It’s also worth noting that Square Register is actually running a custom Android setup. Despite this, you can’t install any other apps or software on the system. And somewhat disappointingly, not everything in the Square ecosystem syncs perfectly with Square Register yet — Appointments, or FreshKDS, for example.
Hi, Tom … our family has a seasonal income tax service. This year we have had several requests from our clients to pay with debit or credit cards. Since we don’t expect a large number or cards to be accepted, we are considering using Square for the simplicity. Any suggestions would be appreciated. Thank You
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We have a small service type business and we want to start accepting credit cards. A single transaction amount could range from a few hundred to few thousand dollars depending on job size. We use Quick Book accounting software (desk top version) and Android mobile devices. We were considering Square or Intuit GoPayment, but after reading your article, are curious about Flint Mobile. Any recommendations or other factors we need to consider.
Square register is one of the best things I have found in my thirty years of business. We travel and sell remotely. Square is fast, accurate, and the reports available are incredible. Started with 4 register and now have 84 and still buying. Highest recommendation.
Square is holding our funds and putting a hurt on our relationship with customers and our business. After more than a year of transactions with no problems, Square suddenly decided it needed more information before it could send our 2,000 dollar payment to our bank account. I sent Square all the information they requested and what I received was a cancellation notice, because of “high risk” business, without an explanation as to why. Square is holding $2,000 dollars even after we refunded the customer!!CAVEAT EMPTOR! We were planning a future of sales and business, and this was blue ice to us; No warning, and now we must fix this. Thanks for nothing you bozos! We Cannot Recommend them, and certainly will not use any future product or serviceconnected to them. Bad Business, and they deserve The “D” rating that has been givento them.
I usually take a $100 deposit per person and the balance is due 45 days prior to the departure date of the tour. My normal transactions after the initial deposit ranges from $1200 up to $3000 per person. A married couple transaction would be $2400 up to $6000 for a couple. When my payment in full date arrives, I could have several transactions in a single day totaling as much as $40,000.
Connect to the internet, log in to your account, and examine the entire feature menu. Check out your customers, see all your transactions, search and edit customer lists, send invoices, track sales reports, adjust your settings, and get quick answers to common questions.
The square reader does not provide encryption of the data. You also don’t get your own merchant account. This means you rely on Square to act as the merchant and disperse the funds when they get them. The data encryption is an issue, as you are liable for people’s information to be protected when you swipe it. There are online hacks already out there which expose users of this product to potential liabilities. Most merchant processers have a sponsor bank- there is a reason. It would seem anyone is trusting that Square will always pay, but what if they fall on hard times- I don’t think anyone has any protection since you are not the merchant and not dealing with a bank.
Started processing with them Sept. 1st, 2011. So far so good with Square! I am an independent contractor and run an Adult Home Party business. I travel constantly for sales so Square was perfect for me. As long as you swipe the card fast in the reader, the transaction gives you a response quickly. I usually process on Fri and Sat nights and my money is in the bank by Tuesday morning. The fact that it doesn’t automatically save the cardholders name to the history report would be my only complaint but there’s an easy work around: just type it into the description field.
To edit your item grid on the fly, hold your finger on a tile until you’re in Edit Mode. Then add new items or arrange your items any way you want. You can create or edit items, categories, modifiers, discounts, and gift cards here in your item library. Change prices, add variant price points for different sizes, and charge tax for the item. Or don’t. If you’re editing many items, it will be easier to log in to your Square Dashboard on your computer.
 I love my iPhone. It’s fun, it’s cool, it even helps me be more productive with all of its business/productivity apps. I wish I could mess around with it more (don’t have time), but I still love the possibilities it offers me.The…
You’ll also find more positive reviews and testimonials on Square’s site. I like that there is a mix of short testimonials (with merchant and business names attached) as well as long-form press coverage.
Hi, I’m Phillip Parker and I believe that the merchant account industry has been overrun by people who engage in fraud and deception in order to steal from hard working business owners. I created this website to help you avoid the bad players, save money on fees, and get peace of mind with your merchant account. If you would like to help support my work, check out my cost analysis service. I can evaluate your statement and tell you exactly how much you’re overpaying for your merchant account. Get more information here.
I’ve been reading all the reviews that have been posted about lost of funds, time waiting for funds and chargebacks, and I can’t say it’s square all by itself. I have personally ran in just the last year alone over $130k in sales and haven’t had but only one small issue. Which was I went over my limit. I sent them a nice email and in less than 2 days my limit was raised and I was back to business. They deposit my funds into my bank of america account the following business day minus their fee and all is well. If your getting chargebacks that means YOUR customer has fought the charge. So why not ask yourself what did you do wrong? Did you trust someone very shady or maybe didn’t explain all the items you were selling properly? I’ve done over a quarter million dollars in sales and almost a half of it was through square without ridiculous incident like everyone here.on top of it all not one of my customers has had a problem or an issue paying the 2.75% fee for me to process their credit card! From what I’m reading and all the complaints it sounds like your all looking for a perfect transaction in a non perfect world. Get over blaming everybody and fix what’s going wrong with yourself and your business actions.
Smaller average ticket value along with 100% swiped transactions (not keyed-in) will generally produce the most reliable results with Square (and most other processors really). Large transactions and transactions where the card was not swiped carry the greatest risk, and are thus most prone to trigger a red flag. So while there is never a guarantee (since things can go wrong even with small transactions, like if a customer doesn’t recognize the charge and initiates a chargeback, or if a charge ends up being fraudulent), a small business like a coffee shop will be much, much, much more secure than a business selling more expensive items.
I have used Square for three years now and couldn’t be more satisfied! I have a very busy retail home decor store. Square has helped me grow my business with the afforadable rates, I’ve had great customer service, email and phone. I can call them anytime I need to with an issue. They call me back within a short time and have painstackingly walked me through opening a second business setting up new accounts. Everything has an infancy and needs to get its legs. While it may have been difficult in the beginning, they have been more than accommodating and helped me with inventory capital and equipment. If you are considering a cc processor, this is the one to go with!!
And again, I’m not defending this as a good business practice or even a fair protocol. But it’s important to see where Square fits in the bigger picture. If we can help you to find a better and more reliable processor, please send us a message.
If we just looked at the money Square pays in interchange/assessment versus the money they bring in from processing fees, I’m sure that they come out in the green. This is due to the fact that “most” transactions are profitable for Square. The question is, how much in the green are they based solely on the processing fees? And how much does it cost to run a business like Square aside from this cost? I really have no idea what kind of numbers they’re dealing with in these regards. But I think just about everyone agrees that Square is currently operating at a loss. There are a lot of investment dollars to go through, and that is largely keeping them afloat I’d guess. But the income they earn through the profitable transactions is pretty substantial regardless. It’s the same way that Braintree can afford to give away your first $50K in processing. Yes, they take a loss on it. But the hope is that in the long run they make a profit.
I used Square for personal and business reasons. I had been using Square faithfully for about 2 years. I recently did a transaction for a $1500 payment. I had all of the necessary documentation, Government Issued papers, Copy of the invoice and contact information from the insurance company issuing the payment, along with 3 different copies of my PRIVATE bank account statements. Square then told me my account was “High-Risk”. and they permanently shut down my account and told me I would have to wait 90 days to receive my $1500, after they used it and did whatever with it and gave me no Interest for holdig and using my funds. If you have Square get out while you can. Intuit too. Go With paypal. These Companies are crooks.
To be honest, this isn’t something we’ve been asked before, so it may be a bit outside of our expertise. I’d rather not give you an answer that I’m not too certain about. If you happen to figure this out on your own, please let us know what solution you find so we can learn how to answer something like this in the future. In the meantime, I’d suggest asking Square directly. Best of luck!
We’ve been using square as our payment processing system for 2 years. Theres a busy coffee shop down the street thats using it as well. To suggest its good for temporary events and yard sales shows that the reviewer doesn’t really know what he or she is talking about or just hasn’t used Square the way its intended to be used. The reporting is fantastic, the system is customizable, the fees are reasonable, we have had zero issues receiving funds and checking people out is fast and easy.
I ordered square for my new business. The sales rep reassured me that if it was not suitable for my business I had 30 days to try it out and could return it if it did not work. My store opening day got delayed due to construction so the system sat in the box for 30+ days. After opening, I started to set things up and realized it really wasn’t suitable but I was rest assured that I could return it as promised after I had 30 days to actually try it out. Myself and my husband both called and they were nothing but rude to us. They would not return the system that was NEVER used. Meanwhile, my husband was deploying (active military) to Iraq and I let them know this because it is extremely poor taste and horrible customer service to not work with us on this. When I called back, they wouldn’t even let me talk to a manager and told me they would not return it under any circumstances. Then the representative told me she was hanging up on me! I use square for my other small business and I let them know I was terminating my use for The Little Black Dog Shoppe from here on out. Square deserves none of my business and I lost full respect for this company. I have 20 vendors in my shop all of which know what occurred with square. I will make sure to continue to spread the word on the poor customer service by this company.
I am an author who would like to be able to offer credit card processing when I’m at book fairs and presentations. Book sales are sporadic and low volume at best. I received information in the mail for the FREE Square Reader but after reading your article, I’m not sure Square is the right company for me. Do you think I should proceed with Square or try one of the other companies?
I haven’t worked with anyone to set up this particular type of system, but it’s certainly doable. It will require some customization on your end though. If I were you I’d look at a company that closely resembles what you’re thinking of doing and use that as a starting template. You should seek qualified legal advice regarding how to set this up. Please note that this is not intended to be legal advice.
The set up was easy, overall experience awful. Square requested information about my business and products which I provided. They encouraged verified my bank account and encouraged transactions. Two days after the second transaction they held all my funds for both sales for 90 days and deactivated my account. There is absolutely no phone support available if your account is deactivated. I request to speak to a representative daily and the response is always “Sorry, that is not possible”. They also give no reason for the action, as state section 42 of merchant agreement they don’t have to give a reason. Do you really think you can operate a business with no phone support or representative access? I would like to give negative stars to this company.
For Square, the protocol is often “shoot first, ask questions never.” If they deem an account or transaction high-risk for whatever reason (it’s unlikely that they will ever explain to you in detail their rationale), then they will pull the plug to minimize the risk. And after they close your account, it’s very difficult – maybe impossible – to get live customer service, as you have already found out.
Square is quick to brag that most other departments keep in close contact with the support team, including the executives. There’s also a useful site,, which will tell you whether any of Square’s services are having technical issues.
Processing providers may consider your business type to be high-risk. If this is the case, check out Payline Data and Durango Merchant Services. They both specialize in that kind of account, and can get you a fair rate. Otherwise, take a look at some of our all-around favorite providers. If you could use some more help choosing, submit this form and we’ll get back to you ASAP.
I am starting a small online shoe business and I am trying to find the best route to take in finding a merchant to process credit card payments as most people use credit cards when buying online. I was told about paypal and now square up. Could you tell me what you would recommend?
Short and Lousy experience with this company! Questionable policies you don’t know of when you sign up…. They held my money forever! NO one to speak to as they hide behind a slow email responses ONLY. DO NOT USE!! I switched to Intuit as soon as my funds finally released. DO NOT USE THEM!!
Tom,Thank you for the response!! It would be nice if they give you more info and why? so you dont make the same mistake with a different company.Thanks for the advice I will check on the company you told me.Thanks again!!

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