I’ve been using Square for over a year now, and have not had a problem until this past week. I have processed over a $1000.00 a week a number of times with no problems, at times a single charge might be $2000.00 to $4000.00. This last week I had charges of over $24,000.00 and they notified me that the amount over $20,000.00 will be held for 30 days. That’s almost $5000.00 of my money that I can’t use to pay my bills. But no problems other than that.
To begin, we have been using Square for almost 4 years. Over that time we have integrated square more and more into our business. We are happy to report that this has been a great decision. The app is always being updated and keeps getting the features that we ask for. All you have to do is email or call and tell their customer service department what features you really want to see in the future. Then sure enough in a month or two the very thing you asked for is added in or has some beginning resemblance of what you had asked for. Do not be deterred by the negative reviews. Most of them are people who have decided that the review section for the app is the best wY to ask a question to the support staff. Or they may be engaged in some kind of shady business that is prohibited by square.
For aggregated accounts, sudden account terminations are very common and often come with no warning and little explaination. This includes companies like Stripe and Balanced Payments, as well as Square and PayPal Here. Communication and account stability are usually better with full-service merchant accounts, but even then sudden account closure and withheld funds are possible depending on the processor’s Risk department.
eCommerce support: A free online store is a big advantage for new merchants, especially those who aren’t sure the cost of building their own would be justified, or those who just don’t have the upfront capital to invest. While in the long-term you are probably better off building your own, full-featured site, this is a great way for merchants to find their footing online. The best part is, now you can actually continue to process with Square when you move to your own website.
ABSOLUTELY NOT! Customer service is a BIG DEAL to me and Square has NONE. I spent three days emailing back and forth with Square over an issue that probably could have been resolved in a few seconds over the phone. After an EXHAUSTIVE search, I found 2 phone numbers for Square. Both numbers were just a recording, directing you to email them. Even when I REQUESTED a phone call, I was denied. Myself and the merchant in question sent a final entail plee to Square. A response didn’t come until EIGHT HOURS LATER! To add insult to injury, the email STILL didn’t address the issue. Good concept, but NO THANK YOU TO SQUARE!
I generally find that merchant account providers struggle with marketing in the 21st century. Many of them operate like it’s still 1995. Some are marginally better — they work like it’s 2005. But that’s still more than a full decade behind the times. I fully expect companies that serve small businesses to know how to market to small businesses. And that means putting information online, providing helpful content, and knowing how to use social media.
I have used Square for a year running my small coffee shop. I have never had any problems getting the money deposited on time, and the instant deposit function has been a lifesaver for me. I have had a couple of issues getting my debit card accepted on the instant deposit, but it is a Beta function so I understand they will have some bugs. Overall, Square has been great for my business and I wouldn’t go with anyone else.
In your article you say if you had a small/low transaction business you would recommend square. Do you consider a bar/grill grossing around $250k to fit into that size? We currently only accept cash or local check with an tam on site.
On the other hand, ShopKeep‘s feature list goes well beyond what Square offers, and they allow you to choose your payment processor. They also allow you to change POS or change the processor independently. With Square, it’s an all or nothing situation. Perhaps the most substantial benefit with ShopKeep, beyond the features, is the potential for better account stability. Since you get to choose your own payment processor, you are less likely to experience funding holds or account terminations.
So, with all of that said, you should check out CDGcommerce and Payline Data. Both will serve your needs (aside from the offline mode) and have low monthly fees ($5 to $10 monthly, and you can schedule seasonal downtime so you only pay for the months you need it). Both will also be more reliable than Square in terms of having access to your funds.
Square is very, very easy to use. If you’ve ever used any sort of mPOS app, you will grasp the basics of Square Point of Sale pretty quickly. Even getting a handle on the more advanced features won’t take you much time to get a handle on. After all, there’s a LOT of resources to walk you through how to handle all sorts of tasks. Setting up your own website using the Square online store is mostly a matter of filling in the blanks.
I am starting a small online shoe business and I am trying to find the best route to take in finding a merchant to process credit card payments as most people use credit cards when buying online. I was told about paypal and now square up. Could you tell me what you would recommend?
The amount of a transaction may be reversed or charged back to your Square Account (a “Chargeback”) if the transaction (a) is disputed, (b) is reversed for any reason by the Network, our processor, or a Buyer or our financial institution, (c) was not authorized or we have any reason to believe that the transaction was not authorized, (d) is allegedly unlawful, suspicious, or in violation of the terms of this Agreement.”
Do not use Square, they canceled my account and then told me that they were keeping the money that was in my account for 150 days for no apparent reason. I have tried to call several times and they no longer have phone support. I run a small company and I need every dime that I have earned and for them to hold onto my hard earned money for no reason at all is a terrible thing to do. They clearly do not care about their clients at all.
With that said, Square has an A+ rating with the BBB despite the overwhelmingly negative reviews. You’ll also see the company has 1,513 complaints, 460 of them from the last 12 months. That’s not too different from the total at our previous check-in: 1,466 complaints total, 561 from the previous 12 months. It sounds like a lot, but the complaint volume is still low when you consider that Square’s customer base is (at least) 2 million merchants. Most of the BBB reviews are sadly negative as well.
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Star Micronics TSP100Receipt Printer is the first All-in-One receipt printer on the market today!. The advantage of TSP143LAN Receipt Printer is evident for applications such as retail, restaurants, and convenience stores. TSP143LAN Receipt Printer is provided with all standard operating system drivers (Windows, Linux and Mac) and specialty drivers such as OPOS and JPOS. The printer is also directly supported in Square Register. Star has also included a number of embedded simple utilities that will enhance Retail or Hospitality CRM in POS applications and therefore make the entire experience simple. These printers come complete with every thing you need including printer, power supply, Ethernet cable, wall bracket and a roll of thermal paper.
We have been using Square up for Credit cards for several years. Deposits always arrive within 3 days to our bank account.We have begun in the last month to use the Square Register. After the first weekend we are overjoyed with it. we have bar coded our stock and checkout is quick and accurate.We will be opening a Square Market store in the near future. Only issue I see with that is the market loads up all the inventory on the first page that you access. This can take a while to render when you have over 700 items.I would recommend Square up to any small business which has a shoestring budget.
As for whether Square is shifting away from supporting smaller businesses, Dorsey said they’ll “always be a part of our growth plan and always who we serve.” At the same time, he said the company decided early on that it wasn’t just going to focus on small and independent retailers: “The problem with that is, they want to grow … We can’t be a service that says, ‘Oh, you’re too big for us.’”
When you issue a refund, we temporarily hold the amount of that refund in your Square balance. It typically takes Square two business days to process a refund, but can take up to seven business days. Once that process is complete, the refund is applied to your customer’s bank account within seven business days. In total, your customer should see the funds in their account within 9-14 business days.
I have never dealt with a colder, unprofessional company like square, clearly they are among the worst when it comes to service. There are thousands of reviews that are real life horror stories. I would never, ever use or reccommend them- they cost me and my business dearly. I keep hoping for a class action I will be the first on board
This is a warning to anyone and everyone that is using square or considering using square for merchant services. Please be advised that square is holding $12,000 for transactions that were done in the normal course of our daily business. We processed a transaction for $12,000, the client picked up their merchandise and signed for the merchandise. Square has decided to hold this money even though there are no disputes. After numerous calls and emails, all representatives of square state that they can do whatever they want. According to [Name Removed], the last representative I have spoken to, they dont consider this stealing, really ?!? I am seriously considering a class action suit against square. Please advise if any other companies have run into this situation. Stuart ScheinmanManaging Director, Movie Star News702-210-6208
DO NOT USE THIS COMPANY.The deactivate and close accounts without ANY warning, without contacting you, without helping you, without responding to you. Don’t bother…put your energy into something else.

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