“Square Cash Register Review for Small Businesses”

Square sounds like really good technology and seems to work nicely at first, with transactions in the hundreds of dollars. But if you’re using it for business and growing, and your transaction volume gets in the thousands – DO NOT USE Square.
Same thing here, I made a large “Swiped” transaction, money held, sent everything they needed and no response….NOTHING other than an automated message. Does anyone know of a way to cancel the transaction safely so I can go another route with the Customer? I cant even get them to respond!
This basically stopped by business for a week and lost roughly 5K in profit because of this ordeal. SCREW SQUARE. It wasn’t until all of this happened that they are NOTORIOUS for issues related to deactivations, customer support, etc.
6. Chargebacks: Most chargebacks occur as a result of a customer’s disputing a charge with their credit card companies. A buyer can dispute a charge for any reason, but most commonly disputes occur because a customer does not believe he or she authorized the charge, or does not feel as though the product or service was delivered as described and could not resolve the issue with the business directly. Because of this, Square views chargebacks as potential indicators of fraud, and thus also potential signs of risk and expense. Receiving any chargebacks soon after opening a Square account could trigger an account suspension or prompt Square to freeze of all the funds in your account. Too many chargebacks are essentially a death sentence for your account.
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I am in the middle of a huge mess with this company. It involves a chargeback that was made against me by mistake. The customer who make the chargeback has voluntarily reversed it. Square says it still is going to take up to 60 business days to get my money back!
I began my business with Square because of the ease and simplicity of start up. After 2 $3,000 sales my account was deactivated and the funds held for 90 days. The problem with square is there is no explanation: “Due to security purposes, merchants are not informed which of the conditions they have violated.” – See more at: http://www.bbb.org/greater-san-francisco/business-reviews/credit-card-merchant-services/square-in-san-francisco-ca-370609/complaints#sthash.6vQh2IKn.dpuf“. There is also no customer service and virtually no vehicle to contact a representative to discuss any situation whatsoever!
According to the Wall Street Journal, Square said customer feedback claimed that flat monthly fees inhibited growth. Although you could argue that, mathematically, limiting sales to avoid additional processing costs might make sense, depending on your business volume and margins, it’s hard to imagine any entrepreneur passing on growth to game credit card fees.
SquareScam is the WORST Website for transaction in the HISTORY of the internet. I Sold some stuff back in April of 2016 and i have yet STILL to receive my money and its September 1st 2016. I Sold a digital asset back in April and because i did ten transactions of 1000 dollars in less than a day they said i was fraudulent and they where gonna hold my funds for 90 days! i said ok thats fine august 1st rolled around and i still didn’t have my money i have been contacting them all month to help and im getting 0 responses and they still have 700.00 of my dollars HOSTAGE! Im writing a review here and on every website that allows me to, im also reporting them to the BBB. AVOID SQAUREUP AKA SQUARESCAM AT ALL COSTS!!!!
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I have had two problems with Square. One was at an exhibition where a customer charged a $10 item with American Express. The sale went through with no problem. The customer then decided to buy another identical item for the same price, just a few seconds after purchasing the first item. The sale was declined. He then used a Visa card. For the rest of the exhibition, all American Express cards were declined.
the only way to get your money back sooner is to file a dispute with the BBB. check out their complaint section. you will see square refunding those who they steal and hold money from. sometimes you have to take it to another level since square is too incompetent
Square never told me there was a limit on the dollar amount of deposits. I sold something and ran a guys business card for $9000 and was told 4 days later (after the customer already had the product) that they were refusing to deposit the funds. I was livid. The customers only way of payment was thru his credit card and now I was left with Square denying the payment and knowing the guy had no other means to pay! Shame on Square for putting me in this predicament. They should gather all the information and tell us as their customers that they will randomly hold big amounts of money and not release it. I will NEVER use them again. Can’t risk it!!!!!!!! Go use another company.
I joined Square in late November 2015. Until March 28, 2016 at 11;53 a.m. I was singing their praises. I once contacted hone support and got a call back within an hour or two. At 11:54 a.m. I was abruptly terminated under “Section 6” of the agreement, which relates to “high risk” activities. The only category that seemed to fit was “bankruptcy law.” I practice in bankruptcy courts but not representing debtors. In short, it is no different than representing people on speeding tickets.
I decided to use Square Up at a small artisan show on Nov. 4th. I made two transactions which added up to a little over $600. I worked for 6 months to prepare for this show so that I would have Christmas money. They deactivated my account and are holding my money for 90 days! I’m unable to contact anybody, you can’t without an account. I feel as though I’ve been robbed.
How come none can get a human being over the phone anymore?? Why square is making difficult to talk with them? we are the customers! I don’t think that is right. You sign into your account and Square still not realizing your code or MID (member ID) WHY??
Susan do you have an address for the small claims lawsuit for square? They shut me down yesterday and from what I’m reading I need to get on this quickly and be prepared if my funds aren’t given to me.
That really sucks. Both PayPal and Square are really heavily incentivized to have no upset customers, but not to be fair to merchants; I used to own a business selling WoW Loot cards and we dealt with SO much of that shit. Have you considered accepting Bitcoin as an alternative payment method? No chargebacks and lower fees (~1% instead of ~3%) through Coinbase. I wrote a brief e-book explaining the technology if you are interested in finding out more: http://theblogchain.com/bitcoin-in-brief/
The reality of running a business is that no one is on your side, everyone is out there to screw you over, from your payment processor, to thieve buyers to anyone out there. Credit card companies will allow buyers to steal merchandise from sellers and they make up every excuse possible.
Based on the information you provided during the signup process, we could not approve your request to accept card payments. Even if you have linked a bank account to your Square account successfully, you will not be able to process credit card transactions. 
CROOKS ! a donor donated $2200.00 to help a family in need,, now the family didnt get the money ! donor out his $2200.00 we cant get the money, and weve been canceled….. noone answers phone , emails are a joke too ! may GOD GET THESE CROOKS ! one day they will see the piper….. what can we do next ?
I’ve been using PayPal on my iPhone for about 7-8 months & really like it, it won’t work on my Nextbook tablet (Android 4.2 Jelly Bean) that we recently bought so I thought I would try the Square reader since I have it but never used it. Couldn’t get it to work on the tablet either, no phone number to call for Square whereas PayPal has good phone support, so I will continue with the PayPal reader. Another thing is the 1% bonus you get back at the end of the month with PayPal for using there PayPal debit Mastercard for purchases.
The just of this is you are mistaken if you think Square is not a fraud….because eventually it will happen to you. Wait and see( to all the rude comments I have recieved that “Square is wonderful”…well you will retract that statement when you are in my shoes!) I AM BEING HELD HOSTAGE FOR MY MONEY! That is fact. The customer service should be a clear indication on the shady operations of this company. if they had nothing to hide they would have a help line. Thats just common sense business practices. They are thieves plain and simple. I will be very surprised if I ever see my money.
The main payment channel of both Square and PayPal Here is credit and signature debit (non-PIN) cards. Each company also offers a proprietary first name payment service that displays nearby customers on a vendors payment screen allowing vendors to charge customers by name or image.
Initially I thought Square would be a great thing for my wife’s cake decorating business. However yesterday I received a notice from Square that my account was a High risk and they were deactivating my account and holding over $1700 of my money for 90 days (or I could refund to the cards and alternative payment). I think this is an extremely poor and unprofessional business practice as it seems like on a whim they can close your account when customers like me have to refund money (in my case to 12 customers) and try to get money from them. Needless to say I am furious with this crap! Scammers.
Now, she has a brick and mortar store to manage as well, and she feels that Square just gets it: “I did a lot of research in terms of different point of sale systems and what they had to offer,” Madden explained in a phone interview. “Because Square is so meticulous about releasing software only when it’s absolutely ready and has mobility, it’s the most amenable to two business models. That’s something that, to this day, is hard to find.”
To get set-up, employees are emailed a link to set up direct deposit and fill out their W-4 online. With Square’s online payroll services, they can log in anytime to view their pay stubs or update their information.
Last week I finally decided to go with Square, for now, and I found what I believed to be their website with their logo and a phone number. Today, I learned that somehow, that site was either bogus or this was a case of spyware or adware. I don’t know how they did it, but when I called to apply by phone, I was apparently speaking to someone with Millennium Bank (which I never heard of until today) and they passed me on to PayWare (which I also never heard of until today). Has anyone else encountered this scam? I finally got my card reader today and called a technician to set up, which is when I began to understand something was very wrong. I have a sale in 3 days, in a time crunch, and decided I had no choice but to use the service. However, the reader isn’t even compatible with my Android phone. I still have the EVO application form which was saved on my computer. I had not looked it over carefully since I had already researched the terms for Square and thought that was who I was speaking with, however, now that I look at it, there is “Square” at the top which I captured in a screen shot. It is not on the form, but shows in my computer. Now this company has all my info. I don’t understand what has happened really. Any advice? Help. I am just starting my business and I’ve already been scammed before my first sale date. Very sad.
On April 11, 2016 I reached out to square in order to get some advice about a transaction i was about to process using their services. I asked if it would be suitable to sell a vehicle in the amount of $4,000.00 USD as long as i had all paper work, including bill of sale, and title transfer signed by both the seller and buyer.
Note this Square: For loss of Business from funds being held and for possibly taking money that doesn’t belong to you and maybe earning interest on it or making a profit from it. I see a large class action lawsuit coming your way. I’m not the only person with this pain in my side called Square as we can see from this great forum!
Square is a JOKE. It sounds innovative and clever. And it may work for teenagers with after school jobs earning pocket change. BUT THE $1000 hold that is not in plain sight is RIDICULOUS for small business owners. I would rather pay the fees with my bank’s merchant account than to have my money be held HOSTAGE.
Square has worked well for me UNTIL I wanted to call customer service and found I was unable to talk to anyone. This left me frustrated and wondering why a company would not have a customer service line. I will continue to use the service and pray I do not need to contact them!!
I found another problem with having a someone else accept charges for my business. If they accidentally opened a square account outside the invitation from my business, they end up with problems using their email address. Again, there is no obvious phone support to void the one account and turn it into an addtional person taking charges for my account.
I tested square out with 1 client and thought they would be a great addition with the market place. They did a verification which I understand so I filled it all out and sent it to them. Even legal papers proving my company and in the other notes I even put. “Testing out square for our company with 1-2 clients if they integration with quickbooks goes great we will will use it for more.Next day BAM account deactivated and I could no longer use it. WTF Because I’m High Risk? All the time it took to setup everything down the drain…Guess what’s even worse? They keep whatever is in your account for 90 Days! It’s embarrassing to have to issue a refund and then meet the customer again. What if you shipped orders? You have to wait 90 days (and they still take the fee) for the money?They can shut down your company overnight and they have NO PHONE SUPPORT!

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