I have been ripped off enough. I am tired of the games. You will find me on all the complaint sites. All of you who take little transactions think your safe. In a few months you will know better. We who take single payments over a thousand know the truth. They are destroying people’s lives and businesses everyday and they don’t care one bit. The NO-CARD-PRESENT game is their money game. They have the money to use for investment in interest bearing vehicles. Without your knowledge. Making this securities fraud I believe. I have began a complaint and report with the U.S. Attorney General and will be talking with the California States Attorney General in person to explain the facts so as to overcome the clever deceptive wording used by Square. As long as we sit here and complain they couldn’t care less. Try to call them and see. If you take large payments, you can just F-off. Go to other sites and see. This site may be supported by square and filled with plants who post love letters. I know many companies do this. Only 44 complaints at the BBB? There have been thousands on the internet in the last six months. Why the difference? Try to get the required field information for the BBB complaint form. Square is good at hiding that information. Have an address or even zip code? Then you worked at it. The DOJ fraud web address is Let’s get to reporting the facts to those who can get to the bottom of it and quit the whining here.
We’ve used Square since it became available. Honestly, we’ve never had a single issue with it, other than occasional reboots of the system (which might not actually be a Square issue) or wearing out a card reader (which is free and they replace within a few days – and I learned to order multiples when reordering). So, for the better part of 4+ years…it’s been a boon for our business. We typically swipe 15K+ per month. We’ve never had a dispute, chargeback or funds hold. And our funds have always been promptly deposited. As for me….I’m a diehard Square supporter and recommend it freely and often.
the only way to get your money back sooner is to file a dispute with the BBB. check out their complaint section. you will see square refunding those who they steal and hold money from. sometimes you have to take it to another level since square is too incompetent
Pick what works best for your business. All orders of $49-$5,000 are eligible for monthly payments; select at checkout. Contact Support here if you’d like to have the $5,000 limit waived for your business.
Tom……I think you guys are missing the point. I….calculated the sales tax on those sales. THEY… hold that sales tax money! THAT IS ILLEGAL!!!!!!!! This company is headed for a “terrible shitstorm!” I also wonder whether or not, these “low level” computer “clerks”, actually receive a bonus for de-activating accounts! Wouldn’t that be something?? But….until someone can actually talk to an employee of the company, all we can do is surmise what is actually going on inside their “cubicles”.
I actually think that Flint would be a better option for you. Square works well for fast-paced businesses that have a lot of small transactions and a lot of inventory items. But for a small number of larger transactions, I’ve found Flint more reliable.
Search all your transactions by receipt number or card in the transactions tab. This makes it easy to print a new receipt or issue a refund to your customer. Just find the transaction and use the big buttons at the top.
Too bad there isn’t a way to leave NO STARS…Square could possibly be the worst company I have ever worked with in my history of owning multiple businesses. From the implementation, the entire thing was a disaster. Promises of simple solutions quickly flew out the window as soon as we signed up and began working with one of the multitude of millenials that square employs. The wrong equipment was sent twice which left us to pay for extra equipment to be able to have a functional POS for our opening. The “implementation specialist” that we worked with could not complete the implementation and actually told us at 8 PM at night that she had to go because she had a meeting to go to. Left us flat with a non working system the day of our opening. After one year of being the sole communication point with Square from signing the papers to implementation (and after 30 minutes on hold yet again), I was just told that , the owner of the business, am not an authorized user on my account! Laughable and pathetic. Surprise! Square did not set us up correctly in the first place!This company uses the “screw up first, apologize later” method of big corporate placating. The phrase “I do apologize for the inconvenience” is repeated like a broken record. It is almost condescending. If you want to save yourself a mountain of aggravation, a load of empty apologies, lies, and from being patronized like a 4th grader AVOID SQUARE AT ALL COSTS!
All credit sale plans are issued by Square, Inc. Plans are not available to merchants located in AK, AL, DE, MS, MO, NH, and TN. The individual authorized to act on behalf of the business must be a U.S. citizen or permanent resident and at least 18 years old. Valid U.S. bank account and Social Security number or Individual Taxpayer Identification Number are required. Plans may be selected from 3, 6, 12, or 24 month terms and are based on the financing amount requested. The finance charge amount and installment payment amounts will depend on the repayment term selected. Sales tax, where applicable, cannot be financed and will be due upon acceptance of contract. The final payment will be equal to or less than the regular monthly payment. All plans are subject to approval based on credit and other factors.
My daughter set up Square early in the year as an easy way to process pmts doing farmers markets and shows. The payments were small and were processed immediately. Our biggest season is during the holidays and we handle large volumes of money via credit cards through our customers out of state and therefore their cards are not present for processing. We didn’t run into problems until we started collecting invoices for over $2000 at a time and more than one in one week. Now they are holding over $17K and telling us we have to wait 30 days to get the money. We have suppliers who need to be paid now not 30 days from now and we don’t have the money to pay them because Square is holding it and won’t release. We gave them copies of invoices, bank statements and everything they needed to make sure we were a legitimate business and not just running cards manually to steal. Not being able to find a telephone number to call and speak with someone is totally frustrating and now after reading all the other complaints, I wish we had never signed up for Square. In order to keep the business afloat, I now have to figure out a way to find the $17K that Square is holding so I can pay my suppliers and stay in business til Square releases the money. Square really is a sham and thief. Now that I know where they are located out of, we will be contacting our States Atty General and the California Attorney General as well as anyone else I can get a hold of. You can’t trust anyone any more!!
According to the Square site, merchants start off with a per transaction limit of $50,000. While that’s the stated limit, the reality is that many merchants encounter trouble at a much lower threshold. In some of the BBB complaints we’ve read, Square has recommended keeping transactions below $3,000, although we have read of transactions in the hundreds-of-dollars range that have triggered suspensions or terminations.

It’s also worth noting that Square Register is actually running a custom Android setup. Despite this, you can’t install any other apps or software on the system. And somewhat disappointingly, not everything in the Square ecosystem syncs perfectly with Square Register yet — Appointments, or FreshKDS, for example.
Same as below. You think you’re all set up, you start charging your clients and then BAM..All of a sudden Square is concerned about security. Not before they charge your clients. It’s after they have the money that they become concerned and feel a moral obligation to hold it and hold it and hold it…. Very interesting. So like everyone else 1) they have my money 2) I can’t get it 3) nobody cares. I didn’t think this could happen in the country.
(I have an employee I suspect is canceling open tickets & pocketing the cash. It shows up as “no sale” on the activity report. Also, do you know if there is a way to turn off the ability to cancel tickets or set it up where the employee has to have a manager override in order to cancel an open ticket?)
More specifically, Dorsey said the Register solves a big pain point by coming with separate screens for the buyer and seller. The Square team thought it was “clever” to design the Stand to swivel back-and-forth (“and it is quite clever”), but larger sellers wanted separate displays, allowing the customer to see each product as they’re being rung up.
Unfortunately Square does not offer recurring payment solutions. What you need is a provider offering a payment gateway that features a web-based virtual terminal and recurring payment/card vault functionality. This will allow your reps to enter the card info directly into the virtual terminal via a smartphone or laptop in the field. Any of our featured providers will be able to accommodate this. Each recurring entry is given a unique ID (not just for the transaction, remains consistent for each recurring cycle).
I love square. For a small business like mine that does 99% of its business off line its perfect. Set up took some time for approvals but I was OK with that. I’ve also never had a problem with payments. I was a bit concerned that they use twitter for support but for the 2 minor problems I’ve had, it was fine. I was able to connect a printer barcode scanner and cash drawer and love that with a flip of a switch I can sell that item online with their market place or copy some side to my web site and sell it there. My only complaint is setting the shipping for the market. They say they are working on a shipping calculator so I can wait. There is no way I could get all the square offers for less money some where else. I am very grateful.
Very frustrating, first transaction went on hold, can’t call anyone to resolve the matter they have their money and I can’t even find out how long it going to take to have funds available in my account. I will never use square again !!!! Such a pain
I first used Square on February 19, 2013, and had no refunds, charge backs or other issues. As my business is growing steadily, I applied for an increase to the keyed in limit for transactions on August 1, 2013. On August 02, 2013 I was informed that my account had been judged to be “high risk” and my account had been closed. In addition, they were going to hold my transaction of $1060.94 for 90 days.
SQUARE is the biggest scam out there. They canceled my account saying I was doing high risk (illegal) traNSACTIONS. I am a TRAVEL Agency, fully licensed, and Insuired ( E&O and Liability). I have been in the travel business for 11 years, on a routine transaction the funds where held for 6 days when they canceled my account. I do not recommend this scam company to anyone. they will burn you. Oh you never get to talk to people they don’t allow phone calls. Stay with the banks, I wish I would have.
I’ve been using Square for my small business for about 4 years. All was well, more or less – there were a few annoying glitches but they were balanced out by our good experiences. We never had any problem with deposits, holds, etc., but it is rare for us to process more than $1000 by credit card, so perhaps that’s a factor. I probably would have stayed with Square, and given them a higher rating, if it hadn’t been for the new chip reader debacle. It has been a pain from beginning to end, culminating in my finding out (after many hours of Internet research and tech support calls to Samsung and Square) that my widely-sold, Samsung tablet is not compatible with the new, mandated hardware. This leaves my tiny business in the position of having to buy a new device to use the new reader or change providers. Since we operate on a shoestring, the choice was obvious; I decided to request a refund and change to Intuit’s service. Unfortunately, because the new reader finally arrived in the middle of tax season, and I could tell getting it working was going to require a time commitment, I opted to tackle it when I finished our taxes (had a massive, forensic accounting task on my hands due to mess left by former employee.) Big mistake. This decision put me outside Square’s 30-day refund policy. I contacted them via email to explain why it took me so long to discover the problem was not going to be fixable. I took responsibility for putting off the task, but also noted that I made that choice due to the arcane nature of their support pages, the difficulty of quickly finding answers, and my assumption that I would get it working in the end. I believed my common device would be compatible – largely because it was not readily apparent from looking at their support pages that some devices might NOT be compatible. (In fairness to them, it turns out there is a list…but you have to know how to find it. So, not very helpful.) I added that their support person I spoke with by phone couldn’t identify the problem, either – I had to call Samsung. I asked Square if they would make an exception. They replied with a short email simply restating their policy. I replied that I knew their policy and, once again, explained what happened and why I did not feel totally responsible for the delay. I asked them to reconsider; they refused. I have given this some thought over several days and have decided I’m not just being a big whiner – I still think my request was reasonable, especially for pristine, unused equipment in its original packaging. Had one of my customers come to me with a similar story, I would’ve simply granted the refund, if only for the sake of good will. As it is, I feel like Square added insult to injury, and now I will never go back. I got the distinct impression that they don’t care about me or my problems, and that my good opinion was not worth $40 to them.
I’ve been using square as my credit card processor for 2 years now in my restaurant. I like it! However, I would love it better if they would allow the POS part of it run tabs. For that reason I use Lavu for my POS and run the separate app Square to run credit cards. Square has been good to be and my money I do not want to leave it. I’m trying to find out if square can run on bridgepay.
I have 4 restaurants and use square in all of them. Their customer service is pretty good. They are not perfect for restaurants but I have always figured out work around. Their deposits are timely and correct. I am wanting to start on line ordering and will try soon. I do wish I had a sales rep so they could help with some of the marketing tools. We just started there rewards program and so far good. I did just receive a email regarding them starting up a restaurant pos. Can’t wait should be amazing since their standard pos works well for me.
Square is basically the reviewer’s nightmare when it comes to new features, because Square rolls out something new and noteworthy at least every other month, along with a steady stream of improvements to all of its various apps on a monthly basis. However, there are two new and noteworthy additions to the Square lineup of products:
Hi, I came up on this website after searching for “like issues” I was having with my square market store. Anytime someone goes to my online market to buy products, it will keep reloading the main page. My customers are frustrated and obviously it’s not easy to order which drops my sales. Also when I am running a promotion, no one can ever find the “promo code” box! Anyone experience this?
I decided to sign up for square and based on their advertisments I have basically unlimited amount of transactions I can process. After my third one my account was closed and my funds held for 90 days. Their explanation ” we feel you are a risky customer” I processed cards just like they said to so I dont understand whats so risky. After going back and fourth with them they said they cant help me. So I looked online and found a facebook page aimed at square bad business pratices and it seems they only do this to small business, larger corporations are not affected.
Excellent review. We’re looking closely at square as our POS system for a bike rental business. We’re trying to figure out if a customer rents a bike with a required deposit of say 200 can we swipe the card without charging the customer at that time and then “refund” their deposit when they come back and charge them only for time used for the rental? Does square have a facility where there is a time out and time in? We know it’s not a reservation system but we can’t seem to get an answer to this question.
Email marketing: I’ve said this before: Square really is an entire ecosystem for businesses. Send newsletters and special offers to your email subscriber using Square’s service, and take advantage of the data from your customer database to do so.
 I love my iPhone. It’s fun, it’s cool, it even helps me be more productive with all of its business/productivity apps. I wish I could mess around with it more (don’t have time), but I still love the possibilities it offers me.The…
It is standard practice to withhold the entire transaction(s), including sales tax collected, when funds are held in reserve. This is because the reserve is held in order to protect the processor from loss in case of future chargebacks. If a chargeback occurs, the tax will also have to be refunded. Therefore they hold the tax to ensure they do not have to refund it out of pocket should a chargeback occur. Again, I can’t attest to this from a lawyer’s point of view, but this is how it is done across the board, not just with Square.
Scam!!!Im a contractor and used square on two small invoices without a problem.The third invoice was for$2,800 and they deactivated my account.They said through an email that it would be 90 days before I get it back.I can’t get anyone on the phone.Its strange how when we were setting the account up with a lady named Sarah ,they answered on the first ring.I have contacted the Attorney General and have gotten no help.Caution!!!
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