“Reviews On Square Reader Summary”

Just read your review of Square and have had identical experience, although I haven’t had to go out of business yet. Today was 90 days and i just got an email from them stating that they are holding my money for another 90 days! Just curious – did you ever get your money? I am considering getting a lawyer – did you try that? Thanks, Cindy
HORRIBLE customer”no service” plan to wait hours before some yo-yo cant help you with a simple fix. THEN they will not connect you with a manager, nor supervisor and then they hang up on you. when the founder makes over 6 million a year, someone better address clients problems with the service they provide. I would never recommend this company! They requested all my information approved a credit card , took their money, then held the deposit for days, THEN told me to refund the customer, yet keep processing credit cards through them. Now they have enough info on me to commit IDENTITY FRAUD. WTF?
They held over 50k of our funds and it was THEM who held it. It had nothing to do with our bank or state banking laws as you suggest. We refunded as much of this to our customers as they would allow us to and recharged using another merchant account. It has been OVER 90 DAYS AND THEY STILL OWE US OVER $10,000.
I accept that they have the right to terminate for any or no reason as that is in the user agreement. However, I do NOT accept that they can hold my money for 90 days without prior notice. There is nothing in the user agreement that mentions a holding period of 90 days for ANY reason, I have never had a chargeback and this is a repeat customer that has charged with them many times. Their theft of my money which I placed in good faith with them will result in a financial hardship for my relatively new company. It is unacceptable when I have done nothing wrong.
We started using Square about a 18 months ago at our local non-profit community theater. Our patrons enjoy the convenience of being able to pay with credit card and the ability to purchase tickets online through the Square Marketplace. We’ve never had any issues with Square and our money has always been deposit the next day. I love the reports and the breakdown they give, pinpointing exactly what areas our sales have been. It’s been a perfect match for us.
Square probably did actually do everything they could to resolve those chargebacks. If you had not been using Square, but instead had a merchant account of your own and were doing your own credit card handling through a processor such as Authorize.Net or Merchant e-Solutions or Braintree, or anyone else, you would have the same result.
These people are crooks! They ar not a institution. They are money aggregators and do not have to follow the same laws that legitimate financial institutions do. I had the very same problems everyone else had with them holding $7000. It was a nightmare but fortunately my bank helped me out. I had a regular merchant account for many years and had a great rate. I thought I was avoiding th monthly fees by using square. I was wrong. If you are a legitimate business and you are processing larger transactions use a bank the fees are lower and there is recourse should something go wrong. Richard Branson (Virgin) is a major investor in Square. If people start boycotting all Virging projects in protest, I bet something will be done. In the meantime social media can be the great equalizer. Go to the founders Twitter account and start tweeting away. We need this to go viral!!!
The fees charged are much less than what we were formerly paying and the money is deposited into our checking account the day after a sale is made – a vast improvement over our former method of accepting credit cards.
For more than 3 days I had try to comunicate with square by phone and by email, to clarify this issue of a suspended deposit of my payment and it has been imposible. I am very dissapointed with your bad service. No number to call, no person to talk, no chat, no nothing. It is very frustraiting that you have my payment and you dont act fast. And there is no service at all. Horrible Service its not reliable!
It has been over a week and square still has my $$. I tried calling!! You need a customer code. Filled out form for code! NO code my account is under review 2-4 days and they’ll get back to me. We had to stop work. My bank account is overdrawn and I can’t pay my employees or my bills either.
Square Up has limited phone support. That means the busy professional can’t speak to a real human being on demand…A human with real feelings who can be empathetic with the fact that they’re trying to run a real business, collect actual payment and are experiencing a serious roadblock.
**I can give you an example from my PAYPAL Review. which these companies are one in the same, just a different name and different feel/look. PayPal has such as terrible reputation that they often outsource as completely new Businesses; they are all one in the same tentacle! They all will treat you with the same amount of DISRESPECT, there should be an uproar, people really should be taking all their money out of these companies and just pulling back and closing their account; but they have such big companies making millions per day, they get cocky and have power control issues. So, they will meet their ultimate destruction soon and I don’t think you will want to be apart of this.
I use Samsung Tab 3 tablets. These cost $100 and are dedicated for use at our farm and farmers markets. It makes no sense to use a $400 tablet in those damage prone conditions. The current Square card reader does not work on these ‘older’ tablets. So I use older readers. At the farm our cell phone service is poor so swiping often fails or takes a long time so we just use the Register offline and upload later when I am at home with WiFi.
Please…. this article ends by saying Square is best for babysitters or flea market vendors? I’ve owned a café for 2 years now and started with Square. It has been great and I haven’t had any issues really. And I have owned a place prior using a traditional merchant services provider….which I hated. This article read great but ended like its sponsored by the other guys….biased in some way.
Squareup Credit Card Acceptance Company is planning some big scam I suppose, the have affiliated with big retail shops in US but there is actually nothing behind this company. Their website is a joke and I doubt that it has some other purpose than scamming people.
Read and understand the agreements you enter into with Square. They are wordy and have some confusing legalese, but if you’re serious about keeping a stable Square account I would recommend that you read the Seller Agreement carefully.
Please do NOT sign up with square. I don’t want what happened to my company happen to you. I signed up for it, did 2 test transactions which worked fine. Then I charged my client for some air sampling. I got a weird email from them late at night that they “wanted more information” about my company. They listed out a bunch of things. Red flags went off. Bottom line, they keep your company’s money and I guess day trade it or whatever. Report them to the FTC at (202) 326-2222 and OCC 800-613-6743 and hopefull we can get these scammers shut down.
I recently had 4 processing machines break down in a couple of days. I Went to square to do some processing to solve the emergency. Loving it! However winter is my slow season and we rarely process more than $1000.00 a day or weekend, Summer we work very fast sometimes with three persons competing to swipe one terminal @ multiple sites. I fear that I will need some other service unless Square finds a swipe and sign system that operates as fast as conventional systems. In my business where many of us experience high sales volume I could sell Square faster than ice boxes for igloos as a backup to peoples current processing options. I am dumping the current merchant processor for a no contract processor so I can continue to take advantage of the Squareup system as much as possible.
The POS app is designed for a wide variety of businesses, and includes digital receipts, customer feedback via receipt, and other features. After signing in to your specific store (you can use the app with more than one store), it opens with a simple grid that shows your products and/or product categories on the left-hand side and the sales receipt on the right. When you choose a product, a pop-up window lets you select size, quantity, and other item choices, taxes, and discounts (which can be selected by customer group, such as Friends & Family or Employee). Customers can pay by using cash, gift cards, credit/debit cads, or other methods such as Android Pay or Apple Pay. If the customer wants to split the bill (for example, use a gift card and cash), then a button at the top right-hand side that’s labeled “Split” lets you do that. Customers can also add a tip if they choose. Loyalty schemes are integrated into the software as well and can be associated with credit cards or phone numbers.
Monthly statement / support / service fee Some payment processors charge a flat monthly fee for support-related services, including the preparation and mailing of your monthly statement, as well as general customer support Free
Some small businesses models have both an online and brick-and-mortar store where payments can be accepted. If your business offers these options then Shopify might be a good tool to use. They offer three pricing levels varying from 2.2-2.7% per transaction. As well as a free magstripe reader (for in-person transactions) that plugs into your iPhone or iPad with the Shopify iOS app. Building and customizing your online store is user-friendly with pre-made templates allowing you to accept orders and payments. Plus the sales you make from the online or in-person store will be synced and tracked with Shopify for easy analysis and inventory. Similar to that of the Square, choosing Shopify may leave you high and dry in the customer service department.
However they are not perfect, there is some accounting issues that have us concerned. Numbers on the Ipad reports do not always match the transactions on their website when you log in. This has caused numerous issues. Also, when they want to update your app the app just goes haywire until you do the update. I wish it was more stable in that sense.
Square’s phone number: 415-375-3176. You MUST have an extension number, so I tried random 3 digit extension numbers and 123 worked. Well, at least it was the only extension I tried that actually rang a phone and had a voice mail system. I left a lengthy message.
Obs : I just found this after 4 attempts to Faulk with some one and every Time was a different story . They will never call you saying : hey you got a problem let’s solved, they just block your money .
I beg of you not to deal with his company. I have been in busy for 22 years and all of a sudden they withhdrew thousands from by business accounts and deactivated it. Never returned the clients money to the card holder they “held it in a fund” that no one has access to. My clients eventually filled theft charges against me and I was convicted of a Felon 3 on October 1, 2014. Not even one thing on my record.
You have Absolutely no idea what your talking about. ACH transfers should take 24 hours at the most! It should be instant. Paypal holds on to the money for 2-3 days, and THEN hands it over to the bank. Paypal make MOST of its money from interested accrued on money sitting in paypal accounts, delayed payment transfers, and illegal freezing and holding of funds. People are so gullible today.
This client is a limousine driver and he used to carry around large amounts of cash for his services (since that was all he accepted at the time). I set him up with Cynergy Data (same company I use to process online transactions) so that customers can pay him online, and for the customers whom he meets face-to-face with, he uses his Square card reader to process the transactions directly on his cell phone. This eliminated the need for him to carry cash, and he (and I) feel a lot safer since he is no longer carrying cash that can be lost, misplaced, or robbed at gunpoint since his limousine attracts a lot of attention.
The best processor for your non-profit depends partly on your specific organization’s details. A flat-rate processor may not be the most competitive option. If you’d like to get actual quotes, you can sign up for free at CardFellow.

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