“Reviews Of The Square for Restaurants”

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Apart from the aforementioned processing costs, Square has no monthly or annual fees you have to pay. This may be an advantage for small businesses with tighter margins, especially since you can gauge the cost of this service each month based on your monthly sales.
CUSTOMER SERVICE NUMBER (415)375-3176…….Wait for the shpeal and then it’ll prompt you to press #? for this, and # for that….Just press 7 and you’ll either geta LIVE PERSON or a voicemail directing you to leave a message……If you get the voicemail just keep calling back and with a little luck you’ll get a person but no matter what happens they will not be able to assist you and will simply read their script for complaints which goes……………..”I strongly recommend that you contact account services by email and provide the documentation that was request”…….>EVEN IF YOU GAVE THEM WHAT THEY REQUESTED…….This service sucks!
It’s not an easy choice. The good news is that – as long as you don’t use the Square Stand – the hardware is basically the same for these two providers. So if you start out with Square and then decide to switch, it should be easy.
I am an attorney that got sucked into the worst customer service of any company in any industry, that is a hell-hole called Square.com! They have held $3500 of my money which my client sent me over 20 days ago. I am a lawyer, and the client would have generated nearly $40,000 of fees, which now I will very likely loose because of this little peace of a crap of a company called Square. They do not have live support. The emails are not answered until a full 6 days are passed. The on line help is piece of crap. I will strongly recommend any one to quickly close their account with this company. There are many alternatives. I am also considering a lawsuit for embezzlement! (I have 21 years of experience in litigating cases, and boy they will jump once I file my suit!) Technically, the money they have is not theirs, and hence it must have been placed in some form of trust or bank account. So, we will see who is going to be laughing at the end!
We were having trouble with holding the connection, so had to run the card twice. We only got the charge to show once on our account but our customer was charged twice. If I credit it back I will lose my money. At this time they were going to talk to their bank and get back to us. This was our first time with the square and we are not very happy with it. We will see what happens this week. We may look at the intuit.
How about this and others beware. I just received and email that Square up attempted to take money out of my banking account and it was declined. I have not bought anything with anyone who used this type of processing, nor do I have an account with them. Never have. But they want me to verify my banking information. No phone number to call unless I sign in or sign up. How bogus.
I have been experiencing many customer service related issues or lack thereof customer service. I have been caught in their $2002.00 rolling every 30 day trap and they are litereally holding thousands of dollars in THEIR account. Another major issue for me has been their follow up on funds being available. On many occasions, 10+, they indicate the funds will be available on a certain date, again due to the rolling $2002. policy and the funds do not show up. Of course as a client, there is NO access to customer service, they say its better that way!
DONT USE SQUARE. Square is holding $1000 on my very first transaction. I haveprovided them with my tax EIN, business license, signed invoices, signed contract agreement, 2 months of bank statements, business website, and they are still holding my money. I used the swipe method to process the transaction too which is supposedly “unlimited”. It has been over a week and there has been no response and there is no phone number to call. I just get robotic emails back saying they will take care of my request in the next 24 hours.
I couldn’t help but be interested in what has happened to you, Alex. I use square and fortunately as of today have not had any issues with them. I do have issues with bank initiated processors though. I do not appreciate being lied to, as I’m sure no one does, but that’s what happens once you sign on the dotted line. In brief, after my assistant limited the number of hours she was available to get into the office, I started taking a closer look at bank statements. I had to sit down once I realized that the 2.25% (which was a pretty good rate, so I thought) was actually more like 10 to 18% depending on the amount of sales, once all of the fees were added to the bill. I was stunned to say the least. I’m not naive about service charges, but I certainly had never taken a closer look at all the nickle and dimes and sometimes $3 and $4 or $8 fees on the bank statement.
When it comes to payments and payment processing, there is no one-size-fits-all solution.The age of your business, its size, your industry, and even how you operate on a daily basis all factor into choosing a payment processor. There are some obvious facts: Getting a Square “merchant account” takes a lot less time — but you sacrifice stability. Customer service will always be better with a highly rated payments processor. With Square, you don’t get a choice in what hardware or software you use; merchant accounts give you many choices.
I have recommended Square Up to several people because I have had great success with it. It is frustrating, however, when I can’t get an internet connection and have to manually enter the card number later. That is not Square Up’s fault.
No. The Austin (TX) City Code does not allow that. I’ve pretty much stopped using Square. I’m just about the exact opposite of all the other taxi drivers in Austin. 99.9999% of all the drivers I know, hate taking credit cards from their passenger, even with using services like PPH & Square. To me, PPH is the greatest invention since sliced bread. But most of the drivers don’t see it that way. A lot of the drivers threatened to boycott/sue the Austin airport when the airport put in a rule at the end of 2011,requiring all cabs picking up at the airport, to take credit cards.
This company do not know the business. They just know the software and use Chase for their processing. I just closed all my accounts with Chase, this shows how much i hate this company.. There should be civil case for this company.. But i forgot when you open an account you were agree that you will not be able part of that kind of action.. They are really smart!! Their holding cost me over $50K.
If anyone is considering this company, save yourself the money and the inevitable heartache by using truly reputable companies. there are so many options out there that are less expensive and really user friendly. t will be the best thing you can do for yourself and your business.
Recently we started using Square. It appears to be easy to use and pretty timely in processing payments. However we encountered a problem while we were at an event. The device would not accept cards, either with a swipe or manually entering it. Not being any kind of geek or IT person we were without credit card sales for the show. We are not, by any stretch of the imagination, a large volume user, but we may use it 10-15 times a day for a craft show. So, while we were at a show over Labor Day Weekend we lost the ability to process credit card sales. My initial thought was the card swipe was damaged, or cell carrier was not working properly.
I recommend anything but square. This is the second time my reader has stopped working. My password does not work, the email reply asked for the street I was raised on but when I enter it in it says invalid. When I call square the recording asked for a code that I’m suppose to get by accessing my account on line!!! So now I can’t access my account online and the tech support won’t accept my phone calls. Square has a lot to learn about customer support.
Square took payment from my client then immediately deactivated my account without paying me the funds. They will not answer customer service phone calls if you don’t have a customer number (which one doesn’t have if their account is deactivated), so they have essentially stolen money from me and my client. They only send form emails in response to online customer support attempts.
I signed up for square. I was unable to link my account to them but they sent the Square to me anyhow. So I finally found a phone number for them and talked to a real person they said that my institution will not work with their services. I use this same bank card for everything, online bill pay and at the store. I have direct deposit and they won’t accept it? Well from all these bad reviews I think I am glad they don’t accept my card. So I think I did myself a favor by deactivating my account with them. Anyone need a free Square Reader? LOL.
I agree with the article that customer service is extremely bad. I have not had any held fund issues but getting customer service is impossible. The Square process is great and the price is much better than my business bank was charging. They need to greatly improve customer service.
We are looking to use Square to collect payments at the door for our HS reunion. This is a one time thing, with transactions processed as some walk through the door on a saturday evening of the event if they did not pre-purchase. This is not a business venture. Does anyone know how long they take to release the money to our bank account? We have to pay the venue and am wondering if Square holds your money for 5-7 days which could affect our final payment to the venue once the walk-in traffic is assessed.
For example, if the amount of the original transaction was $25, then $24.31 is withdrawn from your bank account and the full $25.00 is refunded to your customer’s card. The fees ($0.69 in this case) are covered by Square, and the full purchase amount is always returned to your customer.
Square has a long list of add-ons and integrations in its app marketplace. They include accounting tools, ecommerce, invoicing, POS systems, inventory, and a lot more. This is great because it means if you don’t want to use Square’s tools, you don’t have to.
HOWEVER, it took almost a molnth to get this response and there is stil no explanation as to why they did it.. I did nothing wrong. My account has no chargebacks, nothing. I do not need to prove anything to square. I have done so in my 9 month relationship with them.. I will not go so far as to say that I have had a two year relationship with a company that has been in business for only a year.
“I want to make Mr. Tod’s a national brand,” Wilson told VentureBeat, voicing an aspiration shared by many small business owners. According to the United States Census Bureau, there are nearly 28 million small businesses in the country –accounting for 54 percent of all sales and 55 percent of all jobs — and the sector has been rapidly growing at a rate of 49 percent since 1982.
In-person sales where you physically handle the buyer’s card are called card-present transactions. Card-present payments have lower fees than online payments since you can check the customer’s ID against the card, creating a lower fraud risk. These transactions can be made via:
When you issue a refund, Square first looks to your Square balance to cover the refund amount. If there are insufficient funds within your balance, Square withdraws the amount that you were paid sale amount minus the initial payment fee) from your bank account and then credits it back to your customer’s card.

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