“Reviews On Square Credit Card Reader Comparison”

WOULD NOT RECOMMEND SQUARE SERVICES TO ANYONE. They are quick to inform you how easy it it to use until you do a transaction. Then they HOLD YOUR FUNDS up to half a year, are unreachable, take forever to reply, demand all information from you. And after you comply and provide all information that they requested. They simply CANCEL YOUR ACCOUNT WITHOUT EXPLANATION and simply say its due to risk. Im not only one that had this happen too. MANY OF MY FAMILY AND FRIENDS HAD THE EXACT SAME ISSUE. SQUARE IS A PROFESSIONAL SCAMMER.
I used to love Square because of its ease of use. When we heard they had a cash advance program for merchants, we decided to use it (despite the high fee) and we were delighted with how easy and stress-free it was to pay back.
VERY Poor company! For absolutely no reason they “Deactivated” my account! And there is nobody to talk to, no customer service to call..they don’t have ANY phone number on their website then I Googled their # and got a recording that says you need to go back to the website to ask for a “CODE” to talk to someone ( who puts their “Customers” through this crap?!?) so I do this, and the website says “Your account isn’t “eligible” for a code”! I’m like “REALLY?!?!?”
Users of Square must agree to terms and conditions which, though overwhelmingly geared toward business use cases and is even called a Merchant Agreement, don’t appear to expressly prohibit personal use. In fact, there are articles that seem to encourage the use “just because you want to accept credit cards”:
What Square lacks in customer support, however, is its availability. While other mobile credit card processors have live support available 24/7, Square’s phone customer service team is only accessible Monday through Friday from 6 a.m. to 6 p.m. Pacific time. This means if you need help at night or on weekends, you won’t be able to reach a person when you need one.
1. File a small claims lawsuit and let Square know you’ve done so (you can do a bigger one but it’s a big hassle and much more expensive) Do it in your area so they have to come to you. Their legal counsel is Hillary B Smith. This can usually be done on line quite easily.
2) The major incomplete point is Square’s failure to include the last four digits of the card on the receipt it emails (and makes available via online link) – a standard practice on every other credit card receipt. This is Square’s to solve, not the merchant’s. Yes, I understand the other detail is the merchant’s deficiency. That’s a different issue and one that some travelers may also have to be aware of. But I know of few credit receipts that provide that kind of detail – if you need that for your accounting department you need to keep the original from the restaurant, for instance. So I’m not particularly arguing that the “item” entry on what Square sends you had to be detailed.
This company is a scam. We are a small business. Started to try Square a few months ago. They started a chargeback for a legiticate job. We emailed signed bill of lading receipt from customer, spoke with customer who did not authorize it (this happened on a friday afternoon) and monday morning they are trying to charge us back. No customer service, no phone number no business representative we could contact. It’s outrageous system.
I then asked them back, what’s wrong with that person? She had my email address. I never once received any email from her and now, ONE month later, she wants a refund without contacting me? How normal is this?
Square Capital: Need a little extra cash flow for your business? Square Capital will provide business loans as soon as the next business day. You make your payments by deducting a percentage of what you process. (While you’re at it, check out our other resources, The 10 Best Merchant Cash Advance Alternatives, and How to Get a Good Deal on a Cash Advance Loan.)
I first saw Square’s product when Gizmodo’s Mat Honan whipped one out at a dinner in San Francisco to help us split a check. Here’s how it worked: he ran my credit card through a tiny plastic doohickey (technical term) that attached to his phone. We entered the amount I owed for the pizza, inflated by the price of a couple Belgian beers, and voila, I’d paid him with a credit card.  It was a subtly impressive demonstration of the alternative payment system’s appeal to the tech-savvy. The whole thing was slick and easy, and Square’s pricing — a flat 2.75 percent of transactions — seemed a small enough price to pay for the convenience of the service.
We are a HVAC company. So, we handle very large transactions. Any transactions over $1000 are held by Square for 30 days!!!! This was not clear to me until after we processed the card. Now they have $5000 dollars of mine that I need to pay my techs and the creditors for equipment. Square promised if I supplied certain documentation they would up my limit. Well, I have provided the documentation twice!!! 5 days ago. They promised to give me a response within 24 hours….Todate, there has been no response from Square. So, Square may be fine for small transactions, But do not use it for large ones. I don’t know if I will ever get my money to pay my people and creditors. But, I do know I am done with Squareup!!!!!
If you look at their current mktng, they ARE trying to be attractive to larger customers, especially with their standalone POS option. Personally, I’ve been using them awhile, but then again I only get 1-2 cc transactions in a day. Nonetheless, the challenges with their C/S and all I’ve read here has motivated me to change to PayPal when I re-boot my e-store. Frankly I was initially attracted to Square because of the inventory management & reporting, But now PP has the same capabilities, so I’m going with the solid company, (with REAL customer service)
The MCC also influences how much a bank or institution charges in interchange fees. Business types that are considered “higher risk” (like financial services, travel, gambling, and hospitality) often have to pay higher interchange fees.
Surely, just as Stripe did, I expected Toby to be on my side. Here I am with 0 disputes and no issues on my account other than 1 simple misunderstanding. It was my assumption that Toby would get my information to the right person and have my information re-submitted to their financial partners.
To compare, 2.75 percent of $21,000 is $577.50, which is $302.50 higher than the old monthly fee. If you can swipe all the transactions, then the only way to keep your fees with Square under that $275 number is to process no more than $10,000 in monthly transactions. Not exactly a smart goal for an entrepreneur.
While Dharma Merchant Services does the bulk of its work in the retail and commercial sector, it has a strong niche in nonprofit transactions — which are booming especially via online donations. Dharma, a B Corporation with subscriptions for $15 a month, offers reduced nonprofit rates. Like Payment Depot, Dharma doesn’t offer one lump rate for all transactions, so your ultimate costs would depend on each credit card’s interchange rate, which can vary upward of 2 percentage points depending on the card. For nonprofits, Dharma charges 0.20 percent + 10 cents + interchange for storefront operations; online it’s 0.30 percent + 15 cents + interchange. PayPal, by contrast, has a flat nonprofit fee of 2.2 percent + 30 cents that’s constant despite interchange fees.
I was unable to contact them by phone and two requests for communication via their customer assistance site has led to a black hole. I would be happy to resume using them and if they actually new my business I’d make money for them. This has put me out of business until I replace their services.
As for Square? The CSRs have no idea which transactions will get flagged by their underwriters, so calling them before a transaction doesn’t mean anything. And for what it’s worth, I can’t imagine a single payment processor who wouldn’t flag that type of transaction.
I just experiance a similar instance using square. (Mind you my account was verified in 3/12).Ive been using square for occasional small orders (below $250). Just recently 9/3/12 I used square to receive payment from customer (keyed in) in about of 1617.67. After 3days of waiting for payment to deposit into my account, I get a email stateing that they need more info to verify my account. I was angry and not understanding why they wait till the middle of a transaction to request info to verify my business which was already done! I sent the info and received another email shortly, stating they want more info. I became furious because this is now a inconvience, we are a small company and can’t afford the losses. It is now 9/11/12 and I recieved a email stating my account is high risk and they are closing my account (great was planning to do that anyway) but they are holding my funds for 90 days…. Wow….. And can’t even offer me a explanation for the long wait…. Furthermore insisted that if I didn’t want to wait the 60 days to contact credit card holder for refund( hello, already shipped out the merchandise)…. Why am I waiting 60 days when you initially accepted payment already. I feel completely robbed. I will be contacting attorney general and filing complaint with the local police department.
For instance, if you paid $600 in rent via Square on a debit card, your landlord loses $16.50 in fees. If they processed the transaction directly from your checking account via a service like Dwolla, the fee would only be $0.25! That’s about $200 annually that they are overpaying just to collect $600 monthly. The more they accept, the more they overpay. At $1200 monthly is would be an overpayment of nearly $400 annually for your landlord.
They have done major damage to me and I’m now going through an investigation with the Attorney General and the local sheriffs department for fraud because my clients funds were involved. I’m looking at jail time over this and I’m a single mother of a 7 year old daughter. My life has been turned upside down because I’ve tried everything known to get Square to give my money back. It’s a no win situation for me unless I want to go into a class action, which I would but I’ve only had 3 people interested. This is the worse thing I have ever been through in my life. No one, AGs office, BBB or the police believe this is happening to us.
As a new business owner finding the right credit processor was stressful. After trying out a different company our first 7 months we were not pleased at the charges and % we were paying per transaction. It was a lot more than promised. We switched to Square 4 months ago and are very pleased. We pay exactly what they tell us we will be charged with no hidden fees at all. We also receive nothing but great customer service when we call with questions. We did not get that with Shopkeep. Thanks Square for saving us 100’s a month.
Some thingis not right here. Square does not have a number for customer service to find out why they took 3 dollars more on top of the original transaction. My customers are upset and I need some one to help me in this.
If you are considering accepting credit and debit card payments your dilemma may be to pick between a merchant account or Square. Upon first glance, Square is the more simple of the two but comes with its own risks and costs. Merchant accounts are slightly more complicated but come with strong customer support and security. Traditional merchant service accounts provide more flexibility and customization to fit the individual needs of a business.
On the other end Amazon register and Paypal here never give me any problem of sort, they forwarded to me transaction higher than the one Square is holding and they are way more transparent on their policies.
WHAT THE HECK DOES THIS MEAN? I sent SQUAREUP several emails asking for an explanation and telling them they have no right to take money out of my account without an explanation. No response! I am investigating getting another credit card processing company. This non-response is impossible to deal with.
Square has a slightly different procedure. For each chargeback, they provided a link asking me to fill out a survey and provide supporting data such as invoices, receipts, and communications with the buyer. None of which I had, since the entire transaction was handled online, directly through Square. That’s OK though — their FAQ suggests that even without additional documentation, they will represent the seller and try to resolve the dispute on their end — just like PayPal would.
Verifone was basically rebuffed by this argument and that these little companies just aren’t big enough for someone to want to steal from.  But they were missing the point.  Stretch the scenario to phone security (or lack there-of).  How many of you use some type of virus and malware protection on your smart phone?  Even if you do, it is a race to keep up with the hackers (just like on your computer).
I have used square for several years and just recently my account was hacked. They went in and changed my bank information as well as taken in 2 different charges for the exact amount each. I have tried to contact square for several days stating this issue and have yet to receive a response. I have since found out the IP address that did this was from the United Kingdom. As of today the money was deposited in the hackers account so basically they got away with this. I had even emailed the individuals that the charge slips were sent to asking them if they were aware that this was fraudulent. No response. Needless to say I am cancelling my account.
Ironically, since writing up these contracts, my chargeback rate has disappeared completely (I don’t get chargebacks at all anymore), and the majority of my clients do business with me over and over again.
As a business owner, I don’t care who’s to blame for the funds taking 3 to 4 days to hit my bank… That’s a bunch of bull that it’s NOT Paypal. they make a ton of money holding that money for the extra 2 or 3 days!!
I had a very bad experience with them, I set up my account and I had a customer pay me, then they came back saying that my account was deactivated after my customer had made a purchase. They held my money, and they’re saying that they won’t deposit it until 90 days later. That is riduculous, I reported them to the bbb.
Its extremely unprofessional and only reflects upon you and your business (which i linked onto). If your not associated with the Square, why do you have nothing better to do then to “swipe” at any legit complaint. Let people speak and let others make decisions. Your priorities should be focused on marketing soaps.

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