“Square App Review for Farmers Markets”

I have used Square for five years. It is difficult for me to give an overall rating. I will give Square 5 stars for being a cookie-cutter start-up to a business that ships products and merchandise. 1 star for use of a business in the service industry such as tourism, consulting or marketing. It is simple to set up an item as long as it is a basic item with nothing too complexed. Should you need moderate or advanced settings, the limited “modifier” becomes a convoluted run-on-sentence of items – all in one category. You cannot add fee’s or percentages unless you make a modifier for each and manually calculate the percentage for every possible dollar amount. (ergo the run-on-sentence) The online store is a separate program from the register, which is a separate program of the desktop version and they all have different settings and ways of doing the same function. (huge learning curve) All three talk to each other and not on a consistent, or real time basis, SO settings are lost, changes are deleted, and functions are missing. On a good day. NEVER open all three at once. You will have to close and reopen one at a time depending on the setting you wish to edit. Discounts only work on the entire transaction. If you want to add a discount to an item, (NO you cannot add to the run-on-sentence, it will not allow a negative amount) you have to make a NEW item with a reduced price. It was easy for me to start my merchant services and simple to make my first item and modifier. Thats it. I have been fighting the program ever since. I hope Square, or someone with the same basic features, will come up with an advanced version. The prices just increased this month. It was difficult to stay. It is barely worth the frustration now. The Square Register and reader are great, so is the Register program A+. Unfortunately, you have to take your cash register off-line to edit, if you are using it at a street-front location, this can be difficult and result in loss income. I have too much invested in Square to quit now. HOWEVER, if someone comes up with a better program, I am out-a-here. Overall rating, 2.99 stars.
•They limited my account with no reason, like I said I have been in business successfully with no refunds or chargebacks and DID NOT BREAK Their User Agreement, there is no way of reaching them when this happens, they leave you out in the cold with no solution or way to correct what they have done wrong.
After the problems we had with our only two transactions and problems paying somewhere with Square, I no longer use it nor will I ever use it to purchase something. I have walked away from vendors if that is the only option.
According to this page all that you need is an Internet connection, which includes WIFI. And you are correct that Square does not support Android tablets, according to their website. You might also want to consider GoPayment if you are accepting credit cards on a regular basis. They have an additional account type that suits higher volume merchants better.
William, Yes, go right away to your customer hand have them cancel the transaction. This same thing happened to me with a $7000 transaction for flooring. My client cancelled the charges and I went to his bank and signed a letter stating that I was not going to dispute the action. In fact his banker told me that they have had problems with Square customers before. Once the transaction was cancelled, I had to go to my bank and (unfortunately) had to close my business account and reopen with a new account number. This was somewhat of an inconvenience but worth it in the long run. If you don’t do this Square will still keep a large percentage of your transaction even if you cancelled the transaction.
Sorry to hear about your experience. I’ve heard from family members who work in the credit card industry that they have problems with Square, too. The credit card fraud over Christmas really hit a lot of people hard. At once point, every single card I had was shut off while waiting to be replaced after a fraudulent transaction. It’s enough to make a person operate cash-only!
Credit Card transactions over the phone are one of the more risky ways to accept credit cards. However, it really depends on the company you choose to process your mobile transactions and their security measures. Make sure that you do your research and compare to the PCI Security Standards before you choose. Some processors charge a monthly PCI fee to assist you with becoming compliant and offer $50k to $100k indemnification… which helps protect your business in the unfortunate event of a breach.
Share of consumers in the United States who were interested in instantly viewing transactions made with their debit or credit cards in 2016 62% Share of consumers in the United States who were interested in keeping all their loyalty/reward cards on their phone in 2016 49% Value of remote mobile payments in the United States in 2017 (forecast) 72.27bn USD Value of mobile peer-to-peer transfers in the United States in 2017 (forecast) 16.83bn USD Number of adult mobile phone peer-to-peer (P2P) payment users in the U.S. in 2017 (forecast) 63.5 Mobile wallet usage reach among mobile shoppers in the United States in 2016 17% Main reason for not using mobile payment in the United States in 2016 I worry about the protection of my personal data
I love Square! The money is in my BANK ACCOUNT the next day! PayPal takes forever and ever to transfer funds to your bank account, especially when you first start using their swiper. They tell you right up that funds will not be available for a week or more, until you’ve used their system for long enough to prove you’re trustworthy I guess.
I personally have both, Square and a traditional merchant account, since I do meet with clients face-to-face on occasion (Square) but the majority of my transactions are over the phone (Traditional Merchant Account with no “holds” on my transactions over $1,000).
The only way you’re going to get lower processing rates and get a comparable suite of features is to open a merchant account. There are a few mobile processors that offer lower rates, but their apps aren’t even close to being as robust as Square’s and you don’t get any of the extra features. Even if you do get a merchant account, you’re going to have to begin a search for a POS that gives you all the features you need, and so on. There’s definitely appeal in a system that will work seamlessly, guaranteed, with minimal effort to set up or maintain.
Good thing I have other merchants., I was able to stay afloat. I only tried them with a few transactions. Yet despite of what Square.com did to us, we still delivered to all our clients who paid via Square. We did not made what SQUARE holding on to their payments as an excuse not to deliver. We did not allowed our clients to be affected and absorb the cost of products and delivery.
Strongly discourage anyone with $1,000 or more per week in transaction from using Square as a credit card processor. The company does not provide clear information about their policy of up to 30 day holds on release of funds to Merchants They do not provide direct contact for problem resolution. Very dishonorable company!
As a Canadian I have discovered when you go on line to sign up for your account the sign in page asks for a ZIP Code. We use Postal Codes in Canada. The system will not accept postal codes. Square was launched in Canada and there is no Canadian office or support line for the Canadian market.
You might also want to know that Square is NOT a credit card processor but a money aggregator! They are only a middleman between you and the bank. They are not governed by the same laws as a bank. You can get a merchant account with your bank that offers virtual processing. It’s cheaper and you will have access to a banker or customer service 24 hours a day. They will not suspiciously hold your money or drop your account for no reason leaving you holding the bag.
That said, PayPal is widely recognized, so when buyers see the PayPal Here credit card reader, they know that their information is secured through PayPal’s PCI-compliant system. Plus, you can accept PayPal payments with PayPal Here, which is a nice selling feature. PayPal also deposits funds into your PayPal account immediately, not in 1 to 3 days like most other payment processors.
I have had my “square” for several months. I use it for house calls or people who only have Amex. I have been planning to use it exclusively after my current contract with a wired in terminal is over. I recently sold a piece of medical equipment to a doctor in Florida. All he had was Amex. I entered all the info on the square. I noted the doctor’s phone number if they needed authorization and a description of the item. They sent me an email asking for me to “verify my account”. They wanted my tax id (which i already gave to them) a copy of my medical lisence, an article of incorporation from the state. I told the “customer service- grade fail!” that my accountant had all that paper work could there be another way, he is busy with tax season and i have been in business for 20 years. She said “no”. I said, “isn’t there a way you can look up my tax id and see that i am a legitimate LLC? “NO” So I asked, ” How about if I send you a copy of my bank statement showing my name and business name?’ She said “Yes” I sent her a copy of the invoice as requested and gave her my MA Board of Medicine ID#. She said that will be fine we will release your money ($7400) in two days and you can expect my supervisor” Omar, to call” I waited, no call. When i got home at 9pm last night there was an email from square saying they closed my account and i couldn’t get access to the money for 90 days! The reason, ” Confidential” I was a “risk” When i called to inquire what the problem was a robotic adolescent told me over and over “we have no supervisors here, you are a risk” When i repeatedly asked why i was a risk she replied” that is confidential” I am going to spread the word on this game. Attorney General, this can’t be legal, can it? Don’t use “Square” I would rate them as a failure!
Square shut down my account for “suspicious activity” and will not reopen. Do not waste your time using their services, because they do not have ANY. It use to be great for small businesses because it was basically a no approval process and free reader. I have only used the swiper a couple times and sell nothing high risk or suspicious. My company sells holster cases for runners and some other products like Bluetooth Headphones. They have now turned against their merchants and will not get my business back.
It might be annoying, but I would open two business accounts at two different banks, use one for ONLY e-com, and xfer out $$$ as often as possible into the other account. If you get hit with these chargebacks, at least there isn’t any money for them to take…make sure you have the bank mark the accounts as “no overdrafting allowed”, ie only let $ go out if it’s in there. So if some CC company screws you again…
Recenty began using Square and am mostly pleased, except the unavailability of actual support. Twice credit cards did not scan. Repeated swipes then went instantly to cash transaction, I cannot get someone to remove this from my records. Why would a specific credit card reader even use dash? Square needs to offer a way to contact a person to handle issues.
As a business owner, I don’t care who’s to blame for the funds taking 3 to 4 days to hit my bank… That’s a bunch of bull that it’s NOT Paypal. they make a ton of money holding that money for the extra 2 or 3 days!!
One benefit of Square is that they offer a free card reader. It’s easy and fast to get started. And, with no monthly fees (we will waive monthly fees for merchants with qualifying monthly volume), some businesses may rightly find Square to be an attractive option. Some of the businesses that might benefit from Square include businesses/individuals that have low processing volume, or businesses that only process a few transactions now and then. Businesses that have very low individual sales amounts may also benefit from Square’s flat rate and no transaction fee. For a merchant with average charges of $5.00, for example, Square’s rates would be lower than interchange.
Although the company’s transaction rate is higher than the “Qualified” and debit rates of most traditional merchant accounts, it is comparable to the “Mid-Qualified” and “Non-Qualified” downgrade surcharges that about 80% of most transactions experience with a traditional merchant account anyway. The 2.75% rate is, however, much more expensive than a competitive Interchange Pass-through rate pricing plan.
I am so upset at square and I WILL NEVER USE THEM AGAIN…I WOULD ADVISE THAT YOU DO NOT AS WELL. They will do great then one day when you need it they will mess you over and any savings you would have got you can wave by by !! They are an aweful company and I hope they go out of business very soon. GO quickbooks. I would rather pay a little more for someone who will answer the phone..and oh yeah who has a phone number..BE WARE DO NOT USE SQUARE. I will go on every site I can to let eveyone know.
We used this system for a fund raiser and were approved and told that all charges would be deposited in our account. The one night event goes of perfect except for Square up. Now they are holding our money and making numerous requirements, some of which are not possible. There contact is non existent. We will see where this goes
A big benefit of using POS software is the insight it can provide into how your business is performing— not only in terms of overall store or product revenue, but also customer buying patterns and what you can do to improve them. Both Square and ShopKeep offer advanced, customizable reporting:
I am considering getting Square for a one-time art show and it would be nice to accept credit cards. I’m expecting a few thousand dollars in sales in one night. Each sale will definitely be a ‘swiped’ or ‘card present’ transaction.
The payment add-on is only $5/month for single providers and $10/month for multiple providers. Square and Stripe charge different payment processing fees. You can find more information about their specific fees at the links below.
Traditional processors must be scared to death as their con is finally coming to an end. Square and its’ current competitors will be joined by many similar processors. All will have to become less expensive and more efficient to survive.
Great Idea! Miserable execution; Zero customer service for merchants. Flush with cash they forgot the small businesses that made them. 7 days, no reply to email generated from account dashboard. Sales department contacted after 6 days without any reference to message; generic reply. Live phone agent 67min wait, arrogant to the max. PayPal never looked so good. We’re taking our money and running as fast as possible. Might as well be a fake website in China for all the human interaction available.

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