“Reviews On Square for Farmers Markets”

If anyone is thinking of using SQAURE, please read these comments! Buyer beware. I had a similar horror story with Square and fortunately I was able to have my client put a stop to the transaction. My bank actually helped me to resolve the situation because they have had so many complaints and problems with other customers in the same situation as all these people here. I contacted the founder of Square through his Twitter account when all attempts to reach any customer service person failed. I highly recommend going to social media to get their attention. I noticed that anyone who complains on Facebook or Twitter gets contacted tight away. They don’t want anyone to see the negative posts so they are quick to get back to you.
I am a new business owner who is trying to get his business off the ground and square up card reading system has been a disaster. This is my second time trying this form of payment system and its been a complete unsatisfactory for both. #1, they hold your money for a good amount of time in the start-up, then they said they have to deactivate my account due to it being “High Risk” as they call it. What is the high risk?? They asked for proof of business asking you a whole bunch of questions to legitimize your business and they still label your account as “High Risk”. Then, on top of that, any payment that you have taken with this system you have to refund to your customer which is so unprofessional to your customers. will not recommend this form of payment for any serious business owners or entrepreneurs who are trying to start their business.
I am writing this review from Canada since I also have the same problem as you guys here. Square have been held my $10K for more than 6 months after they deactivated my account. I try to search for anyone who have ever get money back but seems hopeless until I found this news “Complaints mount against credit card processor Square”
While the standard template is visually appealing, there are no customization options. This makes it difficult to carry through your own personal style and branding. It is not possible to change font family or color, background color or image, link color or style, or layout. (In the case of our client, the default layout and styling was very much in keeping with their existing aesthetic, so it worked out well.)
All I can say is that square has made “dancing with the devil” tolerable, at least I’m not getting as badly burned. Squat ehas literally saved my small business. Shame on Mr. Fisher for misrepresenting the facts.
I just called square via the number on this post. I got through immediately to someone. He seemed very laid back and not very professional. Although he did help me with a payment that wasn’t be deposited. Before getting this phone number, I sent a few emails via the site with no answer and was getting very upset!! But the phone number does work….call away. I don’t know the hours of operation….FYI
I been reading the reviews here and to be honest I did not believe the negative reviews on square since I have been a customer for over 3 years and did not have to call them not even once since I opened up my account, worked flawlessly.
I’m a documentary filmmaker that’s just completed BluRay DVD manufacturing and want to offer sales (just the one product) of my film through my WordPress.com site. I’ve been swirling round and round in a sea of ecommerce information ambiguity for a week or more without a single clear answer. Frankly, I’m simply looking for advice on how to connect a page, a graphic, a button, a link … anything to a “shopping cart” secured page to gather credit information from my audience wanting to buy the DVD, have it all flow into my bank, and ship the product off to my customers. I’m going with Square card present tech for in-person sales and hoping they have similar (fair) options for online sales.
Read and understand the agreements you enter into with Square. They are wordy and have some confusing legalese, but if you’re serious about keeping a stable Square account I would recommend that you read the Seller Agreement carefully.
I will never use this “service” again. I had a deposit done on the 5th of December and I still don’t have the money. The complete lack of customer service is atrocious. How can you not respond for days. Completely unexceptable.
A customer didn’t like the we wanted to charge for a service call, so when we left without doing the reapair work, the customer wanted a refund for services rendered (the intial install). I filled out all the paper work included the signed contract and show that we completed the work as per our contract and Square gave them a full refund of 1800. with no way for us to get our product back and after the terms of contract where fullfilled. I can not even find a phone number or anything besides an email. Even then they say respond with answering the dispute email by filling out the form, Which I already filled out. You get 2 options with a dispute 1 just aurthorize them to take the money or 2 file their paper work, which I did in clude the signed contract with our policies. thinking we where in the right having fulled ou part of the contract and the customer not fullfill theirs! Nope! square gave them every penny back, even when it states on our contract that they will not receive the labor back. This company is a joke we are one of 300 dealerships in the USA and I will let them all know what this company has done to us with no reguard to our contract.
Square’s hardware is subject to testing and certification for compliance with country-specific regulations, such as for FCC compliance in the United States, or Restriction of Hazardous Substances (RoHS) compliance in the EU. Therefore, Square’s hardware is only approved for use in the country for which it is intended. For example, hardware sold or intended for sale in the United States is not approved for use in Australia, Canada, Japan, or the United Kingdom.
I am happy to report that I had a significant mischarge issue yesterday in which I inadvertently butt dialed a whopping cash transfer. The Square people returned my phone call and the issue was easily rectified. Without this discussion group though I don’t know if I ever would have found their phone number. I was happy that they were more responsive than Paypal has ever been. I am still happy with them
leaving square. had no problem and referred clients, family and friends, and then, bam — deactivated already sent invoices. Clients called and said they were getting error pages. Thank you Square. I’m a web developer—way to make me look like I know what I’m doing.
Users generally register deposits in their bank account in one or two business days if sales are greater than $10. If sales are less than $10, Square will not deposit funds until sales surpass the $10 minimum. Below is the funding schedule from Square’s Web site that outlines when deposits will show in a user’s bank account.
I have been accepting credit cards with a typical merchant (Authorize.net) for about 10 years now — I even installed an app on my phone that would let me process the credit card when I meet with clients in person.
I can offer one piece of advice: Have a backup checking account into which you can move money when you sense a credit card processor may be ready to withdraw money from the linked account. Otherwise, start your business with a more conventional processing company. After a year or so, you will have a transaction history that you can show Square or others which may lower your risk score and make you a more desirable customer.
SQUARE UP NIGHTMARE! We signed up for Square a couple of weeks ago. I must say the process was easy and straightforward and we received the Square card reader a few days afterward. Our purpose was to process a large number of prepaid Visa giftcards that we have acquired over the past year and a half totaling $2150. Our first transaction was a week ago on a Friday and worked well, simple to enter and the card reader worked fine. Two or three hours later, we decided to complete all of our transactions. Again, the system worked fine.
Of course, all payment processing solutions come with fees. If you end up doing frequent international sales in Europe, you may reduce fees the most by setting up a merchant account that accepts payments in European currencies.
I agree 110% sounds like your in a business that was close to mine. I literally decided to do art and sell online instead of running an event planning company because of this. At least it was one of the top reasons!!!
With that said, Square has an A+ rating with the BBB despite the overwhelmingly negative reviews. You’ll also see the company has 1,513 complaints, 460 of them from the last 12 months. That’s not too different from the total at our previous check-in: 1,466 complaints total, 561 from the previous 12 months. It sounds like a lot, but the complaint volume is still low when you consider that Square’s customer base is (at least) 2 million merchants. Most of the BBB reviews are sadly negative as well.
I try to warn people whenever I can about using Square and in fact I refuse to do business with any merchant that uses Square unless I they will take cash. Please warn as many people as you can and join the effort to not patronize businesses that use Square. We don’t want to hurt the small businesses but a message needs to be sent.
Why not use something like ZenCart or WooCommerce with the backend of a well known processor like Authorize.Net? I have used that in the past successfully. Of course, the best part about Square was the on-the-go thing and turning your phone into a CC charge machine…
I am a small business owner too. I sell products at the home shows. We had few CC processors and one of the show we decided to use SQUARE. This was the biggest mistake in my business history. We had over 10 K CC transaction happened at the show..All swiped and sign by customers. After this, our experiment was similar to yours. Unfortunately it took us 14 months + 20 weeks (installments) to get our money back. I hope this will not happen to you. The financial damage was far beyond 13K.. not even counting emotional distress. We have attempted to write to BBB, Attorney of General, some media group and in all Social Media.. I even personally went to SQUARE head quarter in San Fransisco to talk to someone. They have 2 layers of security.. I couldn’t even pass the first one. I just told them, I need to talk to someone face to face to get my answers and eventually my money. Security personal told me there 5-10 customers comes there (similar situation) but they can not let me go upstairs to talk to someone. I had to send them an e-mail. Anyways after I refuse to leave without talking to someone from someone customers service, they called to POLICE on me for trespassing.
The way my business runs, square is the best options. I have months and months with no credit card processing because they pay with a check and then I will have a run on credit cards. Paying a monthly fee just wasn’t worth it anymore. A traditional merchant account just wasn’t necessary anymore. But thanks anyway.
Square lacks transparency and has no zero access for customer service. when you sign up for an account, it is near impossible to find information on charges and fees. They advertise 2.75% fee for transactions but actually charge 3.50% plus $.15 for manual entry – something they don’t represent when you sign up. In addition, the only support they have is through twitter, which is a completely inadequate amount of access to handle problems. I don’t have a twitter account so I have zero voice to resolve an issue with them. I would not recommend Square because of their questionable transparency and complete lack of customer service.
I have found Square a great relief from high fees that were sucking me dry but I have recently been contacted by someone who identifies them self as a rep of Square asking for detailed info “by email” about my company and my customers and that if I don’t comply they will continue to hold funds. First off I don’t think any of the funds have been withheld? And secondly I am not giving detail to anyone by email that cannot guarantee me that they ARE from Square….it could be someone trying to defraud me or my customers…..this goes to security.
I was sent an email that my email address was sucessfully changed. I did not change my email address and now any attempt to access my account will not work because square does not accept my email address. I want to cancel the service and cannot even do that.Is there anyway to contact these people.

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