“Reviews On The Square for Restaurants”

Yesterday I received the “canned” email from Squared that everyone seems to be talking about. I do not use this for business purposes….I utilize it for personal use….I seel/swap/trade Pandora, Trollbeads, etc. with friends, coworkers and family and have them pay me using the card reader. I then transfer the money from PayPal to my checking account. I did not register as a business, I registered that it would be for personal use. They are now holding $350 and I have no way to go through the “verification process” since I’m NOT a business. I responded to their email, but based on what I’ve read here I probably won’t get anywhere with that. I also “refunded” the money in the hopes it will reverse back to my PayPal account….. am I out of luck? If this was ONLY to be used for “businesses”, I had NO idea….since I was able to say it was to be for “personal use”. Does anyone have any suggestions, insight, advice, anything they can offer to help me or direct me in this huge mess??? I just want my money back, and I’ll trash the card and never use it again if it’s not meant to be used as I was doing.
Honestly when I called Square I got someone on the phone immediately who sincerely was glad to talk to me. Intuit on the other hand swore there were no fees and that they could beat the $1000/wk limit I was under from Square at the time I applied. I had Intuit as a back up method until they decided to charge me a high yearly “security fee” which defiantly goes against the “no fee” information that Intuit had told me. Oh and I only got $1000/month limit with Intuit – defiantly not what they had claimed. Also I was charged more for certain card types than others and more than what I was quoted for “reward” type cards etc. Intuit – not worth the hassle and broken promises I have had to go through – I dumped Intuit and kept Square. With Square I have had no issue with getting excellent customer service via Twitter, E-mail or on their customer service number which is 415-375-3176.
I would also post your dissatisfaction directly to their Facebook page as they don’t check postings very often. I know that I have saved several people from being scammed by Square by posting to Twitter and Facebook.
I have recently used the square card reader for conducting business with venders that aren’t close to where we are located, fyi they pay over the phone. It seemed to me very difficult to understand their website, it felt I was going in circles not really gaining new information anytime I clicked the help button. I couldn’t believe how easy it was to key in a card or swipe a card, yet to my surprise square withheld my funds from my company for 4 weeks and counting. Claiming I must sign up for an extended yadda yadda to receive more money. When it clearly states on the sign up or sign in page to their website, “money in account next day”. I am still lacking two thousand dollars plus change owed and its been 2 weeks since I got half of my deposit I was suppose to. With no way to have contact besides emailing which takes longer then converting a nun into a housewife. I cant wait to be paid in full to wipe my hands clean of using the square ever again for my business.
Charles I disagree with you. I think you have the information backwards. The only thing I can do is a refund 100% percent which is correct if there was a void option then the customers would never be charged. That would allow me to erase the transaction and running the second time and no one would be charged for the initial incorrect transaction. The problem is the return requires somewhere between 3 to 7 business days to go back into the clients account so I usually end up having to give a cash difference on the spot if by accident I hit the wrong keys and over charged my client. it would not seem fair to have to make a client wait for refund when it was not their fault in the first place. And I agree Square has terrible to nonexistant customer service.
This decline by chip has been repeated over every sale that we have had. Unfortunately, we won’t have a sale for a few more months and I keep forgetting to take a screenshot. If I ever remember, I will post the actual error message.
My first transaction with square was greater than $5K…looked as if everything was going smoothly until the day of deposit. I received an email saying the transaction was flagged because it was unusual. I filled out the requested information on the website, uploaded a copy of the receipt and crossed my fingers. Customer service contacted me the next day said everything checked out and the deposit would continue on the next business day….it did! So what started as a pain turned out good.
2) Incomplete receipt. That’s a problem with the vendor’s accounting practices, not with the Square, and it’s certainly not a tech problem. I have many, many paper cab receipts that have NOTHING printed on them at all or a scrawl that says 5 (or maybe S) let alone a nice, readable record of my purchase.
In the press release, Square Hardware Lead Jesse Dorogusker says that Apple is involved with this partnership. “Anything we can do to make a seller’s experience faster and safer, including working with Apple to encourage Apple Pay usage, is an investment worth making,” Dorogusker said.
Emma – I think most people on here had an excellent report with Square and like yourself with no problems. But the biggest problem is, one day square just up and deactivates the account, no notice, funds held, etc, etc –
Terrible Customer service, boiler plate response, always blaming our equipment. No real person to talk to asked the same question in 10 emails never got the right answer.I had recommended this app to the person paying me and even she is totally upset with them. Nothing bad reviews. Looking for people who had a bad experience with Square and maybe even lost money or caused grief in your life for a class action lawsuit. You can contact me by replying.
Square is good for on-the-go transactions we do. We are a mobile food truck/pre-packaged meal service and this has worked well for us. Had a few times where customer support was needed and couldn’t reach a live person…that was frustrating. Overall, good product, reliable.
I was sold on Square by their very smooth sales tactics. What i was not informed about was how they HOLD YOUR MONEY FOR 30 DAYS!!!! This is absolutely ridiculous. No word on anything like this when your signing up. Plus it says they will deposit the first $1000.00 within 36 hours TOTALLY FALSE INFORMATION!!! IT HAS BEEN 20 DAYS AND STILL NO DEPOSIT.
SQUARE USERS BEWARE! I worked all day preparing for & catering an event. I used Square to charge my customer’s card. Later, I received an email from Square saying they had refunded my customer. After jumping through all the hoops to get a customer service rep, I was told that I had manually processed the refund. I could not convince him that I had not. Later, I charged myself $1 & refunded it just to learn the process. You have to manually input the refund amount & then enter a reason. So I called again & asked what reason had been entered. I was then told that there was indeed a problem because no reason had been entered. But shortly thereafter, I received another email stating that a reason had been entered after all. Obviously, Square has either had a security breach or a glitch & they are refusing to acknowledge it. To date, I have not received my funds for all my hard work.
As with many on-line companies, they have poor customer service. It’s difficult to reach anyone. Having a few FAQ’s on your website is not customer service. I’m trying to give you my business, and you’re making it as painful as possible. I may have to go back to Pay Pal. They charge more, but no problems and good customer service. Jack Dorsey is ruining this company through poor execution and management.

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