Customer feedback management: Here’s a cool feature. It’s called Square Feedback. This system prompts customers to leave feedback about their experience not on social media, but directly to you. This allows you to manage your reputation, quickly identify problems, and prevent public complaints from surfacing on the web. You also get access to details like purchase history, previous feedback, and average spending, all at no extra charge. You can also issue refunds or coupons from Square Feedback. allowed a chargeback be done by a customer for 865.00, they disputed 560.00 of the money and awarded it back to the customer and I am still waiting on the remaining amount that is owed back to me. I worked very hard for that money and I sent numerous emails explaining the situation and I think it is absolutely ridiculous that you can not speak with a live person regarding matters with your money. That should be illegal how they run their website. I am about to send them another email regarding this matter since they have not bothered to respond back to a few others I sent. I am ready to get away from them and go with my bank to process credit card transactions for the business. It has been a nightmare with them and I wish I never went with them in the first place.
Not only are they holding $6,113.00 from me…..But State Sales Tax on LEGALLY sold goods in the Commonwealth of Ma. I think “their” legal team of “DEWEY, CHEATUM, and HOWE” , missed this little tidbit. My fiscal quarter ended 10/21/14. Sent my “Letter of Demand” in on 10/14/14. Was received by them on the 16th. We’ll see what they say. In the Commonwealth of Ma……If no response is received…….then “their” contract or “USER” agreement is, IN FACT…..null and void! Read the news people! The company is IN TROUBLE! With wide losses and a new round of $150 Million in funding from overseas investors. ALSO……this BIG pool of money being held from ALL of us being “duped” by Square, is supposedly held in an account. NOW……Is this LARGE pool of CASH, (OUR CASH), being used by SQUARE as leverage, to show a better cash position to investors than the company actually has??? My guess is it’s in the 10’s of millions…..judging by the complaints and amounts of money I think they are holding. Of course……That would be a SERIOUS violation of SEC rules. Anyone know what the daily interest rate is, on say…..$10 million dollars in cash!?? OH…..and by the way…….If the card transactions I made are considered “high risk” or fraudulent…..Then why did SQUARE extract their own fees….like IMMEDIATELY? Think about how Jack Dorsey portrays himself in interviews. This seemingly soft spoken…..meek…..6′ 4” gentle giant. Wolf in sheep’s clothing I say! We need to act fast here, as this has been going on for years. Only now, MORE AND MORE business owners are being taken by these devious tactics of this company! It seems to be a pattern. Most of what I see are the transactions between $1,000 and $10,000 are most at risk. I just cannot believe that “class action” hasn’t been filed yet? Think about the “trickle” effect of these funds being held for NO good reason…….Small businesses file bankruptcy…..THEIR employees are now out of work. Larger suppliers of these companies cannot get their funds… they take a loss. In my case…….which I was able to cover the funds being held, (but some businesses just cannot and NEVER recover), 4 other people would have lost their jobs! I provide a MUCH needed, and “highly specialized”, service to Western Massachusetts. If my business didn’t survive this “theft”, there would be literally hundreds of customers without use of their heating appliances this winter! Anyone who wants to go “CLASS ACTION”…. Contact me at TMS PELLET STOVE SERVICES….90 East Housatonic St. Dalton Ma. 01226 1-413-684-4590………..PS HEY SQUARE TEAM……..You can also call me, and actually see that “I” am a LEGALLY RECOGNIZED BUSINESS IN THE COMMONWEALTH OF MASSACHUSETTS. :-)>
The rest of the complaints about Square are a jumble. Some have issues with transferring funds via Square cash. Others are getting emails when they don’t want them or don’t have a Square account. The other noteworthy complaints about Square I’ve pulled from comments by merchants who do like the service:
Square register is always free to download. Plus, you can order a free credit card reader. If you want a more traditional POS set-up, you can purchase any of their supported hardware or choose from their custom POS kits. A stand, printer and cash drawer will cost you an additional $600, plus over $100 if you decide to purchase a barcode scanner as well.
“We decided to go with Square because we didn’t have a lot of starting capital for a register. But we discovered it was inept at tracking and managing large quantities of inventory, especially from multiple sources. I chose Xero accounting software because they were supposed to work together, but apparently they only work if you have tracking inventory turned off in Square. It was difficult to reach Square’s customer service after the register equipment we received came with a dead thermal printer. We’ve been through 4 magnetic card readers in half a year even though we rarely exceed 100 sales every month.”
Square is FRAUD!!!!!!!!!!If you are a seller that sells products, you are being warned. If a customer file a dispute for whatever reason. Square will automatically debit your bank account and refund the customer. Square doesn’t even request the customer, to return the product back to the seller, nor do they have any type of return process in place. I have sent endless emails asking about how they handle refunds / returns / proof of returns, and never get an answer. So in all, the customer can keep the product and get their money back, with no questions asked. Square says they offer seller protection, but that’s a joke. Square sells they will challenge your dispute to the customer, but if they can’t even pick up a phone, or return a simple email, what makes you think, they will actually go out of their way to challenge the dispute vs the customer for you? It’s a joke! Square committed FRAUD 3x vs me. Customer kept the product, and got their money back. I lost $1100There is a new app called e-mobile-pay. 25 cents per transaction fee, and 100% guaranteed, no chargebacks! This is what they say. NO i don’t work this company. Has anyone tried e-mobile-pay? 25 cents and 100% guaranteed no chargebacks is very very very tempting. I don’t see any reviews regarding this company. I seen reviews in the google store, but i think that’s coming from their investors
I’m from Jordan in the middle east region, , i need to know where the square used in the middle east and if there are any square clients in Jordan ? i really like and love to have this technology in hand and i’m support it.
You can get the app for free. If you run a small neighborhood business and accept cash only, you will always have access to its features for free. If you want to accept credit cards, then you will incur the credit card processing fees (2.75% per transaction).
“I’ve used the Square Register app for the last 3.5 years and have used their Square appointment booking for 7 months. I love how easy it is to use Square and how quickly you get paid. I get a deposit next day in most cases. Therefore I always have cash flow coming back in.”
I first used Square on February 19, 2013, and had no refunds, charge backs or other issues. As my business is growing steadily, I applied for an increase to the keyed in limit for transactions on August 1, 2013. On August 02, 2013 I was informed that my account had been judged to be “high risk” and my account had been closed. In addition, they were going to hold my transaction of $1060.94 for 90 days.
delayed for 30 days due to the amount. Then a credit card chargeback occurred, then debited our bank account for the cost of the chargeback without any authorization from us. We went immediately to our bank and notified them about what happened, they reversed the debit informing us that had no right to debit without our authorization. To make matters
I’m not even a business owner; I actually was purchasing equipment at my own expense for trainees, and used Square to collect reimbursement–there was no mark up and no profit–just a straight reimbursement. Luckily, I will be with my cardholders in a conference for two more days and will have an opportunity to get another form of payment from them…I got so scared about losing what amounts to a month’s salary that I immediately processed a few large refunds and was able to successfully back myself out of all of the charges so that there is nothing pending for deposit anymore. As soon as I know the cardholders got their refunds, I’m cancelling the hell out of this account. No more Square for me (though, like some other son here, I really liked it, until this went down. )
“The strategy is to bring [all] business needs to one place,” Jesse Dorogusker, Square’s head of hardware, told CNN Tech. “The hardware, the software with no additional third-party tablets … it’s all from Square, it’s all out of the box [and] as integrated as possible.”
I’m semi retired and have small upholstery business. Generally, I take anywhere from 0-3 credit card transactions per month, but mostly my customers pay by check and occasionally by cash. I dumped my “traditional’ credit card processor a couple of months ago, and I think this is probably the best business decision I made in 2014. I got tired of the monthly fees, compliance fee, and looking at monthly statements from them that made me go cross eyed. I like the fact that I know exactly what each transaction costs me. The square is an easy system to learn, even for a low tech guy like me. My largest single transaction was $3500.00. So far, I have had no issues whatsoever.
Absolutely worst customer support, if you can even say they have customer support. As mentioned in the article, you have to have a customer code to get access to a human, otherwise the automated system will disconnect the call. If you don’t have it written down, and you have a login problem, forget getting any phone support. They will also conveniently disable your customer code in certain situations so they do not have to talk with you. I’ve had 2 significant issues with them over the last two years that left the company in a bind. I’ve also had funds sit for over 4 weeks waiting for deposit with real no explanation on why. Happy to no longer be relying on them for credit card services. Do not recommend.
I have been using Paypal Here for my business for the last year or so. I am considering switching over to Square, mainly because when keying credit card numbers manually (not swiping the card), Paypal holds my funds for 30 days before releasing them into my account. I needed to talk with a Square rep about their holding policy on keyed transactions. I called and sure enough I was asked for a code which I didn’t have. So, I went to their website and had to sign-up for the first time, which I did. Once in the main dashboard, I clicked on “Support Center”, then “Contact”, then I selected any one choice under “Product”, then another choice under “Topic”, then I selected “Call Us” and I was presented with the phone number and a code! I called right away and spoke with Scott who answered all the questions I had and more! I don’t understand the myriad of people in this forum saying that there is no code available. I just visited the Square website and signed up for the very first time and I found the code in no time! People: you need to follow every step, as required, and you will find the code you need. Now, I don’t know if their services are really good or really bad as some report, but in their defense, there is a code available and there are live English-speaking knowledgeable reps such as Scott. He just sent an e-mail to follow up everything we discussed.
I wrote the following negative review back in July, pretty much sums up why you’re playing russian roulette if you remain an active customer of Square:”If something seems too good to be true, it probably is… Well, that’s an understatement when dealing with Square. This company has the worst customer service and is very underhanded in how it deals with merchants. They will “approve” you up front, send a reader, then after your first 2 or 3, or even 5 or 10 charges I’ve heard, they will ask for a bunch of personal information, bank statements, etc, then freeze your account for 90 days due to “high risk” activity. This happened to my company a year or so ago, but luckily, the 3 or 4 customers I had just run charges for did a chargeback, so I was able to re-run with my older, more expensive merchant bank. There are 1000’s of horror stories out there, where businesses have had large sums of money held for months or even years. STAY AWAY FROM THIS COMPANY IF YOU HAVEN’T DEALT WITH THEM YET!!!! If you are a customer, stop using Square and cancel your bank account they link to immediately. Once you stop doing business, I have heard they will summarily withdraw funds, without informing you before or why they did it after. These people are inept at best and complete criminals at worst… “Your question shouldn’t be, what is wrong with all these people with the horror stories, but what is wrong with Square’s business practices and processes to cause so many businesses to write such terribly negative reviews about their experiences. Not a single former customer who’s had their accounts frozen and money held for 90+ days have been given a specific reason for the action, nor an explanation of a specific action they took to cause the automatic trigger that “froze” their account. So, keep on using Square if you wish, but know that today, tomorrow, next month, or a year from now, you might hit that undisclosed trigger, and you too will be posting your horror story on this and other review sites. All I can say is, GOOD LUCK!….
I am so upset just really feel like getting the law involved bc i have not recieved any deposits since december from the square card reader company and now my bills are being affect bc of that and iam a salon owner been waiting on a response but no email
Have processed 2 relatively small payments so far. No problems yet. The last cc company I signed up with completely ruined my credit (TMS, Merimac Capital…they use about 12 various names) and was a huge scam (still in an expensive legal situation with them) so this one is less frightening than the last while I try to re-build my credit and can research reputable cc processing companies (maybe through my bank next time).
Inexpensive: I know I just said some merchants are wishing the fees were lower. That’s true, but plenty of other merchants like the costs. Because Square does not charge a per-transaction fee on swiped transactions, low-ticket businesses stand to save a significant percentage. This is because a $0.10 transaction fee on a $5 ticket is actually 2% added on. When you look at it that way, the 2.75% flat rate starts to look really good. Also, many American Express transactions are actually processed below cost by Square, which might not be sustainable long-term but is great for businesses that process a lot of Amex cards. Even add-on services that cost a monthly fee are comparable to third-party options. Not only that, but Square’s EMV readers are the most inexpensive options available — $29 for an EMV-only reader, and $49 for an EMV/NFC-enabled device. You pay nothing extra for a full-fledged virtual terminal, recurring billing, or a customer database and PCI compliant card vault to store card numbers.

CEO Jack Dorsey added that the Register is meant to address concerns from larger sellers using Square or considering using it. For one thing, he said some businesses felt the Stand was “very consumer-focused,” so they wanted something “more professional.”
If each stylist’s sales need to go to individual accounts, it can all be handled on one machine but each stylist will need to log in to their own account before the sale (and log out afterward, to avoid errors). No aggregate information will be collected; the separate accounts (including things like inventory and reports) will exist completely independently.
Yep! Square loses money on many transaction scenarios, including about 100% of American Express transactions, since retail AMEX transactions are 2.89% + $0.10. Small transactions are particularly troublesome, since no per-transaction/authorization fees are charged for card-present with Square. Square’s overall profitability is a popular area of speculation.
In the meantime, the ‘client’ is nowhere to be found. My merchandise is still gone. We have moved on from Square to another service. Will NEVER use them again and will NEVER recommend them to any of our network businesses.
Thank you so much for this article! I was wondering what your recommendation world be for an organization that collects dues and monies for memorabilia and charity events would be? The members would like to have an online payment option, and I could not find a way for square to link to our webpage for payment. Is the only option PayPal? Thanks!
The customer display also allows businesses to show off their imagery and branding. It’s detachable to accommodate different countertops. And it supports tap-to-pay, allowing customers to pay with their phone or watch without having to pass it over to the cashier.
I honestly think Flint is a better option for you. You won’t need most of the features that Square’s software includes (many features are geared toward high-volume, low-ticket businesses like cafés), and I have found Flint to be more reliable overall. You can sign up with Flint for free to test the app with no commitment. They offer some nice invoicing and online selling tools too. I’ve also found Flint’s camera scan system to have fewer misfires than Square’s card reader.
Based on what I can see, it’s most likely a case of someone using your email address. Maybe someone you know. Who knows, maybe they were shopping for you and didn’t understand that the receipt would be sent to you!
first time i did receive my money 2th day. it was 8 monts ago. recently i couldnt get my money. i went to the bank they said they cant do anything. than i start checking all the other payments made by square doesnt show in my account.i called customers they said it was pulled from their account. in this case i dont know what to do. i decide not the use square any more. i am hoping they depozit my money that i worked so hard.
The reader seems to work only when it wants to. Customers cancel their transaction when they slide their card and nothing seems to happen so they walk away because they don’t trust the device ans I lose the sale. Dumb thing costs me more in lost sales than it’s worth. Absolutely the WORSE customer support I have ever seen.
At a certain volume, you will be asked to agree to a commercial entity agreement, which is a direct agreement with the processor. This may help in terms of adding stability. I haven’t seen any recent case studies done in regard to higher volume Square users, but my guess is that Square wants to keep it’s high-volume user active and happy. Since your average ticket is small and your goods are not prone to chargebacks and you have an established business with a processing record (and you’ve already tried the service without issue – most issues happen early on), I think Square is a good option for you.

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