“Is Square Legit for Restaurants”

Our Take: Although this fine print seems too good to be true, look again at the per-swipe or key-in transaction rate. That interest rate covers a lot of territory, especially the risk that Square takes in accepting entrepreneurial spirits into its folds. In previous years, just about anyone could sign up for a Square Reader and an account. Now, Square at least asks for the last four digits of your Social Security number. In the fine print, you learn that you – as a Square user – may receive an unexpected visit from Square staff to make sure you’re legit if you own a brick-and-mortar establishment.
The POS terminal stand and contactless chip card reader costs $169 and can be used in place of other checkout systems. The contactless chip card reader is Square’s most advanced card reader. It can be plugged into your stand or connected wirelessly to your smartphone or tablet.
To my surprise they wanted me to send them so much documentation including my CHECKING ACCOUNT statements!!! unbelievable! I am not applying for a mortgage here, and I already did the $1 process that should have proven to them that the checking account is legit and exists. I sent SQUARE my IRS filing / EIN for the Business and the renters lease to prove to them that the transaction is payment from one of my renters and I get back a rejection and they are going to hold my $1900 for 90 days! really! they must be desperate to make extra interest income by holding my renter’s money for 90 days! NICE!!! This is crooked dealing.
If all sales will go into single account, then you can just use the employee feature to track individual stylists. In this case, you will have access to all of the sales data and things like inventory and reporting will be shared.
The POS app is designed for a wide variety of businesses, and includes digital receipts, customer feedback via receipt, and other features. After signing in to your specific store can use the app with more than one store), it opens with a simple grid that shows your products and/or product categories on the left-hand side and the sales receipt on the right. When you choose a product, a pop-up window lets you select size, quantity, and other item choices, taxes, and discounts (which can be selected by customer group, such as Friends & Family or Employee). Customers can pay by using cash, gift cards, credit/debit cads, or other methods such as Android Pay or Apple Pay. If the customer wants to split the bill (for example, use a gift card and cash), then a button at the top right-hand side that’s labeled “Split” lets you do that. Customers can also add a tip if they choose. Loyalty schemes are integrated into the software as well and can be associated with credit cards or phone numbers.
That’s pretty horrific. You are describing common credit card fraud, and it is more than against Square’s terms and conditions – it’s against the law. Processing your own card for cash would be enough for account termination. Processing someone else’s card without their knowledge, and it’s a matter for the police without a doubt. With any credit card machine or software, not just Square, the user can simply type in the card number to process the transaction. It sounds like someone stole your credit card and contact information to commit credit card fraud. If someone committed credit card fraud using your card information, you should contact your card company immediately.
Works well for me. I had one issue come up and after several times back and forth by email I got frustrated and asked them to call me. The customer service rep called me the following day and we resolved the issue in 5 minutes. And I now know how to avoid that issue in the future.
I also just saw that Richard Branson is part of this company. I am starting a complaint chain to him and all of the other investors in this company. Use your social media contacts on Twitter and Facebook to pass on the information to boycott these companies until Sqaure Square up!
A mex transaction assosiated with my account from January. I called my customer and he told me that he did not initiate any charge back with Amex. I need to find out if anyone has any legal leads to attemp to recover any part of my money. Thanks
I must agree I have had a positive experience as we’ll with square. I have been up and running since July and have ran close to $50k in credit cards with no issues other than a few issues with iPads having to be rebooted.
Thought this product would be a very convenient way to process transactions wirelessly as well as a great back up payment method should there be an issue with our main merchant account.On August 29th in the greater Vancouver area we had major windstorms knocking out the power in our area. I thought it was great that I could still process transactions for my business although the power was out and our interact machine was not working and had clients in the business that received services and were required to pay prior to leaving.I processed about $3000 in transactions which is not a lot for our store but enough to be an issue if we do not receive those funds.I received an email from square saying they were not going to send me the funds and I would have to send them a photo ID (which I did), 3 bank statements (which I did), website, Linkedin profile etc etcDid everything they asked for and then just received a letter saying they are deactivating my account as they suspect that the transactions or activity is fraudulent? Which is weird as no transactions were manually keyed in, all were with a card. Some of the people we processed are square users as well and square had their previous info on file. I also supplied a detailed letter as to why I had to use my square reader in the first place. They are holding all funds hostage for 90 days without interest and deactivated my account?I would definitely try another payment reader before using square. The cherry on top is I got a letter with a note on the bottom saying. “Oh and all decisions are finale!” lol
Finally after looking online, and coming across many people in similar situations I figured out that they will not give ANY phone support to anyone without an active account, they will not talk to you call you back or respond to any questions. I also came across HUNDREDS of people with the same story as me.. All upset and left without their hard earned money!
According to the above article, Square’s Sales and Marketing tactics receive the highest marks. For example; I just today saw another Square advertisement on Facebook. Thats wonderful for the company, but think about this, McDonalds is also the best in Sales and Marketing, but how do you rate their product?
Intuit answered the phone after the second ring and after pushing a button or two, I was talking to a real person. They verified they had phone support and after I explained what was going on with square, they seemed surprised something so simple wasn’t possible to resolve.
Update: I made a mistake, it turned out that entered the amount as cash, not as a credit card. They never received the payment. My complaint is still no customer service, it took 4hrs and another set of eyes to discover my mistake. When they did response to my original help request it was three days later. I entered in the payment amount again the day I discovered my mistake and received the money the next day. This whole cycle could have been addressed in a short amount of even with a rapid email response. I wouldn’t be eating crow at this time and time wasted.
This was done in middle of the pending transaction, documents where sent in, however this is the company business practices. PayPal will do your account verification prior to approval of the account,not during a.pending transaction. The cause hardship on both merchants and the customer and Square holds customer funds 90-120 days and longer in most cases without merit. No fraud activity whatsoever. Please take this as a warning for your business and your customers.
Nothing could be worse than Square. Very often — like over half the time — Square reports that I’ve received a payment and then, a few days later, refunds the money to the sender because “there was a problem” — with no explanation of what the problem is. I know it’s not lack of funds, because I’ve tried making payments to myself from accounts that I know are good, and the same thing happens. It is impossible to get any kind of explanation from Square about why some payments survive and others are reversed. Meanwhile, I am in the position of telling people I’ve received their money — and then, two days later, having to ask them to try paying again. The frustration I’ve experienced, and the incredible amount of time I’ve been forced to waste, and Square’s total non-responsiveness, add up to the strongest possible recommendation to stay as far away from these people as you possibly can.
I would also post your dissatisfaction directly to their Facebook page as they don’t check postings very often. I know that I have saved several people from being scammed by Square by posting to Twitter and Facebook.
The rest of the complaints about Square are a jumble. Some have issues with transferring funds via Square cash. Others are getting emails when they don’t want them or don’t have a Square account. The other noteworthy complaints about Square I’ve pulled from comments by merchants who do like the service:
Low prices: The basic Square card reader is free if you order it online. If you buy it at a retail store, it costs $10, but Square reimburses the $10 to your designated account after activation. You can add other devices for separate fees. We discuss them in the pricing section below.
The BBB should be ashamed giving this company an a rating. Zero customer service. This is one of the most fraudulent companies I have ever come across. They can just take your money and never talk to you. It tells me a lot about the laws in the cc industry and about how little a BBB rating means.
I did have issues with a reader. I got a stupid response by using their Facebook Page. At least there they read the comment, complaint, b**ch. Which often just refers you back to the dumbest help pages on the planet.
Don’t get me wrong. I’d love to see these harmful protocols done away with. But unless the entire user agreement is to be dismissed we also have to consider that users have waived their rights to class-action suits by agreeing to use the service, as outlined in section 51.
That said, merchant accounts typically offer you better rates than Square will. The bigger volume you do, the better rate you’ll get. (Square does offer volume discounts, but it’s a fairly recent development and not well advertised at all.)
I received an email receipt of FRAUDULENT charges on my credit card by one of their businesses, that does not exist. No customer service? This company needs to be shutdown!!! They are taking alot of money from merchants and customers!!!! Why is this company allowed to continue???? I’m appalled.

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