We’ve used Square since it became available. Honestly, we’ve never had a single issue with it, other than occasional reboots of the system (which might not actually be a Square issue) or wearing out a card reader (which is free and they replace within a few days – and I learned to order multiples when reordering). So, for the better part of 4+ years…it’s been a boon for our business. We typically swipe 15K+ per month. We’ve never had a dispute, chargeback or funds hold. And our funds have always been promptly deposited. As for me….I’m a diehard Square supporter and recommend it freely and often.
I am a mobile nail technician and signed up for the Square to provide my clients with the convenience and ease of accepting credit card payments anytime and anywhere. I currently sell gift certificates for services but wanted to switch to selling gift cards to clients that can be purchased in any amount. I would like to know if I can use the Square to pre-load the gift cards when purchased with whatever amount the client chooses? I would also like to know if I would be charged a fee when the client redeems their gift card?
Don’t use square. We have been in business 20+ years and have accepted credit cards 10 yrs plus. I tried using square because I opened up a new location and thought it was easier since I’m always on the run. I have processed a few transaction cards present and not present, without issue. I accepted a larger sum and it was approved, then a few hours an email was sent stating it will be held for 90 days. We tried to find a number to call and a human to talk to, but to no avail. 60 days for a refund or 90 for payment, our customer has been very helpful with the situation and calling his bank to se if they could help or cancel the charge. Square already took his money and won’t refund for 60 days. I don’t know how we are going to make it 90 days since the payment pays for parts for his machine. Now I’m forced to come up with the funds… I got an email back that said their decision is final and there is no re considering. What a joke, it’s totally a scam. I understand a hold on the funds, but 90 days?????
Square is the most (and only?) name-recognized processor out there, with a full line of proprietary equipment that looks designed by Apple diehards: sleek and hip. While its services can accommodate more robust businesses, it’s especially attractive to newer, smaller merchants that may not have the credit history and assets to get started with other processors.
I don’t even have a Square account and they claim they are going to take money out of my account. You can’t even call the company and resolve the matter. I have tried to e-mail them also. I guess if money comes out of my account, I will be talking to a lawyer.
We went as far to tell square after providing all the information requested that we wanted to make sure all this information was private and confidential. They went in return contacted the customer and definitely put a hardship and possible cost us thousands of dollars of future work. This is inexcusable and square should be held reliable for their actions. Or should we say lack of actions. I cannot believe that a company that runs transactions cannot handle phone calls or even proper details to have these issues dealt with in a timely manner.
Did they fix the problem ? I am dealing with a similar issue, They have yet to deposit a single dime however from a 3650 charge. They claim they are going to deposit 2002.00 and the rest will be deposited on June 25th. I run a leasing business that charges peoples leases much like that of a Hotel stay for a weekend of week. In my case the renter will have stayed, rented, left. I refund 500.00 of their money as deposit as long as they dont mess up the beach house. I am now forced to pay the 500.00 out of my own pocket. Since I own this house and run this business to support my retirement I felt using Square was a secure method making my clients think they had security in using their credit card for a nice weekend or week stay on my beach house. I have tried to look thru all that I agreed to as I printed it down,, and you cant find this so called HOLD. Holding your money for 30 days, is fraud as far as I am concerned, the person whom you charged has been billed and WE have not been paid. I dont know what to do at this point. NO customer service I found the number called it but is merely voice activated BS no one ever answeres its a joke. I could never run a business like that and not be in jail.
Square really messed things up for me. They were not clear on the needing to swipe over 2000.00 and mind you I didn’t have a square reader after asking serveral times. I finally got 3 of them after putting through about 10000.00
Square is AMAZING, Use it for all our street fairs and craft shows and not a single problem. When we first started using them it would take a 3-4 days to get funds now if we are at a show on Saturday or Sunday we have the funds on Monday. Square is for the SMALL Businesses… If you can do charges over $1000 you don’t use Square that would be throwing money away.
HORRIBLE CUSTOMER SERVICE. If they decide not to release funds, they tell you they will get back to you within 24 hrs. B.S. They have my money, haven’t released it and it has been five days since this mess began. NO ONE EVER GETS BACK TO YOU and NO phone number!!!!
Realizing i had no chance to argue or fight these guys, i complied and forwarded them my information. After another week of emailing them over and over and over, i finally got a response yesterday (47 days from the transaction date). They sent me the below response:
My funds usually deposit Monday morning when a transaction is made on the weekends. This time no funds, I sent an email to the customer service support and received a reference number this morning and no reply. I think that was the last time I will ever use the square. Searching online now for another reader that has a live customer service contact number [otp_overlay]

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