“Reviews Of Square Comparison”

Square has someone using their service who stole my money through one successful attempt on my debit card this weekend for $600.00. Luckily I am poor so when they attempted a 2nd and 3rd transaction they could not go through for the same amount of $600 otherwise I would be out $1800 total. I tell them this and you think they would make an effort to contact the person who put through the charges? Absolutely not. They say I must fight with my bank. In the meantime, my bank will not fight until it settles. So instead of Square contacting the person to void the transaction before it settles they will wait until it settles and then handle. I am out the money since Saturday. I could alleviate a lot of the stress if they would contact the merchant and tell them to void the transaction or void it on their end. I don’t like when a payment method like this sides with their customer. Let their customer prove this is valid, which it cannot be, and void it accordingly. Mind you the only way I was able to contact them for help was through facebook messenger.
Numerous (HUNDREDS) of complaints on the National BBB site, more complaints on Pissed Consumer Site. If you too are a victim, Please contact the State Attorney General in California, The State Attorney General in your State, Federal Agencies governing interstate commerce, banking and internet fraud divisions and all the credit card companies directly: Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Discover.
I own a small photography business. Before purchasing this Square, I was limited to cash only. Now clients can pay with their card! Yay! Im always looking for ways to make shoots easy for my clients…and this helps!
There is not much public information available on the early traction of Square, but Jack Dorsey’s own personal profile (as Twitter cofounder) cannot be understated when it came to attracting early customers and investors. Dorsey created a list titled, “140 Reasons Why Square Will Fail”, which he distributed to potential investors of Square.  The list included counterpoints to each objection, which informed investors that he was prepared for any possible obstacle the new startup may face. “140 Reasons Why Square Will Fail” also served as a clever strategy to acquire new interest.
When considering complaint information, please take into account the company’s size and volume of transactions, and understand that the nature of complaints and a firm’s responses to them are often more important than the number of complaints.
Intuit answered the phone after the second ring and after pushing a button or two, I was talking to a real person. They verified they had phone support and after I explained what was going on with square, they seemed surprised something so simple wasn’t possible to resolve.
3. Transaction size: Here’s a question: is it riskier to process one thousand $1 transactions, or a single $1,000 transaction? The answer is the single $1,000, by a long shot. This is because, in any industry, it’s far more likely to see one fraudulent high-ticket transaction than a ton of fraudulent small ticket transactions. What’s more, Square would see it as even riskier if you usually process only $1 transactions, and then suddenly one day you process a random $1,000 transaction. Square’s risk assessment algorithms like to see consistency, above all things. If you will be processing transactions of $100 or greater on a regular basis, make sure you accurately describe your processing habits in the application and try not to process unusually large transactions out of nowhere.
Did you tell that you are processing such a huge amount. That will alarm their fraud alert, who knows what you are selling. I know a drug dealer that uses sqaure for his dealings, but he was smart & emailed sqaure that he is door to door salesman for some direct sales company & emailed the paper work to them, When i started using them for taxi paymemt. I emailed them my chauffeur licence & also amount of my each sale. They replied in 3 business days & all was sqaured away. Trust me i have used other services & they are so freaking horrible.
They promise to raise the salary after 90 days, I barely could make them raise $1 more after 1 year. And by the way never think you will get your vacations, manager just finds any reason to take it from you and then he proudly tells you that your vacation expired because you didn’t use it.
I am the owner of a small kids yoga business and apparently checking out credit card payment options. I am at the start of my business. Depending on student enrollments, single transaction would be around 100$. I have a Galaxy S4. What system would you recommend?
It was too good to be true for too long. Square, the innovative start-up that turned smartphones into credit card processors just killed its flat fees for small companies, effective in February. Instead of charging $275 for up to $21,000 in monthly transactions, the company is moving to a 2.75 percent swipe fee, or 3.5 percent plus $0.15 for each manually entered transaction.
They are holding $2.500 of my husbands company money. When there is a dispute they put a hold on a certain amount until that dispute is settled. Our dispute was settled in our favor ,but we still haven’t seen our money. Listen up Square Inc im going to do everything in my power to ruin your scam little business you can’t mess with certain people and I’m one of them. You will not continue to get away with this I will see to it.
“We took a lot of time to look for a great POS partner. First and foremost, what’s important is how to deliver the best customer experience,” he said. “We wanted a partner that was customer focused and simple. We wanted a partner that was innovative and forward-thinking, but what we found with our analysis was that there wasn’t a perfect solution. However, with Square it was really special and unique because it was on an iPad and the interface was magical. The way [Square] is thinking is much different than any other POS player. They want to make commerce great.”
Recently we started using Square. It appears to be easy to use and pretty timely in processing payments. However we encountered a problem while we were at an event. The device would not accept cards, either with a swipe or manually entering it. Not being any kind of geek or IT person we were without credit card sales for the show. We are not, by any stretch of the imagination, a large volume user, but we may use it 10-15 times a day for a craft show. So, while we were at a show over Labor Day Weekend we lost the ability to process credit card sales. My initial thought was the card swipe was damaged, or cell carrier was not working properly.
Square has absolutely no idea of customer service, I have $26,000 worth of “swiped” card transactions that I can’t seem to get deposited even though the money has been taken from my customers credit card already. I strongly suggest the use of a traditional credit card processing company. I am a small business and cannot afford to not have these funds
Transactions accounted for the largest share of Square’s annual net revenue, followed by Starbucks transactions. As the company started to process more transactions, Square’s gross payment volume began to increase. In 2012, the San Francisco-based company had a gross payment volume of approximately 6.5 billion U.S. dollars. This figure jumped to 35.6 billion U.S. dollars in 2015. Besides the increase in transaction volume, specialists affirm that both retention of existing customers and successful product launches have driven the growth of Square’s gross payment volume in the last few years. The retail industry is one of the most important markets for Square. As of June 2016, the retail industry accounted for 21 percent of Square’s gross payment volume. Food related industries closely followed with 18 percent of the share, while the services industry had the third largest share.

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