STAY AWAY FROM SQUARE!!!Just like most people have already said, Square is nothing short of a scam, don’t know some people can use it without any incident. We are an online business for 5.5 yrs and have been using PayPal Express/Standard almost exclusively with no incident. Opened Square to try something different and that was bad news. Opening account and taking credit card was a breeze; Getting the funds you collected to your bank account, well not so much. First they need to verify your bank account, which is fine. After a few days and a couple of transactions later, they send you an email asking about your business documents, invoices, your linkedin profile, how you advertise, external links like yelp, etc, etc. (why don’t you ask all of that before opening the account and let us take credit card payment?) Provided all of that and an hour later got the same automated email saying that they are deactivating my account (which means you will never be able to speak to anyone over the phone) since they found a pattern of high risk transactions (we sell babies’ cloth diapers and have processed TWO transactions using Square), hold my funds for 90 days and that is that. For a small business like us, not having access to our funds for 90 days can literally bankrupt you. I highly doubt that there is a human being actually looking at the individual business to decide whether it is high risk or not (so it does not matter what documents you are submitting). They seem to have a algorithm that does that and it is deeply flawed. My story is very similar, if not identical to lots of the comments here. What Square is doing is, IMO, criminal and they need to be held accountable. At the same time, my advice is to STAY AWAY from them !!!
Has anyone’s money ever been released or does anyone know how to get there money released? They’ve been holding my husband’s funds for almost 30 days now and stated that we have to wait for 90. He’s a mechanic and also sells cars, of course his transactions are going to be a bit on the high side. Even had the client attempting to contact square to verify proof of payment and so on… No customer service… This sucks.
In the meantime, the ‘client’ is nowhere to be found. My merchandise is still gone. We have moved on from Square to another service. Will NEVER use them again and will NEVER recommend them to any of our network businesses.
Although Square’s simple pricing may be attractive to a number of business owners, the company has one major contractual drawback that appears to be responsible for many of its online complaints. Square’s easy signup is made possible by omitting a thorough underwriting process. This means that Square’s primary means of protecting itself against fraud is to place sudden fund holds on large or suspicious transactions, often without providing any advance notice to merchants. This policy, which is the topic of hundreds of public complaints, is unfortunately part of the processing service that comes bundled with the Square Register.
—Have a screen where I, the merchant, can set up what my shopping cart/checkout screen will look like for the customer. Also, since this is an online business, make it so that my street address does not appear.
After reading some of the reviews, I was reluctant to sign up with Square. However, oneof the most respected craft brewerys, a fellow winery and Starbucks use of the product prompted me to reconsider and contact them. No more than fifteen minutes after my call, Kristi from Square called me and answered all of my questions with courtesy andeffeciency. She gave me her company phone number and said to call anytime I had aquestion. I am signing up tomorrow!
the only way to get your money back sooner is to file a dispute with the BBB. check out their complaint section. you will see square refunding those who they steal and hold money from. sometimes you have to take it to another level since square is too incompetent
It’s so disheartening to read this article and the subsequent comments. Our mobile and brick and mortar shop has used square since it’s first month in business and have never had any mentionable issues. We process thousands of dollars per week, we have had bugs but not any more than my computer updates or phone apps. We have never paid more than $250 in fees since we encourage cash and check payments too.The spreadsheets and options for accounting are really useful.I have always received fast response when contacting support.I recommend square daily,Gabrielle Krake
I believe it is possible. This will happen from a staff that has totally planned this through. He or she will come to work with a smartphone ready to do “damage”. All that needs to be done is switch the square reader.
eCommerce support: A free online store is a big advantage for new merchants, especially those who aren’t sure the cost of building their own would be justified, or those who just don’t have the upfront capital to invest. While in the long-term you are probably better off building your own, full-featured site, this is a great way for merchants to find their footing online. The best part is, now you can actually continue to process with Square when you move to your own website.
I have 4 restaurants and use square in all of them. Their customer service is pretty good. They are not perfect for restaurants but I have always figured out work around. Their deposits are timely and correct. I am wanting to start on line ordering and will try soon. I do wish I had a sales rep so they could help with some of the marketing tools. We just started there rewards program and so far good. I did just receive a email regarding them starting up a restaurant pos. Can’t wait should be amazing since their standard pos works well for me.
I think Flint and Square serve two very different purposes. In terms of how they handle accounts and transactions, and the features they offer, these companies have as many differences as similarities.
This company should be held accountable for not explaining why all these small business accounts are being deactivated with no explanation. I am the most honest person out there and do everything by the book. The account was closed and not one person in this company will tell me why. They have all my money and will not get it for 90 days. I am getting a lawyer and think everyone should do the same for how this goes down….treated like criminals with no explanation why. They cannot get away with this. I have never wanted to sue anyone in my life…but the embarrassment and making me feel like I have done something wrong is cruel…and my funds would have been nice for the kids at xmas. 🙁
I love square. For a small business like mine that does 99% of its business off line its perfect. Set up took some time for approvals but I was OK with that. I’ve also never had a problem with payments. I was a bit concerned that they use twitter for support but for the 2 minor problems I’ve had, it was fine. I was able to connect a printer barcode scanner and cash drawer and love that with a flip of a switch I can sell that item online with their market place or copy some side to my web site and sell it there. My only complaint is setting the shipping for the market. They say they are working on a shipping calculator so I can wait. There is no way I could get all the square offers for less money some where else. I am very grateful.
In my experience, your best bet in mobile processing to decrease the likelihood of holds is to use Flint Mobile. They don’t have all the features that Square offers, but they are more reliable. I can also tell you that Square has improved its system lately so I’m seeing fewer instances of funding holds, but it’s always a possibility. So if you don’t need all of the features offered by Square, I’d say go with Flint instead. You may also consider Spark Pay or PayPal Here.
I’d recommend you check out our Mobile Payments comparison chart to see the best options out there. Many of them offer phone-based customer service and no monthly fees. Square may be the most popular provider, but that definitely doesn’t make them the best! Thanks for reading.
This company is terrible! No phone support. I had $2000.00 tied up for almost 2 weeks, I had to issue a refund because I made a typo and the wrong email was applied. This could have been a quick fix; however, account services never contacted me! The email that was wrong they kept email that one! I told customer support to have them send it to a different email and this never happened. Don’t use square for large transactions. I used it for a smaller one and it went through just fine.
My daughter set up Square early in the year as an easy way to process pmts doing farmers markets and shows. The payments were small and were processed immediately. Our biggest season is during the holidays and we handle large volumes of money via credit cards through our customers out of state and therefore their cards are not present for processing. We didn’t run into problems until we started collecting invoices for over $2000 at a time and more than one in one week. Now they are holding over $17K and telling us we have to wait 30 days to get the money. We have suppliers who need to be paid now not 30 days from now and we don’t have the money to pay them because Square is holding it and won’t release. We gave them copies of invoices, bank statements and everything they needed to make sure we were a legitimate business and not just running cards manually to steal. Not being able to find a telephone number to call and speak with someone is totally frustrating and now after reading all the other complaints, I wish we had never signed up for Square. In order to keep the business afloat, I now have to figure out a way to find the $17K that Square is holding so I can pay my suppliers and stay in business til Square releases the money. Square really is a sham and thief. Now that I know where they are located out of, we will be contacting our States Atty General and the California Attorney General as well as anyone else I can get a hold of. You can’t trust anyone any more!!
I haven’t worked with anyone to set up this particular type of system, but it’s certainly doable. It will require some customization on your end though. If I were you I’d look at a company that closely resembles what you’re thinking of doing and use that as a starting template. You should seek qualified legal advice regarding how to set this up. Please note that this is not intended to be legal advice.
Hi, I am a nail tech, and after taking a clients payment, she later informed me that her reciept was sent to a friends phone who lives out of state. After asking tons of questions, she informed me that she has made square payments to this friend on a square reader previously. Also stated that this also happend when she made a payment to her hair stylist ( reciept going to out of state friend). How can this happen ?

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What I want to know is where are the funds? If I don’t have them, and my client doesn’t, then where are they? No customer service, and when you can finally get a response (only by being a bully) through email (ONLY – no phone calls). they’ll direct you to the website… So that you can read THEIR policy they are violating. Is this the way to conduct business in an age where everything goes vital in minutes??? Apparently. Don’t let them win. I’m posting in one forum per half hour until they release over $6k of mine they are holding onto for no valid reason. And believe me, there are plenty of them…
I promptly notified Square and the Credit Card company that a charge appeared fraudulent (and the card information was probably stolen) when the individual requesting a service insisted that when funds are cleared and received at my bank that part of the transaction is returned to the individual in cash. Square Up held funds and charged me over $175 for processing a charge that didn’t go through because I told them about the possible fraud. I felt it was my responsibility as a business owner to stop the transaction to protect the actual card holder and credit card company. I think Square doesn’t care about the public or it’s merchants. They only care about making money. How sad it is that Square is so morally bankrupt.
As a product offered by Square, Square Register is advertised in the same way that Square credit card processing is advertised. When it comes to transaction fees, contract terms, equipment costs, and add-on services, Square is exceptionally transparent. The company maintains a very simple pricing structure and does not bury hidden costs in a complicated contract. Its quoted pricing for Square Register hardware and software additions is clear.
Great review I just happen to fall on searching information on Square. We would probably need some customization and from your review regarding support I’m not sure if Square is a good fit. I’ll try to explain our scenario and maybe you can guide me in a product that could help us. We are selling an online/subscription service. Our sales reps goes to business meeting and after their presentation they need to collect customer’s information to create their account, along with payment. Since it is a subscription based product, does Square offer the possibility of vaulting the credit card info for re-occurring future payments? Will it provide a vaulted ID for our sales reps to associate with the account information they have collected? After the meetings, sales reps brings in the account information for our customer service reps to create the account in the system. Our current issue is that all solutions we have looked at, there is no way to associate the payment information with the specific account once created. Any advice?
I am the owner of a small kids yoga business and apparently checking out credit card payment options. I am at the start of my business. Depending on student enrollments, single transaction would be around 100$. I have a Galaxy S4. What system would you recommend?
I had a craft show last Saturday and was not able to complete all my transactions online due to the room I was in. Someone suggested working offline to check out my customers. I had 11 transactions but only 3 appear on my register. It is now Monday and I don’t want to loose the information from my sales. I am trying to contact Customer Service but am not having good luck getting through. Does anyone know what I should do to save these transactions so they will appear on my register?

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