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With Square, you’re locked into using the Square Register app and Square-supported integrations. There’s some big names on the list of available apps, but the selection is still limited. Merchant account providers give you far more flexibility in what equipment and software you choose.
I am in the middle of a huge mess with this company. It involves a chargeback that was made against me by mistake. The customer who make the chargeback has voluntarily reversed it. Square says it still is going to take up to 60 business days to get my money back!
I’m not quite sure what you’re asking. It takes a few days for money to be deposited in your account with any credit card processor, unless they offer an instant funds option, which is only available from some companies and comes with an extra fee.
Square has just one shortcoming: Because it’s a third-party processor, Square is prone to terminating accounts when the risk department decides a merchant has proven to be too much of a liability. While you can get set up with a Square account almost immediately, you’ll be under close scrutiny and there’s a higher chance of encountering a hold or termination than if you were to open a merchant account with a traditional processor.
To get your customer code, sign in to your Square account and follow the prompts so we can direct you to the right resources. If you couldn’t find a solution to your issue, click I Still Need Help and select Call Support.
Third problem was their error in assigning an inappropriate MCC (Merchant Category Code – same as SIC code) to our business. This prevented a long-time repeat federal government customer from being able to rent a room at our motel (inexplicable to him after using the card for meals and fuel). Their default assigned code is ‘Gift shop’. It took a barrage of uncomplimentary emails to get them to acknowledge this, again explained to me first by my customer’s bank service department. We were finally changed to a ‘Travel Agency,’ not accurate but better.
Works well for me. I had one issue come up and after several times back and forth by email I got frustrated and asked them to call me. The customer service rep called the following day and we resolved the issue in 5 minutes. And I now know how to avoid that issue in the future.
To clarify, we do use a traditional credit card processor for in-store transactions, and we’re happy with their service. We used Square specifically for e-commerce, because they created an easy-to-use software to list and sell items online without setting up a complicated shopping cart, any programming knowledge, or any monthly fees, just a reasonable percentage of each transaction.
Many remain skittish about email receipts (possibility they can be easily forged). But the one I got today from a merchant using Squareup is likely to pose a special problem. While it is a visual receipt, not just a text-only email, it merely lists “item” without any details, and it does not detail which credit card was used (only the generic Visa). This can be a special problem for travelers who might have multiple cards for various reasons.
So the technical challenge is how to transmit the user’s payment identity to the credit card company. Clearly it would not be sufficient to just send them an e-mail stating that Oliver Drobnik wants to pay for a T-Shirt. You need to somehow transfer the user’s payment credentials (usually the CC number, expiration date and sometimes als the CVC code) to the provider.
Take Michael Barzman. After years of working as an auctioneer for other people he went out on his own. He started using Square but after a few transactions received an email that read, “Hello Michael. We are sorry to inform you that we are deactivating your account. Our account services team has reviewed your account and found a pattern of transactions associated with high risk activity.”
All that to say that for the first time ever, I find myself more strongly on the side of gun control than of unrestricted gun circulation. (Addendum: I am not one who “vet-splains” and expects that my service makes my point of view infallible, but I hope this might tease out some further lines in the discussion.)
Hi Mike, I finally set up my Square on line store to sell tickets to our event. When I tested buying a ticket, neither the order confirmation, nor the receipt, listed the date or time. I thought that info would have been auto-generated since it’s really important and usual practice for tickets. I did a workaround by listing the date and time on the ticket description line itself which originally only had the ticket level listed there (general admission vs. reserved, for ex.) Am I missing something? Appreciate it!
I recently started using square only been two weeks now I made about four transactions no more than $30 today my account is deactivated I’m not understanding why I’m not getting any customer service or anyone to call me back, anyone to answer my replies and I really enjoyed the service was a nice set up but I would not recommend this to anyone else. Here I was bragging about the service how nice to setup was easy process invoices without taking credit card payments over the phone and to wrap it I think I’m going back to PayPal. I guess I should’ve read the reviews before I started using square.
So glad I didn’t go with square. The main reason was that they have no live customer service. Read some horror stories about square. I’m an artist and do art shows full time. Most of my fellow artist are very happy with square, but if there is problems, ur screwed . I went with flagship which is rated number one. There customer service is really good and they helped me get all set up in the beginning. Pay 7.99 a month plus 1.75 percent or 3% if no swiper is used. Will highly recommend them.
For instance, if you usually sell vintage items for under $25.00 each and then you decide to sell a vintage car for over $75K, you might present a risk for yourself and for Square with that larger-than-average sale. Square may look at that $75K sale and think “drugs, guns, or pornography” and they may close your account. Plus, you may turn blue holding your breath waiting for Square to release your funds.
I would highly suggest you use someone else. These guys will hold on to everything past $1000.00 for what could turn out to be months. They have had my 3,000 stuck for the last 45 days, and now they said they will take an additional 90 days to put the funds in my account.
A reserve (often called rolling reserve or hold back) is when a credit card processor routes all or a portion of funds from a merchant’s sales to a non-interest bearing account until funds in the account meet a certain balance. For example, if a processor requires a $10,000, 5% rolling reserve on a business’s account, the processor will withhold 5% from each deposit until the balance of the reserve account reaches $10,000. It’s then up to the processor to decide at which point to release the reserve account, if ever. A traditional credit card processor will typically notify a business if a reserve is necessary when the business applies for a merchant account. However, since Square does not have an application process, a reserve may be imposed, increased, reduced or removed at any time at Square’s sole discretion. If your business operates on thin margins, a sudden reserve or more will likely be devastating. There’s no one at Square you can contact to inquire whether your business is likely to incur a reserve, so consider this carefully as you determine whether Square is right for your business.
I’m in the process of opening up a restaurant. Quick service restaurant, and I would say credit card transactions would be around $5-$70 per ticket. in avg. i would be making 1500-$2000 day and half of that would be in credit cards. is square best for my business
They offer No other means of reconciliation on their website. At this point I think I will have to engage the credit card company to stop the transaction and do any reporting against Squareup that is needed.
wish I had seen this site prior to joining. like many others square fails to tell you that they review your company. then they give you a bogus reason to cancel you and hold your money for up to 6 months. what a sham!!!!
Whatever your answer is I would like to take a moment to educate you by providing you an example you can relate to. So Olivia, you owe your friend Griffin money, your too busy so you ask your other friend Dawn to help you return the money. Along the way, Dawn decides she has more important things to do and runs her own errands and forgets about returning your money to Griffin for you. Griffin finally calls you and asks when you will paying him back, You tell him not to worry and that Dawn should be arriving shortly to pay him back on your behalf. The next day you meetup with Dawn and she totally forgot to complete your errand. You ask her if she has returned the money to Griffin for you and she replies oh noooo I was unable to because you didn’t give me enough money to pay him back completely so I didn’t meet him up. Then Dawn tops that off with a, you should probably pay him back yourself with your money and walks off minding her own business without returning the money to you. So Olivia, what would you do in this situation? Obviously you can’t pay Griffin back the money that’s in Dawn’s possession can you?
Both Square and PayPal offer chip-capable mobile card readers. The Square reader is priced at $29 as of 2018 and looks much like the previous reader. The EMV-capable PayPal card reader is a larger device with a built-in PIN pad and contactless technology. The PayPal card reader is priced at $79 as of 2018. Both companies have options for contactless payments, as well.
“He’s now president for life. President for life. No, he’s great,” Trump said of Xi at a lunch and fundraiser at his Mar-a-Lago estate, according to CNN, which obtained a recording of the remarks. “And look, he was able to do that. I think it’s great. Maybe we’ll have to give that a shot some day.”
I signed up for Square in October of 2013. After receiving the card reader, getting the app installed on my smartphone and tablet, I got my inventory set-up the way I wanted it and then got started accepting orders.
Square provides small businesses multiple financial and merchant services such as credit card processing, point of sale software and short-term loans. We compiled Square payments reviews from our own website plus user reviews from around the web to determine what Square customers think about the company. We also compared the most popular pricing options for small business owners.
Square does not control the outcome of the chargeback decisions reached by the issuing bank in a credit card transaction. By accepting the terms of the Square Seller Agreement, you agreed to accept liability for your chargebacks.
Mary, I am a small home remodeling contractor. I use the square for a year then DEC of 2013 I had a client say she was out of money and did I take credit cards? I said sure not having any problems in the past. However this transaction was $6000.00 dollars I was not aware that they had a $2400.00 limit! They froze it 2 weeks before Christmas! It was 2 months of Hell after that. They have no customer service it was emails and they wanted bank statements, tax id,licenses ext… I gave it all to them and they still would not release funds! I finally had my customer call her credit card company that had been charged and dispute it. I ended up going bankrupt 3/3/14 over these con artist! DON’T USE THEM EVER! PLEASE!
Who can I use besides square that has a portable swiper for my phone or iPad..I’m also experiencing issues with the square and after reading all these awful reviews am getting really nervous. My bank offers their own type of “square” system but there seemed to be a lot more fees involved..but now I’m thinking it might be worth it! Because there actually is someone to call..I can’t believe someone with some authority hasn’t taken on the Square!..shame on the BBB!
Square says that its service is super secure. And in order to transfer more than $250 a week via Square Cash, you have to give them information about yourself including your Facebook account, to verify you’re a real human. (Good luck to you if you’re a social media conscientious objector.)
Square is a scam big time. Is been second time they took $400 from my customer and few hours later message appear: “Your account is deactivated, funds will be held for 90 days”. So I had to refund mu customer in full and keep communicating with apologies about this shit. So SQUARE IS HUGE SCAM. THESE PEOPLE MUST BE OUT OF BUSINESS ASAP. I m calling all people to do something against this scammer. SQUARE IS A THIEVE AND BULLSHIT!!!
HOWEVER, it took almost a molnth to get this response and there is stil no explanation as to why they did it.. I did nothing wrong. My account has no chargebacks, nothing. I do not need to prove anything to square. I have done so in my 9 month relationship with them.. I will not go so far as to say that I have had a two year relationship with a company that has been in business for only a year.
GET YOUR BANK INVOLVED. Dispute it. Do not let these losers play with your c v v number and take what doesn’t belong to them. they will not give you your money back, get your bank involved. Square is a fraud. It’s imperative to me that Apple and other retailers need to get Square readers out of their stores. Innocent people don’t deserve to go through this and have to pay them for it.

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