When you issue a refund, Square first looks to your Square balance to cover the refund amount. If there are insufficient funds within your balance, Square withdraws the amount that you were paid (the sale amount minus the initial payment fee) from your bank account and then credits it back to your customer’s card.
Thought this product would be a very convenient way to process transactions wirelessly as well as a great back up payment method should there be an issue with our main merchant account.On August 29th in the greater Vancouver area we had major windstorms knocking out the power in our area. I thought it was great that I could still process transactions for my business although the power was out and our interact machine was not working and had clients in the business that received services and were required to pay prior to leaving.I processed about $3000 in transactions which is not a lot for our store but enough to be an issue if we do not receive those funds.I received an email from square saying they were not going to send me the funds and I would have to send them a photo ID (which I did), 3 bank statements (which I did), website, Linkedin profile etc etcDid everything they asked for and then just received a letter saying they are deactivating my account as they suspect that the transactions or activity is fraudulent? Which is weird as no transactions were manually keyed in, all were with a card. Some of the people we processed are square users as well and square had their previous info on file. I also supplied a detailed letter as to why I had to use my square reader in the first place. They are holding all funds hostage for 90 days without interest and deactivated my account?I would definitely try another payment reader before using square. The cherry on top is I got a letter with a note on the bottom saying. “Oh and all decisions are finale!” lol
Square does have an online selling option, but for your purposes I would actually recommend Flint. You can add customized payment buttons, and users will not even have to leave your site to pay. You can also use payment pages hosted by Flint if you prefer. I think that you’ll find their online tools better suited to your needs than Square’s, plus you’ll likely end up saving money overall. Check them out.
—In the above example, I also found on a couple of occasions that if I hit the “back” button on my browser, in order to get out of the page, it would sign me out of the system and take me right back to the sign-in screen. Then I had to sign in all over again, and encountered the sign-in problems again (see above).
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this app is just trash I open my new account I and use for first time I charge $1510.10 and they pull the money right away from my customer then I receive email they can’t deposit my money be cause some issues with my account I sent my business license and customer info and same thing I don’t receive my money yet they gonna return the money to my customer but I don’t know yet when is bullshit
For instance, if you paid $600 in rent via Square on a debit card, your landlord loses $16.50 in fees. If they processed the transaction directly from your checking account via a service like Dwolla, the fee would only be $0.25! That’s about $200 annually that they are overpaying just to collect $600 monthly. The more they accept, the more they overpay. At $1200 monthly is would be an overpayment of nearly $400 annually for your landlord.
“>Learn More.

Their holding our money as well. $2154. Should we call the buyer (State of Alaska) and tell them to dispute the transaction? Perhaps they would issue us a check instead and then fight the transaction. I believe the credit card company (US BANK) should not hold the consumer liable for fraudulent charges, therefore the state should be able to get their money back. Is this a good approach?
If it sounds too good… A company that collects the funds from the card companies, but fails to send them on to the intended recipients for days or weeks… Hmmm, I wonder what they could be doing with your funds. Perhaps making a profit with your money as your business languishes. I had a couple of high dollar transactions and I can’t get my money. They no longer have a phone service number, so I am completely at their mercy.Being a legitimate business I prefer to do business with other, legitimate companies. In my mind Square has unethical business practices, poorly disclosed policies that financially benefit them to your detriment. As soon as I get paid, if I get paid, I am ending my relationship with them. I would encourage others to not to get sucked into this honey trap.
Virtual terminal: Use this browser-based tool to enter in credit card payments from any internet-connected device with a web browser. No cell phone or tablet required. The fact that the virtual terminal is free beyond the processing costs is actually astounding. You can even store card data in the virtual terminal to re-charge customers without making them re-submit payment information.
This is a warning to anyone and everyone that is using square or considering using square for merchant services. Please be advised that square is holding $12,000 for transactions that were done in the normal course of our daily business. We processed a transaction for $12,000, the client picked up their merchandise and signed for the merchandise. Square has decided to hold this money even though there are no disputes. After numerous calls and emails, all representatives of square state that they can do whatever they want. According to [Name Removed], the last representative I have spoken to, they dont consider this stealing, really ?!? I am seriously considering a class action suit against square. Please advise if any other companies have run into this situation. Stuart ScheinmanManaging Director, Movie Star News702-210-6208
Ok Square should be avoided , this is what happened when we tried to join Square alongside our current payment provider Paypal :1. No response to emails or phone calls.2. Their phone numbers are all bots who ask for code numbers which can’t be found3. They spam you with emails , we’ve received hundreds at a time.4. They deposit a few cents into your account and then say your account is “unverified”.5. Absolute Joke – Avoid Square , use Paypal.AudioBuy LLC currently manage , own and operate the following websites :AudioBuy AustraliaAudioBuy South AfricaAudioBuy CanadaAudioBuy SingaporeAudioBuy IndiaAudioBuy Hong KongAudioBuy NederlandAudioDubai
I love square. I do sales at the back of the room and it’s wonderful to have the convenience. i have kept my merchant account and account for my online purchases. But I do love the additional support of square. No problems with deposits, receipts, or customer service. And I love that I get an email telling me when they deposited the sales. Would like a few more bells and whistles, but so far, so good.
Aside from that issue, however, I couldn’t ask for more from Square. All fees, rates, and important information appears in their sales copy, and just about everything else you could ever want to know about processing with Square appears in detail within the extensive Help Center.
I need to be able to charge the customer the rental amount upon pickup, but still have the ability to charge them additional amounts if there is damage upon return or if the equipment is lost or stolen.
I am having the same problem right now. I have their 855-700-6000 number but they wanted a number to sign in. I did that and it says the new number that I put in is not a valid number and the phone hangs up. I have 3 different case numbers and they have not replied to any of them. They have had my money since January 25th.
Based on what I can see, it’s most likely a case of someone using your email address. Maybe someone you know. Who knows, maybe they were shopping for you and didn’t understand that the receipt would be sent to you!
I’m sorry to hear about the trouble you’ve had, but I can assure you that Square is in no way affiliated with Leaders Merchant Services. In fact, the Square reader is only compatible with Square’s proprietary processing service, which has no monthly/annual fees and can indeed be canceled at any time. Please feel free to email me at if I can help you to choose a different processor.
Connect to the internet, log in to your account, and examine the entire feature menu. Check out your customers, see all your transactions, search and edit customer lists, send invoices, track sales reports, adjust your settings, and get quick answers to common questions.
The ability to charge for unreturned rental merchandise may have more to do with the structure of your Terms of Use or other contractual obligations agreed upon by the renting party than it does with the service provider you choose. There are a few ways you could handle this. What you will definitely need is a payment gateway that allows for card info storage. This way, you will be able to charge the card for unreturned merchandise in accordance with your rental agreement without needing the customer to resubmit the payment information. This will also protect you in case of chargebacks. I’m not aware of any payment systems that create this infrastructure, but with a little creativity and perhaps a freelance developer you could do this without too much difficulty using a service like Braintree Payments or Stripe.
I actually think that Flint would be a better option for you. Square works well for fast-paced businesses that have a lot of small transactions and a lot of inventory items. But for a small number of larger transactions, I’ve found Flint more reliable.
—I just want to accept payments from anyone, anywhere, using any kind of device. Note that I didn’t say that I would be using those devices. What’s important to me is that the customer be able to send payment (via credit card, ACH or bank account) via their own computers or devices. That’s it. It’s convenient for them, and it’s convenient for me. Please make this happen.
AudioBuy LLC use Paypal to process all card payments , we are looking for a secondary method so we have TRIED to reach out to Square. Their admin console asks for bank account verification which we completed , they then proceed to deposit a small amount of money into our account – days later they then says verification failed and Square cannot be used. Everytime we email Square we receive no human response but about 15 automated responses every time.Is this the norm with Square? With Paypal , you visit their site – create an account and can begin trading. The process with Square so far is concerning to say the least.
Have processed 2 relatively small payments so far. No problems yet. The last cc company I signed up with completely ruined my credit (TMS, Merimac Capital…they use about 12 various names) and was a huge scam (still in an expensive legal situation with them) so this one is less frightening than the last while I try to re-build my credit and can research reputable cc processing companies (maybe through my bank next time).
Been doing business with square for over 2 years. I do about $10000 a month I transactions . Never caused any issues for them . One small refund and that’s it. Sent me email today that they have to close my account immediately and hold my reserve of $4000 for 120 to 180 days. Said I was high risk business. 2 years of multiple transactions and no problems and all the sudden I am high risk. Holding my $4000 for 6 months . Stay away from square. I am not flyby night . Been in business for 10 years. I rent tv s and furniture.
so i reapllied fix the issue. said i was approved. ran 3 cc total $1100. i didnt get the confirmation email or and thing. money was pulled from my account and customers.should be account tomorrow am. i found numbers and addresses.
Transparency and customer service is not Square Register’s strong suit. Of the negative reviews we’ve read, almost all of them commented about the unsatisfactory customer support. The turnover rate for the free card reader units that come with downloading the Square Register app is also pretty high, with some merchants needing to switch them out multiple times within months.
I usually take a $100 deposit per person and the balance is due 45 days prior to the departure date of the tour. My normal transactions after the initial deposit ranges from $1200 up to $3000 per person. A married couple transaction would be $2400 up to $6000 for a couple. When my payment in full date arrives, I could have several transactions in a single day totaling as much as $40,000.
I used square for the first time and i submit my first credit card transaction on July 1, 2015 to day is July 9, 2015 i didn’t get my deposit. i have been emailing them everyday and i get no respond from them. i checked with my customer and he told me that the funds was deducted the next day. it is a horrible service and the worst customer service ever. will never use them again.
e-Commerce/Online ordering: To better understand Square’s ecommerce options, check out our in-depth exploration of Square’s online store and its ecommerce integrations. In the meantime, here’s a quick run-down: 
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I just had the most unpleasant experience with Square. I charged an amount totaled $3100 to a customer for sale of equipment on 11/11/2015. They started by asking me to fill out a verification form and provide them with an Invoice, my ID and 3 bank statements which I did immediately. I get an email back asking me to provide more information about my relationship with the customer, which I found pretty strange, but yet, I provided them with that. Today 11/16 and after 6 days of holding my funds, they decided to reject my transactions and asked me to refund the money to the customer. The reason they say is that I am violating the terms of service agreement. here is the email I received “Under our Terms of Service, you cannot process prepaid cards, gift cards, or your own credit card using your Square account. The Square Terms of Service also prohibit using Square as a money transfer system. You must provide a legitimate good or service in exchange for every payment processed with Square.” ,So I read the terms of service agreement section by section and did not find that my transactions violate any of the sections in the agreement. My sale was for equipment and an invoice was provided. I did not charge a gift card, prepaid card, nor it was my own credit card!!! and definitely that was not a money transfer!!! Asked to speak to a manager, they refused!!
The only way you’re going to get lower processing rates and get a comparable suite of features is to open a merchant account. There are a few mobile processors that offer lower rates, but their apps aren’t even close to being as robust as Square’s and you don’t get any of the extra features. Even if you do get a merchant account, you’re going to have to begin a search for a POS that gives you all the features you need, and so on. There’s definitely appeal in a system that will work seamlessly, guaranteed, with minimal effort to set up or maintain.
This was on March 3rd, and as of today the 14th my landlord claims they still have received no funds from Square for the transaction and are now threatening eviction! I am disputing it with my bank but since there are similar tranactions from other months they are claiming that it is an error with Square. Any suggestions from anyone on help with resolving this? I have gotten nowhere with Square because I am not the owner of the Square account, and the landlord isn’t helping, they just want me to pay again.
I have used Square for a year running my small coffee shop. I have never had any problems getting the money deposited on time, and the instant deposit function has been a lifesaver for me. I have had a couple of issues getting my debit card accepted on the instant deposit, but it is a Beta function so I understand they will have some bugs. Overall, Square has been great for my business and I wouldn’t go with anyone else.
CROOKS ! a donor donated $2200.00 to help a family in need,, now the family didnt get the money ! donor out his $2200.00 we cant get the money, and weve been canceled….. noone answers phone , emails are a joke too ! may GOD GET THESE CROOKS ! one day they will see the piper….. what can we do next ?
Of course I am not an expert in Massachusetts law, or any law for that matter, but I can tell you that Square’s practices are basically industry-standard – meaning that it’s the entire payment processing industry potentially breaking the law, not just Square. My opinion is that, while perhaps a case could be made in some states, Square’s legal team – based on legal precedents set within the industry at large – deemed it not a strong enough case to adjust their practices.
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