“Reviews Of Square for Farmers Markets”

The BBB should be ashamed giving this company an a rating. Zero customer service. This is one of the most fraudulent companies I have ever come across. They can just take your money and never talk to you. It tells me a lot about the laws in the cc industry and about how little a BBB rating means.
For instance, if you paid $600 in rent via Square on a debit card, your landlord loses $16.50 in fees. If they processed the transaction directly from your checking account via a service like Dwolla, the fee would only be $0.25! That’s about $200 annually that they are overpaying just to collect $600 monthly. The more they accept, the more they overpay. At $1200 monthly is would be an overpayment of nearly $400 annually for your landlord.
This is a warning to anyone and everyone that is using square or considering using square for merchant services. Please be advised that square is holding $12,000 for transactions that were done in the normal course of our daily business. We processed a transaction for $12,000, the client picked up their merchandise and signed for the merchandise. Square has decided to hold this money even though there are no disputes. After numerous calls and emails, all representatives of square state that they can do whatever they want. According to Ellwood, the last representative I have spoken to, they dont consider this stealing, really ?!? I am seriously considering a class action suit against square. Please advise if any other companies have run into this situation.
Some thingis not right here. Square does not have a number for customer service to find out why they took 3 dollars more on top of the original transaction. My customers are upset and I need some one to help me in this.
Square will hold funds and then come up with more of their standard BS and say “well we’re holding the funds just incase you get a dispute from the buyer.” Well Square was the direct cause of the chargeback. And thats that reason why there is no phone support. The only way you get any one is that you have to have an active account, and they will not talk to you unless you log into your account and type in some 10 digit code.
I am small business owner. My customer wanted to pay by credit card,i used Square,this company asked me to send my bank information,my bank statements,cardholder’s authorization form and etc…I sent all information,they don’t answer the phone,they sent me letter,the same letter which they are sending to 1000 of people .Here is the letter:
– If your iDevice or Android Device is unavailable, you will not be able to process credit card transactions, whereas a traditional merchant account only requires a computer or stand-alone terminal which is usually provided by the processor.
Unfortunately, unless you’re actually making use of Square’s inventory tools, there’s not a convenient way to pull a report about what you’ve sold, specifically. If you would like to give your artists information about the products that sold in a neat report, there are two ways I am aware of that you could do that:
6. Chargebacks: Most chargebacks occur as a result of a customer’s disputing a charge with their credit card companies. A buyer can dispute a charge for any reason, but most commonly disputes occur because a customer does not believe he or she authorized the charge, or does not feel as though the product or service was delivered as described and could not resolve the issue with the business directly. Because of this, Square views chargebacks as potential indicators of fraud, and thus also potential signs of risk and expense. Receiving any chargebacks soon after opening a Square account could trigger an account suspension or prompt Square to freeze of all the funds in your account. Too many chargebacks are essentially a death sentence for your account.
My wife and I ate here while our other couple went to a ride. The wait was short, but the prices were high…even higher than we expected! The food was good, though. We each had the hot dog for over $7 each. It was raining…More
I have used Square for two years now and had no issues. Square is not suitable for any business who processes large amounts at one time. Square doesn’t protect us against unethical customers who may dispute a legitimate charge just to get their money back so I wouldn’t suggest it for anyone who process any payments over 100.00. I have a very small shop and deal mostly in cash but I love having Square for my customers who do want to use Most of the charges are under 20.00 so it is perfect for me. The fees I was payment with another company was outrageous so this company helped my business. Again, this is not a company for processing large payments.
SQUARE INC is a sorry, shameful, and faceless company. Any company that tries this hard to avoid their customers SHOULD and WILL be terminated eventually. On a positive note, i’ve realized there are many companies providing everything Square can offer but with far greater service and respectability. I selected PaymentDepot because they are locally based and I spoke directly with a helpful representative. Wish I had done my research from the start, I would have seen that all my issues I had with Square was a very common occurrence. Shame on you Square Inc., shame.
I opened an account with square and had nothing but problems getting my account verified. finally after 5 weeks of fighting. a gentleman named Barrett sends me an email, stating that my 606.00 would be transferred to my account…..5 hours later I received an email from someone else saying that my account is being deactivated for suspicious activity….so now I stuck with no way to talk to anyone about my problem……why is this allowed to happen….. I also feel like square is stealing my money……I don’t want an email notification all you do is lead me to a help desk that does nothing with out you 12 digit code to get online….without one you cant talk to nobody…..
First, the bad news: Between the pages and pages of fine print and the distracing promos that promise the “best” rate (until you read said fine print), the credit card processing industry is complicated enough to make seasoned merchants break out in a cold sweat. And, unfortunately, there is truly no single best credit card processor. Every business has unique needs.
WARNING. Don’t use square for any large sums! After I had customers swipe their cc and had several thousands of dollars in square account, they (square) asked for tons of private information. I didn’t feel they needed but I gave it to them anyway. They finally emailed me after my numerous attempts to reach them by email or phone. This email said they(square) have decided to hold my money for 6 months for an undisclosed reason! I just had to disclose my entire life to them and they won’t disclose to me why they are holding my money…hmmm. They gave me the option to refund my customer but by reading thru the above, doesn’t sound like they honor that either. Now what? Isn’t there a law that if you are a company whos business is to hold other peoples funds, collect interest, you must pay out that interest? Holding yours and my money collectively while we go borrow to cover the amount being held… Just does not seem right. And by the way, all their advertising and statements online say they pay out next day or Monday if on a weekend. NOT SO! I sure wish some attorney would get ahold of this! All you tweeters…look at this and know the type company you are supporting. I don’t tweet and if I ever get my money, I will not “square up” either. Anyone in this funds holding scam, I would hope will be reporting this to better business bureau and consumer attorney general.
I am starting a small online shoe business and I am trying to find the best route to take in finding a merchant to process credit card payments as most people use credit cards when buying online. I was told about paypal and now square up. Could you tell me what you would recommend?
Square Feedback’s debut follows by a day Square’s decision to stop offering Square Wallet to new customers. The company is looking for new revenue opportunities by leveraging the relationship it has with small merchants across the country.
I operate a small catering company. I have been processing all of my credit card transactions through Sams Club Merchant Credit Card Processing/First Data. However, I am fed up with all of the interchange fees! Some months my interchange fees are 3x the amount of my regular processing fees. When I process clients credit cards; I never know what fees to expect the following month because they could be using a reward credit card, corporate card, government credit card, etc.
Yeah Square sucks big time, they limit everyone, you think one of the reasons is because of the level of intelligence of some of these sellers? Everything with business is geared towards customers. Customers can get away with stealing a product over and over again, and credit card companies, say oh well thats your problem and thats the cost of doing business. Credit card companies are the one’s that are responsible for all this fraud. You see on TV all the time, credit card companies and banks, especially PayPal, egging the buyer to file disputes because they sound like its perfectly legal and there’s nothing to it. Then they set the rules in opposition saying that if a merchant gets too many chargebacks because of what buyers do (and sellers have no control over it) they shut your account down. Credit card companies cause the problem and they blame sellers for it. Oh and these geniouses at Visa Mastercard, morons, oh the chip is supposed to get rid of fraud you cant dupiicate or copy the card. Idiots, the only thing those dumbasses, did was push all the fraud online making it even more difficult for ecommerce merchants to run a business. And yeah its going to get dumped on us, its time for merchants to fight back, go back to the old days of taking cash!
April 2016 — A professor at Washington University has filed a lawsuit against Square, alleging that he was the original and sole inventor of the infamous Square dongle. The professor, Robert Morley, claims that he was approached by the cofounders of Square for assistance creating an option for processing payments by taking a photo of the credit card. According to Morley, he instead created the headphone jack card reader that Square is known for. A judge has denied Square’s motion to dismiss the case. 
There’s no lack of complaints against Square across the web, which is pretty easy to confirm with a Google search. While there’s no shortage of complaints, remember that there’s a lot of good press out there too — we’ll get to that next.
Me too!! As marketing manager of Tappr this would make my job soo much easier haha!! Guess we learn the best way we know how- Trial and error! I just realised this was published last year. Popping up today in my Twitter was quite timely. Thanks!!
“We just initiated a debit in the amount of $377.33 from your SunTrust account. We are debiting your account because you have a negative Square balance. The funds should be withdrawn in 1–3 business days.”
I received a call from a customer, that her CC was tapped 5 times for the one transaction, amounting to $2500 total. I was appalled….since I received none of the $$$$$. Square will not answer my question as to why they continued to charge even one amount, when it did not show up on mine and why they put through any amount to a customer bank. It may be terminology–lack of direct phone support—whatever it is, I would like to know if ALL “Declined” cards transactions are still forwarded to the bank as though they are BonaFide charges. Square is telling me that one of more of the “numbers” was keyed in wrong……If so , why was my customer charged 5 times????? I will print all of the correspondence I have had with Square, and forward it on to my customer…..to clear my name of trying to commit fraud. Bottom Line: as of this date, I have not received any money and my customer needed to DC her CC account and create a new CC account, causing great inconvenience.

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