“Is Square Safe To Use for Small Businesses”

Merchant accounts are usually more complicated. You have to apply using a more detailed application that asks for personal information. You may also have to submit or authorize a credit report for yourself and your business. The application process is typically longer, and everything about you is triple checked. As a small business owner, the simplicity of Square may be more appealing to you. However, remember that if you have a suspicious transaction, you will probably get your account placed on hold almost instantly.
My mother has a bail bond service. She used square until square found out she was a bonding agent.Square told her that was not the type of business they wanted to be connected to. I thought money was money.
SQUARE now says there is NO recored of this transaction. I have a printout from my customers bank and it clearly shows the transactions. But the continued emails from square claim there was no such transaction. ALSO, I have to figure this out via email alone.
We believe credit card processing should be as easy and affordable as possible. That’s why we offer simple, clear pricing that includes everything you need to securely process credit cards at your business. Learn more about Square’s merchant services here.
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This exact thing happened to me last week and I sent email after email, after the sixth email I sent to them by that time I was very angry , I said I was gonna contact the better business bureau because I couldn’t even get into my account , not only did someone change my banking information they changed my email, this was just unacceptable , the costumer service is beyond ridiculous, why would we have to get this angry to hear back from someone. And to top it off when I did get in touch with someone she told be they would send my money within seven business days. Smh I’m taking my business elsewhere.
(1) Create an item category for each artist, then manually enter each item into inventory. Set the quantity to 1. When it comes time to pull the report, you can use Square’s Category Sales report to see /exactly/ which items by that artist sold. This is going to be time consuming, especially once you get started, but Square does have a bulk upload option. Once it’s up and running, it shouldn’t be too hard to maintain. But this will give you the most detailed information about what sold.
I have had problem with square since two years ago, no way of contacting them, they keep my money for says, now since 10 days ago did not deposit mt money I. My account and they are not contacting me either, I am all for suing them now
I should be able to do everything the same as your merchant through square. As it is (I use square), my customers can’t buy gift certificates, gift cards, memberships, product, or anything else on line… without me having a Vagaro’s merchant. Square has no limits on what I make per month, transactions are only 2.75% per swipe (no + .19) and no monthly fees. What makes your merchant more attractive? Please make it so we (your customers) can use whatever merchant we choose and still have the same benefits through your booking program.
I had dinner at a restaurant that uses Square Up and will no longer do business with them because Square Up shared my email address with them. I did not provide an email address when I bought my dinner and paid with my card. The next day I had an email from the restaurant asking me how I liked it – I didn’t because I did not share my address with them – Square Up did. I have been spreading this to my friends and warning them about using a credit card to pay for dinner at any establishment that uses Square Up to process payments – I did not give them permission to contact me this way and feel it is a breach of the anti-spam laws.
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