“Square Cc Processing Reviews for Small Businesses”

Square solves a real problem that relates to the number one priority of their target customers – making more money.  And they make it very easy and low risk to get started. Once a user activates an account on squareup.com, the company automatically ships out a free card reader to them within 7-10 business days. Signing up is hassle free and quick with very little friction, which complements the company’s goal to gain as many new users as possible. An account with Square requires no contract, no monthly service fee, and doesn’t require a merchant service fee.  As an added bonus, the credit card reader comes with a redemption code that allows new users redeem $10, which is deposited into their bank account after registering the device. Compare this to the traditional payment processor model which required a detailed application, a phone call audit, and an expensive equipment purchase and/or lease.
I’m someone with a small business who would love to begin offering card payment. I wish I could use Square– but the thousands of complaints have put me completely off doing so. It’s very telling that no one from Square has bothered to come here to attempt any sort of damage-control, at all. Even more suspicious, is that the USA BBB gives this company an “A+” rating in the face of so many disputes & complaints? I’d be looking to see what connection the people at Square have with the BBB. Something is very fishy there….
– He’s always got instant access to his money, since the majority of his transactions are sub-1,000, so whether his customer books online through his website, or they decide to pay him in person through square when he picks them up, either way, his funds are in his account within 48 hours. For customers who will breach the 1,000 transaction threshold, he asks them to make their deposit on his website, before he picks them up, and this typically drives them below the $1,000 threshold when he processes the balance of the transaction through his Square account.
Update — 10/28/2015: During Square’s IPO, information came out that Square lost millions of dollars by processing transactions for Starbucks. You may also be able to process for free, just like Starbucks.
Tracy is nothing but a BS artist. More than likely works for the company or loves to go to review boards and place contradicting information to get under the skin of people who have been ripped off. Tracy has no evidence except her own worthless statements she cant back up, if it even is a female.
I cannot recommend this company’s services unless you are a sadomasochistic & don’t currently have enough aggravation in your life. The initial convenience of using my smart phone & their reader appealed to me & I felt very sophisticated using it. Customers were impressed & a half dozen early transactions were as advertised. Then a relatively large(less than a $1000.00) “approved” card swipe didn’t show up in a follow up email. Then the nightmare began. Customer service is a misnomer with this company. They have not helped me IN ANY WAY to capture this debt. I believe they have no ethics whatsoever & urge you to avoid them like the plague. Do not wait to be victimized. I believe the horror stories. I’m just thankful that my “lesson” is not going to cost me what it has cost some others.
Square is a complete disaster and a rip-off. You would think that a guy who has a net worth of over a BILLION dollars would take the time to ensure that his customers can call a real human for assistance with a problem. Apparently Dorsey is too busy reinventing his bank account (and stealing money from me) to take the time to ensure that the people who make this jerk rich are happy.
Report square to the local Better Business Bureau in which its office is, I did this months ago after getting jerked around by square for a few months on a charge back issue that was refunded by Amex but Square never put the money back in my account. The complaint resulted in the refund. Company sucks no customer service and they could care less about their users
Home Depot does give you the option of emailing a receipt. I don’t use it, so I’m not sure if it uses Square to handle that sending. However, if you have used another merchant that does use Square, you might have entered an email and not realized it. Square then will automatically associate that email with that card every time you use it. I’m unaware of any list of businesses that share info with Square.
Making money is as simple as choosing an amount and swiping a card. If you have items you sell regularly, you can also set up a virtual shelf with all the items for sale, and select them from the shelf to automatically register a total. You can swipe a credit card through the reader, or key in the card number manually. You can also accept cash and use Square for tracking and receipts, but the real value is with a credit card.
But again, my only argument here is that with a traditional merchant account, the merchant provider usually informs the customer of what they can expect as far as fees, deposit schedule, etc — Square has the same fiduciary responsibility to its customers.
Very unhappy with support, can’t get anyone on the phone. I’ve emailed and cannot get the anwsers i need, I ordered their chip reader and opened an account with them. Used the chip reader once for a test to make sure that it worked. When i go to use it again, it wont work, I go online to find out that my account has been deactibvated. I seem to be unable to get anyone on the phone to solve the problem.
This is the worst company do not use this if you want to keep your hard. Earned money they owe me 9600 dollars will not reply to emails no number to call someone email me a good number to talk to a person [email protected]

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