“Square Card Reader Hidden Fees Online”

Square is not delivering as advertised. Sales made on Saturday are not processed according to the schedule they say in their FAQs. The wait for the deposit takes far too long. I am talking about a small amount under $25
I am a consultant in the software industry. I started using Square’s POS transaction service last fall for my business, Xigent Media LLC. Between November 2015 and February 2016, I collected approximately 3000.00 in fees from various clients jobs that I completed.
If that isn’t an option, I hate to say this but you may really, really need to speak to an attorney. There are some free services like Legal Aid that you could look into, or just do a search to see which law offices offer pro bono help in your area… But I wouldn’t attempt to deal with this on my own were I in your shoes. Good luck!
Paypal went into my account and took every dime of the money I had in my business checking. I found out when getting gas for my car. I was livid. 4 hours on the phone until finally reaching an American sounding person who actually was as appalled as I was about this situation. It was so bad I even filed a police report for theft. It’s a long story but this was highly illegal, unwarranted, and completely unethical. I hope and pray that someone catches up to PayPal soon because as of now I am at a loss of who to choose to process payments on my website. I am researching square now but from what I understand there is not a continue shopping option. Hopefully I can find a free trial version so I can see how the interface looks. I wish people would stop using Paypal so they would just go out of business but then again hopefully they’ll drive a competitive force that will soon beat PayPal on every level so that we can have a legit payment processor. If anyone has any great alternatives I’m all ears!!!
Square charge my customer card for $4,000 and sent email saying money being sent to my account. They charged another customers card for $3,720 the following day and said money being sent. They then REFUSE TO PUT MONEY INTO MY ACCOUNT. When i call them they had NO PHONE and sent a email said we will get back with you by email only.This is company is playing games on the NEW YORK STOCK EXCHANGE with consumers money. BE AWARE !!!
If you want to get SCAMED out of your Money…Please go ahead and sign up for SQAREUP…By the way…Try calling their “Customer Service” ….It doesn’t exist!- Biggest Scam in the US! – Too bad you can’t give NEGATIVE stars!
Square Register: The free Square Register software is required to use the Square Reader. It replaces the traditional cash register, and you can send invoices straight from the mobile device without payment on the front end.
They took out their percent right away. I manually put credit card in but can’t understand why I would have to wait this long. They are slow and unresponsive to email support. When dealing with finances you should never have email support only.
Square also offers accessory equipment that lets your iPad double as a POS system, such as an iPad stand, a cash drawer and a printer. In addition to the free Square Register that you use for accepting payments and the free Square Dashboard app that gives you analytics tools, it also offers add-on programs that you can subscribe to for a monthly cost. For example, if your business provides services, you can take advantage of the Square Appointment app, which lets you schedule and track appointments. Additional subscription-based programs for employee management, payroll and customer loyalty are also available.
The biggest problem I have with the Square online store is that I have to upload images 1 at a time…I sell one-of- a kind turned wood bowls, and have over 200 listed in my register by ID code, but with no image. This works fine when selling at an art fair where I have the product there – but the online customer wants to see what the bowl looks like.
i can assure you , you willk not be satisfied with square . you will NEVER get a human on the phone EVER and email response is poor at best . You will be sorry you did if you do signup . STAY AWAY AT ALL COSTS .YOUR SANITY IS WORTH MORE .

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