“Is Square Safe To Use for Farmers Markets”

Among other gift cards you can get are: iTunes, Starbucks, Tango and all of its retailers, Walmart, Kmart, Home Depot, movie vouchers and restaurant gift cards. Moreover, you can also win cash in the sweepstakes entries, donate all your points to charity, or even get cash via check that arrives to your house. Finally, you can also get merchandise like home appliances and even fitness or sports equipment.
There is no phone number anywhere on the site to call, no cheap customer service people in India or Phillipines chat your problem away, and certainly no help on the most fundamental of all help topics: My Card Reader Does Not Work.
My only complaint is the reader is terrible at reading old cards, meaning I have to type in the card and pay the extra percentages, but those rates are still lower than I was paying for my old credit services.
What Square lacks in customer support, however, is its availability. While other mobile credit card processors have live support available 24/7, Square’s phone customer service team is only accessible Monday through Friday from 6 a.m. to 6 p.m. Pacific time. This means if you need help at night or on weekends, you won’t be able to reach a person when you need one.
There is not much public information available on the early traction of Square, but Jack Dorsey’s own personal profile (as Twitter cofounder) cannot be understated when it came to attracting early customers and investors. Dorsey created a list titled, “140 Reasons Why Square Will Fail”, which he distributed to potential investors of Square.  The list included counterpoints to each objection, which informed investors that he was prepared for any possible obstacle the new startup may face. “140 Reasons Why Square Will Fail” also served as a clever strategy to acquire new interest.
After the confirmation deposit in my bank I thought I was ready to accept cc payments only to find after my first transaction of $2,500.00 with a swiped cc they wanted to confirm again.This time with 2 (instead of one like the first time) small deposits into my bank. I’m still waiting for this to happen so I can collect my payment!
Square is a rip off!!! I am a small business that is very new. I started using square until I could get an actual merchant account. Square is currently holding over $3000.00 of my heard earned money even after I received an email stating my account would NOT have any limits or holds. In my own ignorance I ran $3000 in sales after being told there would be No holds or limits. Then the next day I received another email telling me that my funds are now be held for a minimum of 90 days. This is crippling my company. I am going to the attorney generals to file a claim. I’m also interested in a class action against square but not sure where to start. If any one else is interested or knows where to begin for a class action please reply below. By the looks of all the comments I’ve read on the Internet I’m sure there’s more than enough people to start one. Let’s stop this fraudulent activity!!! Even if they have any legitimate reason to hold our money, we should at least earn interest on our money!!! This is bs.
Well please provide the number you called because currently the only number they list as a point of contact requires a customer number, which you have to request via email! They literally make it nearly impossible to call them unless they allow you to.
They have been forcing me to provide extremely personal business information and personal information in order to get paid. I say extremely personal because they want multiple government issued IDs, copies of past invoices, my bank statements going back several months, and a lot more non-sense. I feel forced to give them whatever information they are asking for since they are holding up my funds ! I will obviously terminate any relationships with this nightmare company. Just going to use paypal from now on, like I have always done.
I accept that they have the right to terminate for any or no reason as that is in the user agreement. However, I do NOT accept that they can hold my money for 90 days without prior notice. There is nothing in the user agreement that mentions a holding period of 90 days for ANY reason, I have never had a chargeback and this is a repeat customer that has charged with them many times. Their theft of my money which I placed in good faith with them will result in a financial hardship for my relatively new company. It is unacceptable when I have done nothing wrong.
The reader is easy to use and seems ultra convenient…until you have a problem. Then you are screwed because you are on your own. There is no listed phone number for customer service and email response takes forever. had a card repeatedly decline, but charged my customer’s account every time. To resolve it, we had to have the customer’s bank refuse the charges. Completely horrible.
I loved square for 6 months. Then out of the blue they want me to verify my account so they can release my money. They have held it hostage for over a week because as much as you verify and even try to call you don’t get answers. When calling they want you to type in a customer code that doesn’t exist. Very frustrating, I hope I can find a more reliable company.
many people like electronic receipt which can be sent via SMS or e-mail. However i recommend that you get blank CC slips & and a imprinter for people that want paper receipt. You don’t need their signature twice, just put date of service & authorization number that can be found in the sales section of the app & in your email that comes right after sales. I use android phone with gmail & the email comes instantly. i hand over the customer the phone where they have option to add tip in %age amount & than let e know to enter either their SMS or email themselves as many people are scared of privacy. its not that hard just takes practice.
My mother has a bail bond service. She used square until square found out she was a bonding agent.Square told her that was not the type of business they wanted to be connected to. I thought money was money.

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