“Is Square Really Free Online”

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One other issue with Square’s “We won’t tell you where you screwed up” policy is that their legal page is amazingly long and complicated, and leaves several areas either open to interpretation (by Square) or nearly contradictory. For example, you cannot use the service for a variety of products or services that Square does not like, even if they are legal in your area, if they might be illegal at a Federal level (medical marijuana comes to mind.) In addition, for firms where the client deposits fees that are paid to a third party (court fees, government fees, etc.) the firm may be exposed to a setoff or chargeback with very little time to respond. (Cf. “15b. Right of Setoff
If a payment is canceled, interrupted, or declined, your customer may see a pending charge on their card statement. It may look like the charge has posted to their account, but it should fall off after a few business days. Square sends a void notification to the bank as soon as a payment becomes voided. It’s then up to the bank to release any hold on the cardholder’s funds.
It is IMPOSSIBLE to get a human response for the simplest question! I like the service being an infrequent user but when you need a simple question answered it is ridiculously impossible. I do not need to wait 24 hours for an email to answer why I cannot access my account and take a payment! Convenient or not there is competition in the marketplace. This will cause massive customer shifts if you do not get this customer service problem fixed ASAP!!
Did no one read the terms and conditions until after they signed up? They have restrictions until you are a proven business. If you can not read and understand they might hold your funds at the beginning if anything seems questionable and to confirm you are a legitimate business, maybe they have a great reason for holding your funds. Maybe you are not legit and they are protecting others. Read the terms. It says it in black and white. Don’t sign up and not read, then get upset because they are holding funds. This only makes you look like a moron. Everyone that is posting they are holding your funds should have expected it, because that is exactly what the terms stated when you signed up.
Square is one of the most popular brands for iPhone credit card processing. It charges no monthly or annual fees and has one flat-rate processing cost for all swiped transactions. This processor also has a quick, simple application process. 
My wife has a cleaning business and on weekends sells jewelry, scarves and purses at craft shows. We have used Square for a couple of years now. At first the money did not get deposited and we sent an email. I had not properly linked up our bank account to Square. Once I took care of that little detail, every penny we had coming was deposited into our account. We did two craft shows this past weekend, Saturday and Sunday. I checked today, Tuesday, and all of the charges made had been deposited. We ran some cards through and keyed some in. All were deposited. The only problem we have ever had is the reader sometimes doesn’t work so well. The original one always worked great but the second one came from Wal Mart and that one sometimes is stubborn. Count us lucky or blessed but Square has been working great for us.
This is my 2nd review. For a business of our size and kind (sitdown/takeout restaurant, average ticket ~20.00, ~1k card sales/day) the Square solution works perfect. We switched from another P.O.S. system and will never look back. Customer support has been outstanding, including live training sessions on new features. Their Square Capital option works flawlessly as well. So, to the people who use Square to run large transactions, it might not be the best fit. But just because someone selects the improper tool does not make Square the problem.
I will never do business with Square again. In fact, at this point I will do whatever it takes to make sure no one does. Sure, it’s convenient, but there are other companies offering the same convenience and they couldn’t possibly have the utterly dismal customer service that Square has.
This company blows. They offer no protection for it’s sellers, despite the fact, that it’s the sellers that pay their bills. I had a customer who used his mothers credit card to make a purchase. Mother claims fraud. Kid got to keep the product and mommy got her money back.
Our company has been using Square since its inception. We initially had a problem with the $2K limit on sales but Square’s Customer Support department responded immediately to my request for assistance and negated that limitation since the majority of our customers are not present at the time of the Square transaction.
Same problem here. holding 1000 of my dollars for WHAT? idk, My customer paid ME with this and they get the money. mine was only a week ago but i got the email where they wanted all my info, some of which i dont mind but bank statements and things i will not send. i was able to refund my client but i reallllly hope he gets his refund as now i am personally responsible. DON’T USE THIS COMPANY!!!! who else can just take your money and get away with it, your right Mack!! im NEVER using them again and advising everyone i know to do the same.
Security experts say a 90-day hold on a potentially fraudulent account is within the norm. And Square has a right to be jumpy, says Marc Abbey, a managing partner at First Annapolis Consulting, which advises banks, payment networks and retailers. Abbey says Square takes risks on pop ups and food trucks — business that never would have been authorized to take credit cards.
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I agree 100% with you Jimmie. I’ve been using Square for about 2 years. Had a couple of issues such as going over my limit and having one shady guy file a chargeback. I could have avoided the chargeback by not accepting a c.c. payment over the phone. The guy was having a fit over the most minute of service charges and I had a bad feeling he was going to pull a Chg.Bck. I tried to have him fax me a declaration signed and witnessed of his approval of the final charges along with a picture id but he claimed he didn’t have access to a hotel fax? I should have just stuck to my guns and said no way–Get me the fax or it’s a no go. The over the limit issue was a transaction of over 2k done with a phone authorization. No big deal, Square said I had to fax them a copy of the bill and once they verified everything was legit, I had my funds within 90 days or so. They requested a bank statement to verify I was a legit business. No big deal, You live and learn. I love Square and wouldn’t go anywhere else. Their fee structure is a no brainer. I appreciate their commitment to fraud prevention and staying away from risky businesses. In the end, It means lower fees for everyone–It’s a win-win in my book!
Are there financial problems with Square? Something is going on with Square and we make talk to the proper authorities with the Federal Trade Commission & FDIC that oversee Square’s finacial operations.
@JoeTaxpayer Yeah, the support guy’s answer surprised me. In any case, though, knowing the difference is up to the person swiping the card. It’s not something to be cavalier about: squareup.com/help/en-us/article/5079-leading-merchant-practices – mbhunter Mar 12 ’13 at 3:09
Here is a link Square’s deposit policy. The only issue that I can possibly foresee, which have been reported by other similar merchants, is that you might experience holds simply because you are doing occasional large sales. Square has its own risk and fraud prevention policies, and it appears that they handle “unusual” transactions by placing holds and investigating them. Generally speaking, the merchant is given no indication as to how long the funds are going to be held. If the transaction is legitimate, they will get the money eventually. You will also want to make sure that you have customers opt-in for the email receipts so that you both have proof of the transaction.
I must agree I have had a positive experience as we’ll with square. I have been up and running since July and have ran close to $50k in credit cards with no issues other than a few issues with iPads having to be rebooted.
i have processed over $300,000 in the past 3 years being with square and NEVER had a chargeback and out of no where they terminated my accounts with no explanation whats so ever and now they are holding my money from 150 to 180 days please someone explain whats going on
Then yesterday I get a email that I need to verify my account and a customer who paid $2,600 into my my account via square. They are holding her funds back for the second time. 3 weeks ago this same customer paid me $4,500 had the same problem then except they tried to tell me it was a fraudulent transaction from Canada (were in Melb Australia) Aust bank and card.??? and this is a long term customer I have known for several years. At the same time another customer paid me about $1,700 hers was rolled into the same fraud. After many talks and getting info to them about these customers names add etc me supplying invoices (why) they after a week paid me many days later than they promised. So now same customer with the Canada fraudulent card. paid again and they want the same info back again. for someone they cleared 3 weeks ago. Tried today to clear up but it had to go to credit department With no return call coming from there. After reading these reviews for the first time. (Bloody idiot that I am) Once I can tolerate a mistake like that, but twice and to the same person again. Never she was humiliated having to identify herself and her credit details once to them, do I have to do this again. My customers are valuable assets to me. And Square is F—–ing them around and me as well. The penny has dropped reading these reviews. These sharks lend money to their clients for a healthy profit. Guess who,s funding the capital. Its all the customers that have have a $1,000 or two or more tied up in a 90 to a 365 day or more in transaction disputes. Or they making money like the banks with electronic transfers, holding the money for 3 days on the short term money market laundering. But Banks cant hold disputed funds they have to pay the recipient then sort out the problem. But not Square. watch out they are un contactable. don’t return phone calls or Emails, when they have your money. Unable to sort a problems but create them. Melb credit card in Canada give me a break. Where does that bull—t come from. Watch out. I’m getting out I think they may only be good for a coffee shop or anything under a hundred. But after reading these reviews they will get your money one day and keep it for a year or so. The ACCC will be hearing from me about Square. Back to the Bank for me they cost,but are predictable and reliable. and assume responsibility for what they do. I will hazard a guess this this is a low capital tech company. clawing there way up to being a wanna be bank with their customers illegally held funds. “WATCH OUT” !!!
On the other hand, ShopKeep‘s feature list goes well beyond what Square offers, and they allow you to choose your payment processor. They also allow you to change POS or change the processor independently. With Square, it’s an all or nothing situation. Perhaps the most substantial benefit with ShopKeep, beyond the features, is the potential for better account stability. Since you get to choose your own payment processor, you are less likely to experience funding holds or account terminations.
Absolutely the worst company in the world to do business with if you have an issue that is outside your control. Meaning, Square discontinued my service without any explanation. I have no idea why my account was permanently discontinued. I am a legal entity and have been in business for over 20 years. I switched to Square because of the mobility capabilities. All Square provided me was a copy of their terms sheet….I think they do this in case you decide to try and file a class action suit. Per the term sheet, you cannot be a part of this type of suit. Basically, per their terms sheet, you can’t take any action against them.
Thank you Susan, I am following your advice. I am beyond shocked how many people this is happening to. Square has permanently deactivated my account because more than 2 consumers used gift cards. They deactivated it on Thursday. I missed ALL SALES CHRISTMAS WEEKEND!!! I tried to withdraw my money but they are not letting me. Everyone is going to know about this. Class action lawsuit for sure.
Almost Every merchant account services company uses either Interchange Plus or Tiered Pricing (read more about this topic here). Where companies allow us to disclose pricing information, we show the deals that our secret shoppers were able to achieve. When companies offer both Interchange Plus and Tiered Pricing, we try to get a quote on both options.
What about tips? Square offers to add a percentage to my total- but some customers want to add a monetary amount and I feel awkward asking them to add it- does PayPal offer a place to add a tip like that?
That’s definitely what we want to do is inspire growth and ideas with analyzing these companies. Something marketers can come to as a guide for their own aspirations with whatever company they are with.
These theives will not release my $820.00. unless I provide a bunch of personal information to them, i.e. ID card 3 past bank statement, invoices, ect ect ect. and they claimed to only charge 2.75% per transaction, instead they charged me 3.5%. DO NOT USE THESE RIP OFFS!!!
I used Square for a bit back in 2011 with no issue but business closed. I recently opened another business and decided to go back with Square. After my first sale on the new account was taken, and I received an email that had me going
I am Pissed. I have been a square user for two years. I sold a part to a customer in another state. He got the part then desputed the payment. Square took the money out of my account. they asked for proof of the sale, the shipping and that the customer recived the part. I sent them EVERYTHING they asked for. Including copies of emails and text messeges the customer refuses to answer. NOW the wont wirte back, there is no nuber to get ahold of them. I can’t get any answeres to this or anything from them.1300.00 I am out and it put my bank account in the negetive and I am now getting fees from my bank for being over drawn. I am switching to Bank Of America’s card reader. 9.00 a month and only 1.6% on swipes. This is the worst customer service ever. I am thinking of getting an attorney and sueing the life out of them. I AM PISSED. DONT DO BUSINESS WITH SQUARE, THEY WILL RIP YOU OFF.
I just got my card reader in October. I own an auto repair business. I rarely get asked to take credit cards and deal in checks or cash. I thought Square would fit my business well. I had a customer who did not have the money available to pay me and wanted to put it on his credit card. I swiped the card and it did not work. I then ran his numbers through. The payment was accepted and I got and e-mail saying so. The amount was for $1808.51 and the amount of $1745.06 would be deposited in my account in the next 2 business days. I was very pleased. The next day as I was getting ready to leave for a weeks vacation I received an e-mail stating the my deposit would not be made for at least 90 days and that they considered my business as a high risk and I could no longer use my credit card reader. The bottom paragraph then stated they did not have to tell me why they consider me a risk. I have no phone number to call………….no phone support…….and they even resist my online attempts to reach them…….can this really be legal?
I tried them both and they both don’t have a good customer integration system Square has but not good you can’t look up an order by customer etc. I found Shopify POS for $9 a month with just about the same fees 2.7% customer integration is great the only disadvantage is if you have two location you can’t separate the inventory
I cannot see a way to contact you while logged in to Square (only see offers articles or community support). I manage a non-profit website where we would like to offer $50 tickets online for an event, but the outstanding transaction limit is $15,000, we will definitely go over that. How do I manage this? I really need the tickets to be offered online. Thanks!

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