“Square Cash Register Review 2018”

And then square permanently disabled my account, and they are still after that money and tried sending me to collections. So I got fed up with them and took them to small claims court and I won and a judge ordered them to give me my money back
The newest Square credit card machine is the Square Register POS system (pictured below), an integrated hardware/software bundle that features 2 screens – one customer-facing and one employee-facing. The customer facing screen includes built in card readers so customers can swipe/dip their cards themselves rather than hand them over to staff.
Square has no idea about customer service! My account was labeled as a high risk account because I did large transactions but never had a refund, did anything fraudulate, or misrepresented my company. I did over $700k in 8 months and they never had a problem with me plus i was getting valued customer emails all the time! Then they dropped my account because I questioned why they need documentation after every transaction from the same individual I had a transaction last month? I gave them the documentation and They cancelled my account per paragraph 42. Which say the can cancel you for any reason! Then when I tried to get someone to call me to explain why the just dropped me, they gave me the run around. BE CAREFUL! It can happen to you!
Once you send us these documents, we will continue the review of increase in your payout amount and release any deferred payments for deposit to your bank account. You can send the documentation to us via this email thread with file attachments. Popular formats are PDF and JPG.
Our company has been using Square for over 5 years. Our company has a million dollars plus in sales. Not all credit card sales our process through Square some use Traditional Bank card processing. Square is the most ideal mobile credit card processing for us we have tried using our mobile credit card processing through our bank card system and it is more trouble than what it is worth. Square is fast and efficient and they will stand behind chargebacks once you have built a reputation with them. I give them 5 stars
I’m not sure I agree with that as a seller… They will side with the buyer any time there is no definitive prove the item has been delivered (such as UPS or USPS tracking) — but they’re also willing to listen to the seller’s side, and have live customer support.
The first time I knew there was a problem in mid-November, when I received two chargeback notices from Square, totaling nearly $1200.  Here’s what a chargeback means: A consumer finds fraudulent transactions on their credit card and notifies the credit card company. They then contact the processor (in this case, Square), and Square holds the money in escrow while they investigate the incident.
Problem2: Involves the use of Modifiers, but similar to problem1. I sell cookies. I have different prices based on quantity purchase, 6, 12 and 36. I want to offer modifiers like nuts or chips. The problem is similar to problem1, in that I can’t set the price for the modifiers based on the different price points. The cost of my modifiers would cost more for the increase in the pricepoint purchased.
“Many merchants don’t know the prices vary so widely,” says Rieva Lesonsky, a small business consultant. “And a lot of the fees are hidden so what looks like good pricing up front turns out to be not so great once you read the fine print, or get surprised by what you’re really paying. This is about doing your homework and not trusting the marketing.”
Why would you not want to accept cash? I mean… Square and PPH are both very useful products but they still take/charge a small amount for use of their service. Which adds up over a period of time. Not sure what city you’re in but would your TLC even allow that?
Square, Inc. Committed Fraud! Do Not Use Them! Back on Saturday, April 30th, 2016, I used my American Express Credit Card to pay my contractor $20, 000.00 for a job that has Not Been Finished! The way that I paid for this amount of money was by receiving an Invoice that my contractor…
When the company first began, standard merchant accounts were a chore to open and maintain. Contracts would last for years, come with early cancellation fees, and would not be nearly as transparent as necessary to instill trust in account holders. Today, however, the game has changed, yet again. Merchant account providers have now stepped up and are in strong competition with service providers like Square.
Update: Square says “All communication from Square is safe and secure and we have a world class risk and fraud team that uses sophisticated risk visualization tools to stop and prevent bad actors. We always protect the safety of our customers and can reverse a payment if necessary.”
I have a small business and my charges are usually small so this company has been perfect for me also. Like you, the only issue I have is with the reader. I changed it three times and it is still giving me problems. I have to swipe the card several times but sometimes it works on the first try, it is not very reliable. I haven’t had any issues with the funds being deposited in my account since I signed up with them. I was paying ridiculous fees with another traditional company so this company actually saved me a lot of money. I think they just grew too quickly and can’t handle the large volume retailers or sellers. Hopefully they will get their act together because it can actually save people a lot of money.
I could not be more UNSATISFIED. This is FRAUD. These morons have NO CUSTOMER SERVICE NUMBER! How the hell is that possible? When you call customer service you cannt get through to anyone and they just hangup on you. So its a FAKE number. No one to talk to. Square has been holding on to our money since Oct of 2012! When I inquired about why there has been No deposit, i get an email back in 4 days stating, oh…there has been an inquiry on your account so we are holding on to the payments!!!! what? why was I not informed? Why did i not get an email stating whats goin on so we can resolve this asap. Instead, they just kept collecting my $ and now they keeping it! This is FRAUD. I will contact BB, this is terrible customer service. I would sign up with another company. I am done with square!
My observation of the many complaints here is that most complainants seem ignorant of fundamental business practices involving risk. Would you lend money (essentially what credit card funding is) to a proprietorship business which has been around for only perhaps weeks or months, works out of a home, often sells intangibles, wants to processes 4 figure transactions with card not present, and is ignorant of English grammar when registering a complaint? I think not.
Square has no customer service, if I ran my company like they do I would be out of business. I guess there great if you never have to reach anyone or if there is never a technical clitch but unfortunately I’m dealing with one right now and they have no one to speak to, no one to email basically no one!!
Therefore, I am considering square. My biggest downfall with square is the majority of my credit card transactions are keyed-in/manually entered. I process deposits and payments from clients usually over the phone. Square charges charges 3.5% + $.15 per transaction on manually entered transactions.
What were some of the features? The ability to sync a processor with accounting software was big (QuickBooks and Xero being the two mentioned most), because it provides cost savings in merchants’ back-office operations. “Having a credit processor that integrates with QuickBooks is very helpful in tracking my revenue and simplifying my taxes,” says Lisa Chu, principal at Black N Bianco, a childrenswear online retailer. And it makes sense — a higher swipe fee might not matter as much if your processor allows you to save money elsewhere. Again, it all comes back to understanding what would most benefit your business.
Worst company ever. Do not use this company unless you want zero customer service, no access to a human, just emails and they take days to respond. They will freeze your money for no reason, ‘deactivate your account’ and offer no resolutions. They SUCK.
I swiped a credit card for a $1,700.00 charge and square software said approved. I never got a receipt emailed to me so I contacted square. They claim the charge registered as a cash sale? They keep no records for any transaction (yea right) and their customer service Sucks and were rude to me. In an email no less.
I want to know what actually happened to classify me as a high risk user or a security risk. There was no appeal process or anything, Square just deactivated my account. Thankfully, it didn’t keep any funds that I had accepted from my customers. So, I’m happy about that, but overall, Square’s customer service is crappy, and I’m sure they can do better.
Square’s recent filing for its initial public offering paints an interesting picture of its relationship with the small to medium-sized business community. Since 2011, Square’s main customers have been businesses with annualized gross payment volume of less than $125,000. “Most of the sellers that use our services are small businesses, many of which are in the early stages of their development…,” the company wrote in its S-1 filing.
I was concerned as the fact that there is no easy way of getting a hold of them till I Found there # on here and that # again is: 415-375-3176 The phone rang 2 times and it was answered! The guy was Nice, and understood what I was asking..
Bottom Line: Square Point of Sale is a transparent merchant services provider that offers flat fees and low-cost, iPad-compatible equipment that’s ideal for small vendors, especially if they sell on the go. However, it may not be the best choice for high-volume transactions.
Square Stand. You can use the Square Stand to turn an iPad into a stationary POS system that sits on the counter or at the checkout area. Instead of using the Square Reader to swipe credit cards, the Square Stand has a built-in reader that you can swivel to face you or your customer during a transaction. If you want to go back to mobile, just detach the iPad from the stand and attach the Square Reader to process credit cards from anywhere. The Square Stand costs $169 per terminal.
Five years ago, Square introduced a sleek card reader to the small-business world that made it easy for everyone from taxi drivers to craft sellers to coffee shop owners to accept credit card payments for the first time. On Monday, Square is unveiling another card processing service that it believes will allow even more entrepreneurs, artists and business owners to ditch cash and check payments for card payments.
You close your account by contacting your bank and informing them to not allow Square to have any access to your account. If they balk, withdraw all your money first, then close the account. You can’t close your Square account, per se. But when you no longer use Square they will close it for you.
These people are absolutely criminals. They withhold your money whenever they feel like it trying to contact anyone to resolve anything is not going to happen.I would never recommend anyone using them and I don’t even know how they’re still in business.
Thanks for reading! Square is trying to improve their support, but there have been issues. Did you you get your unique 12-digit “Customer Code” aka Customer Support Code via the Support page? For each issue you have, you must generate a new support code in order to use phone support. If so, it’s possible that your code expired or timed-out. While I can’t say the system is perfect, I have been able to use the phone support before. So I’m hoping this is an isolated issue. Please come back and let us know if you make any progress with this.

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