“Reviews On Square 2018”

I signed up with Square on August 9th to do my store’s credit card processing. They asked for no business documentation only my bank account information. Within two hours I was able to have Square up and running and started processing approx. 35 credit card transactions a day, averaging $1100 dollars a day. The first week using Square all went well and they deposited all funds the next business day as promised. The second week with Square started my nightmare. With no notice and no reason, on August 17th stopped depositing the money from all my credit card transactions. I tried calling them, but couldn’t reach anyone and their phone message always disconnected at the end. I sent them so many e-mails but I would never get a response. Finally on August 24th, I stopped using Square, but they were already withholding $8769.76 of my money. Later that day & I filed a complaint with the Better Business Bureau and I finally got a response from them, a computer generated letter saying they needed documentation. They wanted copies of my business licenses, Tax ID’s, information on what kind of products I sell at my store and detailed information on my credit card transactions. I wrote them back and asked them to be more specific because I couldn’t possibly give them detailed information on all my credit card transactions since there had been a couple hundred credit card transactions in the two week period. I kept getting the same computer generated letter, not addressing any of my questions. Again, I complained to the BBB, and they finally gave me specifics as to what they wanted but no reasoning for withholding all my funds. I complied and sent them copies of all my licenses, my retail license, my city license, my tobacco license and detailed information on the last 10 transactions I ran at my store through Square. I also faxed them a two page letter on what kind of products I sold at my store. They never gave me an address or fax number. I scanned all the information but they said they never received it. I asked for a fax number and got a non working number. After I complained they gave me a working fax number, and I faxed all requested documentation to them, twice. I wrote them an e-mail that same day telling them that I faxed all the information twice, & I requested an acknowledgement that they received all the documentation requested. I also asked them when I could expect my funds to be released. I NEVER HEARD FROM THEM AGAIN AND IT’S BEEN 11 DAYS! I wrote them 3 e-mailed that same day, asking if they received my faxed information and then I sent them at least 30 e-mails since asking them why I haven’t heard from them. I told them that I have complied, faxed all requested documentation & again asked when they would release my funds. To date, September 25, I have never heard back from them and they are still withholding $8769.76 of my money.
everybody on this site and other sites regarding square should all get together and file a class action suit and file reports to police for theft and fraud in your areas. lets all get together and do it.. personally still waiting 100+ days for my funds.
PayPal has a 2.9 percent + 30 cent online transaction fee, which is consistent with every other processor’s online rates. Plus, it has robust customer service and DIY help features on its website. Equipment is limited to either a chip card reader or mobile card reader — your first mobile card reader is free — making PayPal a tough sell for high-volume brick-and-mortar merchants looking for a full-on POS system or cash register, but online transactions remain PayPal’s bread and butter.
I am looking to even take them to small claims court, as they are still holding money from both companies we work with that have all our assets, and again we followed all their user agreements ENTIRELY!
Square started out awesome, but with 12,000+ of my deposits on hold with no disputes, refunds or credits make one wonder. We have had no issues with square since sept of 2011, all of the sudden and thru no fault of my own, my account is under review and they are holding my money. We have over 10 case numbers pending and all we get is a generic computer generated response. I would only recommend square to someone that might have an instance every now and then that they need to accept a credit card. Do not expect your money in a timely manner, especially I’d the transaction is significant . To Square, u suck!
Hello Tom, wondering if you can point me in the right direction as I start my search. We’re a event business that does 99% sign ups via the web, so we have a merchant account. At the event however we do retail sales of souvenir and what not. I’m looking for a solid app along with ipad hardware to create a mobile POS. We currently have two aging wireless credit card machines and it would be great stay high tech. Looking for any alternative solutions using authorize.net. Or have you seen anyone use the square-register hardware with a different app?
Even if you do successfully dispute a chargeback, you still end up losing. There is a chargeback fee, which is typically in the $20-30 range, that you get hit with regardless of whether or not the chargeback ultimately goes through or is reversed.
about a Black Friday sale. They could only have gotten this email address from my 10/2016 Square purchase. Perhaps there was fine print somewhere that said my charge allowed Square to sell my contact information to Amorino Theater District for commercial gain, but I’d never have allowed it if I’d known.
I have a retail site that I have built using Wix. I have a Shop Now button that directs customers to my Square Online Store. I am trying to add sub menus on my Wix site, below Shop Now, that will direct customers to my various categories on the Square Online Store. For example: Tops, Denim, Shoes, etc. (Rather than directing to the whole store or individual products)
I also sell Scentsy and had done a vendor show in November. I created a new square account with a different email address so that I could differentiate. Plus, my Scentsy money goes into my personal account vs my business account. I only had 1 person pay with a card. Went through, fine, no big deal. It was roughly $11. I never got the deposit. Then earlier this month I had a customer make a purchase and I tried to use my Scentsy square account to charge her card. No go. I log into my account and it said my account needs to be activated before I can accept payments. Weird. Finally yesterday I get around to contacting them, and this is the response I got today:
Thanks for this review. We just started using square for our PTO online store. Right now we are selling plants for a fundraiser, next we are adding tickets and wristbands for a school carnival. Starting in the fall we would like to be able to sell our school shirts/sweatshirts, a few other fundraisers, and also collect general donations.
I initially emailed the people at squareup.com to explain the situation to them, in detail, as I was aware that there is a hold on payouts over $1, 000. My inquiry was responded to quickly and enthusiastically to increase my payout as long as I swiped the card with my Square reader.
i bought a square devise and attached to my phone and i was having problems entering my routing number, so i tried to call them and speak to a human being, it was impossible, There system is not designed to speak with a customer service, I wanted to know where my financial info went to, since it was not processed, who got my info, and what do they do with info thats not processed, since you are asking for personal info, dont like it at all.
Interchange is the best equivalent of wholesale for credit card processing, and the vast majority of Interchange rates are significantly less than the 2.75% and 3.50% rates charged by Square and others who quote bundled or tiered rates.

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