. Three times we have changed our debit card believing that was the problem only to realize Square has our bank account number as well as the routing number. Those two things are all that’s needed for over seas fraud. A direct line into our account.
I was referred to Square by a professional business owner. He told me how square was better than all of the merchant services that he’d previously used. I planned on using square for personal use to sell items that I make (jewelry, clothing, etc) or items that I bought previously that I no longer found use for. I figured it would be a time saver and safer then someone giving me a bunch of cash. I dont not operate under a business which I clearly explained to a representative of square who stated that it is not a problem. I did not use the service until about a year after signing up. my first payment was for 1900. the card was entered in manually, etc. That night I got an email stating that there were suspicious transactions on my account and that I needed to verify my account (completely understandable since I hadn’t used it since signing up). Upon verifying, I noticed that they wanted me to sign in using my facebook account, upload legal documentation, and invoices, etc. Like I stated earlier, I dont work under a business and was just using the service for personal use. I called a representative again and was told to upload my drivers licence and an invoice which I promtly did. The invoice had all of the information necessary to verify that the payment was legit. 24hours later I get an email stating that my account was being deactivated because I was “high risk” and I had to wait 90 days to recieve my payment. I called the rep again to ask what was going on/ why was I determined be “high risk”, but she had no answers. She instead became very rude and said “Is this it because I have to hang up on you to keep the lines clear”… I asked about the refund policy and she spoke to me like I am incompetent saying “if you use your mouse and click on refund…” … … … any way… Their customer service is horrible and so is their process to determine if you are “high risk”.
Anyone who is processing a substantial number of international transactions will find that payment processing solutions do not work equally well in all countries. If you would like to offer your customers alternatives, check out our story “Options for accepting overseas payments expand for small business.”

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