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Of course you have not had any issues. If there were to be an issue, Square simply deactivates your account with no warning or explanation and freezes all pending deposits for 90 days. If you had a customer question a charge from your business, a traditional merchant would contact you, notify you of possible chargeback and hold of funds, inform you which transaction is in question. Square gives absolutely no information “for security purposes”. There is also no phone communication. Once you are deactivated and request to speak to a representative the following message is emailed: “As previously stated, phone support is only available for customers with an active Square account.” This way, Square does not have to deal with any investigation or attempt to clean up any issue. You will likely never learn which customer had an inquiry and never be able to recover your funds.
I’m very disappointed with this service. I’ve had square for 3-4years. I haven’t used it much in the past, however my business is growing and it demands more options regarding payment from customers. I used it for the first time in a long while and the transaction was processed. My card swipe didn’t work so I was forced to manually enter the card number. Of course I was charged more + .15 cents. Then they now have a hold on my funds. I’m a small business and I can’t afford for this to happen. When I finally talked to them they did not explain why other than they want a better understanding of me , my customers and my business. They want my bank statements as well and I’m not to pleased with that. I really don’t think that’s any of their business!! I just want my money!! Once I do get it, I’ll never use this service again and I’ll do everything in my power to share my unpleasant experience. The way they do this is very wrong and they should be repermanded!!
Another point to the “charge-back” subject, back when I did get one, I was ALWAYS notified prior to a any bank account deduction. Never “a hold” on my $$, just a simple task of sending a copy of the signed physical receipt by a certain submission date (7-10 day response time, if i recall) and never a problem.
CROOKS ! a donor donated $2200.00 to help a family in need,, now the family didnt get the money ! donor out his $2200.00 we cant get the money, and weve been canceled….. noone answers phone , emails are a joke too ! may GOD GET THESE CROOKS ! one day they will see the piper….. what can we do next ?
If you run the kind of business that sometimes works out in the field. For instance, a food stall serving customers at festivals and events, then you need to be able to complete credit card transactions on occasions when there is no Internet available.
OK So here goes my rant……….. We sell custom golf carts, at trade shows and soforth. I started using them over 1 year ago and thats when I learned they put a hold on your non-swiped funds. I called and actually got through to someone. They had me e-mail in several business related items to them. THEN, they had me scan all of my receipts where the customer agreed to purchase the carts, I did. After only a couple of days, they increased my line to $20,000.00. I hadnt used them in a while as we just started doing trade shows again, and …..guess what?? Tried to use swiper and it wouldnt work, so we had to key it in manually. The customer even called their AE BEFORE and told them the amount of the charge, and even gave them our name and invoice info had to key it in and BAM, now they are holding all but $2001.00. Bull crap! Sent them an message, today. Going to see how long it takes for clear this up. Thanks for letting me RANT……lol
While I’ve found Square to be very user friendly and innovative and have had no trouble having money depositied in my account, I have had disturbing problems with customer service. It is practically non exisitent. Beware of charge back disputes since customer service is a joke. It is donewith emails, often weeks in between correspondence, wiht no one who seems very knowlegable or who seems to care. Square sided with a customer who had no proof of his complaint. Square had little interest in my side of the story. I was appalled at how it treated me -their merchant.
FAIL FAIL FAIL. Cutomer service is non-existent. Have spent two weeks thus far simply trying to get MY MONEY. I will be looking at other services to replace Sqaure. So unfortunate since they did liberate many small businesses from big bank robbery.
A customer filed a “friendly fraud” chargeback on Nov. 24th because an employee of his had been stealing money and he didn’t recognize the charge. The first I hear of this is when I get a notice on Dec 27th from Square that the funds had been debited from my bank account. I responded to Square with the invoice and email/txt communications with the customer. I contacted the customer, and they immediately withdrew the dispute and provided me with a confirmation number from their processor along with the phone number to the card issuer’s investigator. They also wrote a letter stating they had withdrew the dispute, which I forwarded to Square. I have begged Square to be proactive and contact the card issuer, yet they responded to me that they’ve not received any resolution and that the process can take up to 70 additional days. The customer has paid the bill. Email responses from Square have taken up to 5 days. Reading some of the other reviews above, I gather that I’m not going to see my money for several months. Square sucks.
Too bad, this company sounds just like a clearing house. Processing payments takes time and they really do take their time. And yes they do get interest on the holding money in accounts besides the interest charges they get up front. That’s why it takes at least thirty days for them to transfer funds to their clients accounts. Also on suspicious charges they will hold them for a period of time, but at some point they must be released or process them. Most card processing company’s-example AmEx will contact the card holder of the charge to be sure it is a valid purchase. It’s a way of protecting the company from fraud loss. But to hold funds with no contact to the card holder or their client’s the merchant I believe has some really big drawn backs. I would strongly suggest that merchants use a different source or company for processing purchase payment transactions.
i to had problems with them they are holding 975.00 of my money for 90 days and will not answer my e mails or any questions on the phone they suck for custmer service if i ran my business this way i would be out of busniess they are a scam stay way
I reported it to my bank and disputed these charges. I hope the odds will be in my favor and I will get my money 363 days! Let’s think about that for a moment…everyone get a new debit card if you’ve ever had a Square account with your existing card. spare yourself the annoyance of this floating money fraud company.
I am so very nervous to get the Square after reading all these reviews , I don’t know what to do. My husband is a master plumber we own our plumbing business,I handle the calls and he does the work, It is only my husband and I , Small bus. I also checked EMS + that had lots of bad reviews. So any input would be greatly appreciated. Some reviews I have read on this site say there fine , but there are more negative then positive.
I found my bank offers the same service at the same rate. I would pay $10 a month plus a one time $25 devise fee and 24hr live customer help. Considering what I went through, it is an option I am most likely going to do.
I am considering accepting credit cards via Square for used electronics/camera sales advertised on Craigslist. Usually I would only accept cash payments via an in-person transaction, but I think that I would sell items quicker if I accepted credit cards. Money is tight in the current economy…
I have been using Square for appx two months. I’ve had no problems what so ever. My transactions are small amounts usually 25.00 or less, I have a small store. I never key in cards. I think these are the two many problems that I’m reading from other comments. The transactions are each sent to my email with a running total for the day and then the next day the money is deposited. I never had them take more than the 2.75%. So people with small transactions like flee markets, cabbies, small stores this will work for. This has saved me 1.25 percent over what I was paying and for a small business that can add up to a lot.
I have nothing good at all to say about this company, I should’ve just known better and went with PayPal from the start. The only reason I picked square is because they were running a promotion that had no fees attached for your first $1,000 received when you referred a new user. I used square to accept payment from customers that were using prepaid cards. Square instantly locked my account, stating my account was terminated, freezing all my funds saying I violated the Terms of Agreement by accepting prepaid cards. They said they were holding my funds up to 180 days (but not less than 150 days) or depending how they felt, they were holding my funds until farther notice. Really?! Funny thing is, the seller agreement literally contradicts itself, it makes absolutely no sense! Section 6a states prepaid cards are not a acceptable form a payment, yet section 11 says they are. Who writes these things?! I tried reaching out to them, which you are forced to do via email because their phone number requires a customer number, which is impossible to obtain (trust me, I requested one many times). I’m convinced their customer service department doesn’t even exist because they never both to even acknowledge their customers. After many emails to them over the course of almost 2 months with no reply, I threatened legal action in an email and got a reply stating my account termination decision was final. I replied back stating I didn’t care about my account termination, only my funds and wanted to know if they would be unfrozen within a realistic time frame and if they would still be fee free when they were released. Needless to say, they never replied back. Thankfully I was still within the refund period so I issued all my customers a refund so I could accept payment from them another way. Talk about a pain, you try chasing down 15 customers that you did business with nearly 2 months ago telling them you need a new form of payment. In the end, I’m thankful that square terminated my account, they were only doing me a favor, saving me from their complete lack of service!
To be honest, this isn’t something we’ve been asked before, so it may be a bit outside of our expertise. I’d rather not give you an answer that I’m not too certain about. If you happen to figure this out on your own, please let us know what solution you find so we can learn how to answer something like this in the future. In the meantime, I’d suggest asking Square directly. Best of luck!
This company has a nice little product here, but if they cannot meet the service level obligations set forth in THEIR OWN policies, and refuse to hear feedback or complaint from customers, they are history within a year.
Anyone wishing to get involved with class action against SQUARE please E-mail me at Aceon77@aol.com. I will give you MY personal contact information and we can get the ball rolling on this. Already have several people. NEVER mind what it says in “their” user agreement. They currently hold $6, 000 of MY $. THEY ARE RUINING SMALL BUSINESSES and I seems that complaints are NOT being addressed by government agencies or State attorney generals. I guess WE have to help ourselves. EVEN IF IT TAKES YEARS! Ask yourself this…WHAT DO WE HAVE TO LOSE??? SAVE ALL YOUR INFO AS IT IS A “PATTERN” I AM A SMALL BUSINESS OWNER IN MA. YOU CAN LOOK ME UP AFTER WE TALK AND I TELL YOU WHO I AM. TS
If you’re successful envy invariantly follows. It’s up to you to reduce exposure of your weak spots but you better be prepared when your main competitor declares war on you. As an engineer you might think that an additional security layer might not gain you any additional safety. But costs of having to undo the bad publicity drummed up by your competitor might by far outweigh the engineering cost of securing your interfaces up front. Better safe than sorry.
The CVV code means that the CC number is correct to that card, but that does not mean the person using it was the correct person. This is why a signed sales draft is important. The bank wants to know that SOMEONE was there and used that card, without that sales draft there is no proof the card was there.
Hello, wife and i own a convinience store and have about 2000 skus. Tested VendHQ, squareup, and Shopkeep. VendHQ was the best reports wise, although high monthly fee turned off off. Their cc company (Vantiv) quoted us Interchange + .07 swipe +.07% rate, no monthly fee servicing fee. However even with this low effective rate, considerably lower than squreup, but higher than shopkeep’s quote, we decided not to use vendhq because barcode scanners are not as streamlined and there is no tipping. Plus its $79 per a month if you pay yearly, $99 month to month.
After a week of taking orders and processing cards without a problem, I thought everything was working okay. On October 31 I got an e-mail message from Square Compliance telling me that high risk activity was detected on my account, and as a result, my account has been deactivated. I was then told to visit the Square website for more information.
I am in the same boat. I set up my account beggining of February, they verified it, let me believe it was all set up, I even did two small transactions for $5.00 just to be sure it was working, no problem, the money was in my account. Later, when I swiped 2800.00 is, I’m getting emails they need more information to verify my account. So they wanted three months of bank statements, all my signed receipts, (they can’t verify signatures with the signature you capture on their app) credit card agreement for my customers, my business information. But they advertise” NO Surprises!”. Of course you can’t reach anyone by phone to talk to them. Then, this is the best, after I send all this information, they send me an email and tell me my account has been deactivated for too much activity. I can return everybody’s money or wait three months and they will refund mine. So the billionaire Jack Dorsey is keeping my money for three months because he doesn’t make enough with Twitter. Search the internet, exact same thing they have done to numerous other people. This money was for a friend dying of Cancer, real nice Square, you need money that bad. Scandalous and sickening.
This is the forth company I have used for processing. They understate their charges and then add line charges, when you complain they state “that not part of OUR fee, that’s a government fee or some other agency fee.” Then there if the compliance fee. All they want is our hard earned money.. Some say 1.5% transaction but then charge tons of extra line charges and what not. The 1.5% is then really 4.05%. Okay they have customer service, Square doesn’t. They say 20 cents a swipe fee, next thing you know they upped your fees. They charge a monthly service fee. I can not tell you how many times I read my statement and there was ALWAYS an additional fee for SOMETHING.
In the app or on Square’s website, you can track your sales history, easily issue refunds, or download the transaction information as .CSV files that can be imported into Excel, QuickBooks, and other software. You can easily link your bank account to your Square account, and Square automatically deposits your earnings every 24 hours. You can also create categories of items customers can choose from to speed up checkout, and you can also offer discounts and gift cards. The Square app is the best thing Square has going for it. It’s a gorgeous app with an intuitive interface that is easy for both sellers and buyers to figure out.
It’s really good. Window cleaner in UK and customers don’t always have cash and aren’t always in so sending invoices saves me having to go back out every night to collect money. Payments process fast every time. I took a payment on the Friday before Christmas on a Monday and the payment was in my bank account on Boxing Day. I was very impressed by that. It allows a customer database with all contact details and can show how often they are using my services. I like the fact I can see if the invoice has been viewed or not before I send any reminders. The monthly and daily reports are really handy when it comes to planning for when I’m likely to be busier the following month, like the fact I can customise receipts and invoices and several customers like the fact I can save card details for automatic payments. The only addition I would like is that when you add a customer to a cash sale the email address is automatically put in so a receipt can be sent. It is a tiny inconvenience to have to copy and paste every time, especially for my business which relies on a lot of doorstep transactions with repeat customers. Other than that no complaints. Have never had any trouble getting through to customer service and the worst thing that happened was I once had to wait 2 days for a payment to clear instead of 1. I would recommend this for any micro business/sole trader as it makes life so much easier.

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